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Million Dollar Project

Million Dollar Project

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Million Dollar Project

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  1. Million Dollar Project By: Kyle Parker

  2. Introduction: If I had $1,000,000 to spend, I could think of a million ways to spend it.

  3. Government Taxes Of the $1,000,000 that I have, I must pay the Internal Revenue Service 20%, which is $200,000.00. Starting off, my balance is $800,000.00.

  4. Charity All my life, I’ve been taught to give money away to church and charities. The ALS Association of Georgia helped my grandfather a lot in his struggle with this disease; therefore, I will give 10% of the original $1,000,000 to this charity. After giving away $100,000.00, my new balance is $700,000.00.

  5. College Georgia Institute of Technology My college career will be spent at GA Tech. After research, I realize this school is the best state school for the money. Also, I enjoy studying math and science.

  6. CollegeCosts to apply and attend GA Tech • Georgia Residents • Tuition • $7,282 x 4 years = $29,128.00 • Mandatory Student Fees • $2,370 x 4 years = $9,480.00 • Books & Supplies (estimated) • $1,000 x 4 years = $4,000.00 • Freshman Housing Allowance • $5,312 x 4 years = $21,248.00 • Freshman Meal Plan Allowance • $3,514 x 4 years = $14,056.00 • Personal Expenses (estimated) • $1,500 x 4 years = $6,000.00 • Average Loan Costs • $120 x 4 years = $480.00 • Total Per Year (2 semesters) • $21,098 x 4 years = $84,392.00 My total cost for a 4-year degree at GA Tech is $84,392.00. That leaves me with a balance of $615,608.00.

  7. CarRed Honda Accord Coupe I definitely need a car to get back and forth to class and to visit my family on the weekends. After shopping around, I have chosen and Honda Accord Coupe. It’s practical, but still very sporty. The total cost of this car with many features, including navigation to get around downtown Atlanta, is $29,305.00. This brings my balance to $586,303.00. • One-Touch Power Moonroof with Tilt Feature • Heated Power Side Mirrors • Power Windows with Auto-Up/Down for Both the Driver's and Front Passenger's Windows • Premium Interior Accents • Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®[5] • Steering Wheel-Mounted Phone Controls • 270-Watt AM/FM/6-Disc In-Dash Premium Audio System with 7 Speakers, Including Subwoofer • Satellite Navigation System • Leather seats

  8. ePal Airfare I would like to invite my ePal, Marcus, to come visit me in Atlanta from London, England. I have bought him a ticket to visit me over spring break. The cost of a round-trip ticket is $828.00. This brings my balance to $585,475.00.

  9. ePal Visit Six Flags Over Georgia Thinking of the things that Marcus would want to do, I’m sure he would enjoy some roller coasters. I bought us tickets to Six Flags. The cost for tickets online is $34.99, so two tickets would cost $69.98. This brings my balance to $585,405.02.

  10. ePal VisitWalt Disney World • Since Marcus lives in England, he doesn’t have many opportunities to go to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. My family wanted to come along too, so I have to buy plane and park tickets for 6 people, plus a hotel suite for 4 nights. The total price for this excursion is $6,793.38. • This leaves me a balance of $578,611.64.

  11. ePal VisitSea World Since we are already in Orlando, I figure we should take a trip to Sea World. The cost for 6 tickets is $394.00. This brings my balance to $578,217.64.

  12. ePal VisitUniversal Orlando Since the Harry Potter series takes place in London, I want to take Marcus to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando. Day passes for 6 people cost $486. My new balance is $577,731.64.

  13. ePal VisitWashington, D.C. While Marcus is here, he might as well see our nation’s capital. So after our trip to Disney, we will fly to Washington, D.C. to see all the monuments and learn about American history.

  14. ePal VisitWashington, D.C. The cost for a flight, a hotel in the city, and metro tickets to get around is $992.00. My new balance is $576,739.64. Washington Marriott at Metro Center Washington Marriott at Metro Center

  15. House Since I don’t like to do yard work, I decided it would be best to buy a townhouse near my parent’s neighborhood. This 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bath home in Hillside Trace Village is move-in ready and in a swim/tennis neighborhood. The kitchen has granite countertops, there are hardwood floors throughout the main floor, and lots of storage. It’s a great deal at a list price of $175,000. After starting with $1,000,000.00, I now have $401,739.64.

  16. Gift for my dad My dad has always wanted a St. Bernard puppy. I found an add for a 10 week old puppy in Pennsylvania for $950.00. It will cost $341.00 to ship him here for a total price of $1,291.00. My new balance is $400,448.64.

  17. Gift for my brother, Jackson My brother loves football and we are UGA fans so I will get him season tickets to UGA football games. The price for season tickets is $895.00. I will get him 2 tickets for each game so he can take a friend. The total price is $1,790.00. That brings my balance to $398,658.64.

  18. Gift for my sister, Rebecca My sister, Rebecca really wants an iPod Touch like mine, but with a pink case. The iPod Touch costs $189.99 at Target and the case is $26.99 for a total of $216.98. I’ll also get her a $100 iTunes gift card. The total is $316.98 and my new balance is $398,341.66.

  19. Gift for my mom My mom would really like new shutters for the windows in our house. They are very expensive at the price of $9,740.00. My balance is now $388,601.66.

  20. Gift for ePal, Marcus I know Marcus would like to remember his trip to the United States. I bought him a digital video camera so he can take pictures of the sites and video tape what we did together. This Cannon camera costs $374.00. My balance is now $388,227.66.

  21. Gift for teacher, Mrs. Simmons I know how much Mrs. Simmons enjoys our ePals. It would be great if she could meet them in person. Therefore, I am sending her on a trip to England to meet the ePals and their teacher. Of course, I won’t make her go alone, so I’ll buy two tickets for Mr. Simmons to go along.

  22. Gift for Mrs. Simmons I know that Mrs. Simmons will want to experience all of London, so I will send her on a Double Decker bus tour of the city. Also, I will get her tickets for the Total London Experience Tour. Of course, I will set her up in a luxurious hotel, The Waldorf London, Hilton! The total cost of this gift is $4,187.26. This leaves me with a balance of $384,040.40. Waldorf London Double Decker bus Buckingham Palace

  23. Family Vacation I want to take my entire family on a 7-night Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy ship. The total cost for the 5 of us is $19,169.82. Now my balance is $364,870.58.

  24. Home FurnishingsAppliances My new home needs some appliances and furniture. In my kitchen, I need to purchase a refrigerator, dishwasher, stove/oven, and microwave. The total for these appliances is $4,711.30. My new balance is $360,159.28.

  25. Home FurnishingsWasher/Dryer Since my mom won’t do my laundry forever, I’ll need a washer and dryer for my laundry room. This GE washer/dryer set was a deal at Home Depot for $1,166.40. Now I have $358,992.88 left to spend.

  26. Home FurnishingsFamily room In my family room, I need a sofa to fit all my friends and family, a rug to make it look nice, and a 3D TV. The total for these items is $4,969.97. This brings my balance to $354,022.91.

  27. Home FurnishingsDining Room and Office I’ll need a place to eat dinner and work so I picked out dining table and some barstools. I also picked out some office furniture and a new computer. The total cost is $7,839.95. My new balance is $346,182.96.

  28. Home furnishingsBedrooms I need a place for myself and guests to sleep. I bought three bedroom sets for a total of $6,049.97. Now I have $340,132.99.

  29. EntertainmentLake House My family used to have a lake house in Wisconsin and I miss it a lot. So, I decided to buy a lake house in Three Lakes, WI, not far from the cottage where we used to go. The total was $230,000. That’s a deal for a house on the lake. My new balance is $110,132.99.

  30. EntertainmentBoats If I’m going to buy a house on the lake I need a boat or two to go out on the water. A pontoon boat for relaxing and a ski boat for adventure would be awesome! The total cost of both of these items is $86,043.00. After starting with a million dollars, this leaves me with $24,089.99.

  31. Entertainment Four Wheeler Snowmobile I have always wanted a four wheeler because my cousins have one and I like to ride it. It would be fun to ride around the lake. It costs $1,899.00. My new balance is $14,596.99. A snowmobile for riding onthe frozen lake in the winter would be so much fun. The cost is $7,594.00

  32. EntertainmentLake toys At the lake, I’ll need some entertainment other than just my boats.

  33. EntertainmentLake toys I picked out a water trampoline and giant raft, sandbox, canoe, paddleboat, and a hammock to do some relaxing. The total of all of these items is $4,959.94. Now, I only have $9,637.05 left to spend.

  34. EntertainmentMedia room I want to have a media room in my house. This room will have an X-Box 360, a projector & screen, a blue ray DVD player, And some games. The total cost is be $2,771.74. I am now down to $6,865.31.

  35. EntertainmentI-Pad & Monitor With two houses in different states, I will want some portable technology. I’ll buy an I-Pad 2, a case, plus $100 worth of apps from itunes. These items total to $857.99. Now my balance is $6,007.32.

  36. EntertainmentPuppy I want a Golden Retriever puppy named Marley. The cost of a purebred puppy, crate, dog bed, dishes, food, and toys comes to $1,450. My new balance is $4,557.32.

  37. EntertainmentFish I always like to look at the exotic fish at the pet store, so I decided to buy a salt- water aquarium with some rocks, coral and fish. Add in food & cleaning supplies, and the total comes to $3,980. I’m almost out of money- only $577.32 left!

  38. EntertainmentParty! To celebrate spending all of my Million Dollars, I will host a big party at my house. I’ll have refreshments, a game truck, and lots of balloons. The total will be $525 and I will tip the extra $52 to the game truck guy and give the 32 cents to my little sister to learn to count change. Now, out of my Million Dollars, I have none left! I had lots of fun spending it!