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Million $ Project. Cameron JBE. My Intro.

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Million project

Million$ Project



My intro
My Intro

  • Hey I’m a student and I won the money from entering a writing contest. You see, I wrote to the people saying how I appreciate my mother and how she inspires me. They sent me a letter saying that a won about a month later.

What will i do
What will I do?!

  • Trip to Paris

  • Shopping spree!!!

  • Donate $1000 to charity

  • Build my dream house

Trip to paris
Trip to Paris

  • The first thing I will do is take my first trip to Paris!!!! I would love to travel to Paris because of all the beautiful sightseeing Also, I would love to go shopping there!!!

Shopping spree
Shopping Spree!!!

  • With some of this money I would go on a shopping spree and buy some really cute clothes,shoes, and purses!!


  • I would give exactly $1000 to charity. You see I may have a lot of money and all but these people suffer everyday and I think it is very important to give to people who need it.

The surreal life
The Surreal Life

  • As you can see a lot of my money is going to charity and the rest is going to things that are for me. My mother always told me to give to people before I give to myself.

The real thing
The Real Thing

  • The million dollars I won didn’t just come to me. I had to work at it. Things like that don’t just come to you have to work at it. I had to write the perfect paper that really explained how I loved my mom in a way to where the judges excepted it.

Next steps
Next Steps

  • I will always love money and I will keep workin’ for it and spendin’ it!!!