Environmental values
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Environmental Values. Where do you fit on this earth?. Environmental Values. Vocabulary : Ecocentric Anthropocentric Technocentric Biocentric Holistic Being Green. Environmental Values. After watching this clip. How does it make you feel?

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Environmental values

Environmental Values

Where do you fit on this earth?

Environmental values1
Environmental Values

  • Vocabulary:

    • Ecocentric

    • Anthropocentric

    • Technocentric

    • Biocentric

    • Holistic

    • Being Green

Environmental values2
Environmental Values

  • After watching this clip.

  • How does it make you feel?

  • Does it bring up any questions you have about what we as humans are doing on this earth?

3 minutes

(this video contains graphic pictures and may not be suitable for young viewers)

Environmental values3
Environmental Values

  • Do you think the government can decide the outcome of our beliefs when faced with environmental issues?

  • Do you think there should be laws and rights for our planet against society?

Environmental values4
Environmental Values

  • What are some things you can do to “fix it”?

Environmental values5
Environmental Values

  • Where do you stand? The glass is half empty or half full? Pessimistic or optimistic?

  • Environmental values (worldviews):

    • Ecocentric: Life-centered, respects the right of nature and us as humans depending on nature for our survival.

    • Anthropocentric (technocentric): human-centered (individually-centered), nature is beneficial to human survival but we are not dependent on nature. We are the dominant species on earth.

    • Cornucopians: Believes that there are infinite resources for human needs and we as a human race can solve any problem that arises.

    • Environmental managers (stewards): Believe that we must tend the earth and we have an ethical duty to protect the earth.

    • Deep ecologists: Earth-centered, All species have rights and values and that humans are over-consuming the earth’s resources. They value nature more than humankind.

Environmental values6
Environmental Values

  • Answer the questionnaire on page 18 in your companion book.

    • Under your notes in your journal.

  • When finished we will discuss each question.

  • Which value system do you more strongly agree with? Which one do you not agree with? (Based on your answers)

  • Where do you think the United States fits in the value system?