the 7th and 10th commandments violations n.
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The 7th and 10th Commandments Violations PowerPoint Presentation
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The 7th and 10th Commandments Violations

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The 7th and 10th Commandments Violations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You shall not steal ; You shall not covet your neighbors house or anything that belongs to him. The 7th and 10th Commandments Violations. By : Group 6. Stealing. take another person's property without permission or legal right and without intending to return it.

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  • take another person's property without permission or legal right and without intending to return it.

  • having or showing a great desire to possess something, typically something belonging to someone else.

  • does not refer only to private possessions but also to public properties and social structures and conditions which serve the common good.


Venn Diagram



*desire of something that does not belong to you

*does not accept that it will not be yours

* root of stealing

*taking what you don’t possess

*disrespect others’ belongings

*not contented of what you have

*not happy with what you have



Particular forms of STEALING

Particular forms of COVETOUSNESS

1 stealing
  • getting something that does not rightfully belong to a person.
2 kidnapping or hostage taking
2. Kidnapping or hostage taking
  • for ransom or for money in replace of a person’s/people’s lives.

3 theft or robbery
3.Theft or Robbery
  • demanding something from someone forcibly even to the point of injuring the life of others.

4 cheating
  • a. School
  • b. Business
  • c. Politics
  • d. Friends
  • e. Relationships

5 wastage or squander of sources
5.Wastage or Squander of Sources
  • Wasting sources such as food, water, clothing, money. Others lack these things and you waste it heartlessly.

6 vandalism
  • intentional destruction of a property.
  • Ex. Graffiti

7 plagarism
7. Plagarism
  • stealing someone’s intellectual property without consent and citing sources.

1 envy
  • one’s sadness at the sight of another’s success or goods
  • and wishes harm to the person whose property he/she desires of.

2 greed or avarice
2.Greed or Avarice
  • an excessive and unreasonable desire to acquire what one wants more than anything .

if one continues or follows consequences will follow too
If one continues or follows consequences will follow too.


- means returning what was stolen or to restore what you had taken with equivalent value.

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