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VALUES. Respect, endeavour, honesty, friendliness, co-operation, responsibility support,. By Hamish Bedford. Responsibility. You have to be responsible for your belongings and not lose them so easily.

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Respect, endeavour, honesty, friendliness, co-operation, responsibility


By Hamish Bedford


  • You have to be responsible for your belongings and not lose them so easily.

  • If you have a pet you have to be responsible for that pet and feed them and things like that.

  • You have to look after something for yourself and not make someone else look after it for you.

Co operation

  • Sharing is a part of co-operation and you need to share your toys: video games, board games, entertainment and other things.

  • You need to work together on something to get the job done and to complete the task.

  • Co-operation is also apart of taking turns and letting other people to do something first.


  • You need to respect your teachers because then they know you’re ready to learn.

  • You need to show respect because it is easier to be around people.

  • You need to listen and respect your friends when they are talking.

…Walking to the…

…beach when...

One time I was…

Do you…!





  • You need to show endeavour to complete a task e.g. maybe a test.

  • Make an effort to start something because have had a go at doing it.

  • To keep trying to do something.

H onesty

  • Honesty is when you tell the truth all the time even when your going to get in trouble big time.

  • If you find/take something you have to own up and say that you did it.

  • If your friend tells his/her biggest secret and you say you won’t tell nobody about you have to be honest with your answer.


  • You have to be friendly to people or you won’t have friends.

  • You have to show friendliness to everyone and accept there personality.

  • Be friendly to everyone.


Support is when you cheer on your team mates and show that your them that your with them to help them.

You have to be supportive to your peers our else people wont like you any more because you have been discouraging them.

Help someone if they need help so they know your helping them all the way.