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Kathryn’s Million Dollar Project. By: Kathryn C. Charity. If I had $1,000,000 to spend I would donate 100,000 of it to my favorite charity, the Humane Society! I would have a total of $900,000 left. Taxes.

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If I had $1,000,000 to spend I would donate 100,000 of it to my favorite charity, the Humane Society! I would have a total of $900,000 left.


For taxes, I would have to pay 200,000 dollars to go to the American Government. I would have 700,000 dollars left.

Vehicle or car
Vehicle or Car

My car would be the 2013, Black Cadillac Escalade for $73,245.I liked this car because then I can carpool with my friends in this wonderful vehicle. Then I would have 626,755 dollars left.


I would like to get a house in a budget zone of 300,000-400,000 dollars. This house was 375,000 dollars and I loved how it looked with all the stone so I picked it. I would have 251,755 dollars left.


For my college I would like to go to The University of Alabama. I love their football team and my family is good friends with the head coach of Alabama. The total price of me going there would be 91,800 dollars. I am a nonresident coming from out of state and I would be going for eight semesters and four years. I would have a total of $159,955 left.

Gift for my family
Gift for My Family

The total of all of my gifts would be $4,566. I would have a total of $155,389 left.

Mom:I would get my mom a MacBook Pro with a 13 inch retina display because her computer is a little old and I might want to speed it up a little bit. Her total would be $1,499.00.

Kristina (sister): For my sister, I would get her a new white Ipad with retina display and 64GB for $829.00. So that she wouldn’t crack if she drops it, I would also give her a Vera Bradley case for $38.00. Her total would be $867.00.

Dad: I would get my dad a new watch. This watch would have a total cost of $2,200 with water resistance up to 50 meters. This gift would be a perfect thing to bring to a trip to the beach.


For my vacation, I would bring my Mom, Dad, Sister, and my Grandma. We would go to our beach condo that we own in Destin, Florida. Every night we would go out to dinner and every morning we would go to breakfast for a total of about $700 if we were going for a week. We would also go shopping and have to go to the grocery store for snacks which would equal about $300. We usually drive there but we have to stop for gas since it’s a six hour trip. The gas would equal about $240 for a total going there and back. My vacation total would be $1,240. I would then have $154,149 left.

Entertainment hobbies

With my money I would get a Samsung 64 inch Flat screen TV in 3D. The price used to be $3,599.99 and the store gave a discount and then it was $2,597.99 and I got a total savings of $1,002.00. I would have $151,552 left.

Gift for mrs simmons
Gift for Mrs. Simmons

I know that Mrs. Simmons loves the Georgia Bulldogs so I wanted to get her something that goes along with them. I would get her a red, BMW, convertible for $74,995. Also, to make sure that everyone knows that she is a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs, I would get her a Georgia magnet for her new car, which costs $11.95. Her total cost would be $75,006.95. I would have $76,545.05 left.

Flight for epal
Flight for Epal

For Sarah to get from England to Atlanta, she would have to fly on a plane. She would fly on American Airlines each way for $845.92 plus an extra $100 for flying alone at her age. My mom and I would come pick her up from the airport and we would have to stop for gas on the way there. The gas would cost about $75.00 for one tank. Her total cost for flying to Atlanta and back plus my mom’s gas would be $1,866.84. I would have $74,678.21 left.

Places to go with my epal
Places to go With My Epal

With Sarah, I would go to five places to let her have a great experience here in Georgia.

  • First, we would go to Sky Zone Indoor trampoline park. If we went for an hour it would be $24 for both of us.

  • Second, we would go to Starbucks. The cost would be $8.10 for two Grande Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccinos.

  • Third, Sarah and I would go to six flags. The cost for two tickets and parking would be $146.00.

  • Fourth, we would go to TCBY (The Country’s Best Frozen Yogurt) The average cost that two people would get is about $8.00.

  • Last, we would go to the aquarium. For Sarah and me, it would cost $47.09.

    The total cost for Sarah and I would be $233.19. I would have $74,445.02 left.

Home furnishings
Home Furnishings

For my Home Furnishings I got…

  • A pool, Hot Tub, and mini waterfall for the back yard for $55,000

  • A black microwave for $139.99

  • A black oven and stove for $1,749.00

  • A silver refrigerator for $2,699.00

  • Three regular beds, one bunk bed, and one teen bed for a total of $2,837

  • A furniture set for $1,329.97

  • Seven TVs for $10,500.06

  • One Blu-ray Player for $190.00

    I would have $0.00 left.

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