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Master of technology(M.Tech) PowerPoint Presentation
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Master of technology(M.Tech)

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Master of technology(M.Tech)
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Master of technology(M.Tech)

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  2. INTRODUCTION • Master of Engineering or Master of Technology, is a postgraduate course in the field of engineering. • It is taken up after 4 year undergraduate course, B.Tech. • Students who want to study specialization in a specific engineering field, opt for M.Tech. • It bridges the gap between B.Tech and PhD. • It enables practical implementation of the knowledge gained during undergraduate courses.

  3. ADVANTAGES OF M.TECH Engineering being a highly rewarding carer is taken up by many people. However, the job opportunities are less and the competition is high. An M.Tech degree provides a higher academic qualification which is always preferable during job interviews. • It opens up dual avenues for engineers as a professional engineers as well as for managerial role due to increased technical knowledge. • This study provides detailed insights in the specific field one has chosen. • This degree increases our professional skills and knowledge and facilitates understanding of social industrial platforms. • It helps in landing better and higher pay packages in both private as well as public sector.

  4. BRANCHES COMPUTER ENGINEERING: It is a two year postgraduate course that involves detailed study of the application and technicalities related to computer science. • It includes study of hardware and software of the computer. • With the ever increasing demand of developing faster hardware components and new software, the need for computer science professional have increased. • Computer engineers can find job in various industries like banking, agriculture, medicine, railways etc.

  5. BRANCHES VLSI DESIGN: • It is two-year course concerned with the study and development of IC-based systems. • This study is related to processing and creation of an integrated circuit by combining numerous transistors into single chip. • Few of the best rtu college in rajasthanprovide M.Tech in VSI design. Students with interest and knowledge in coding, simulation etc. are suitable for M.Tech VLSI Design course.

  6. BRANCHES DIGITAL COMMUNICATION: • This 2 year postgraduate programme aims at training professionals to meet the ever growing telecommunication demand. • It provides the skills and knowledge in communication and networking areas. • This study is related to satellite communication, microwave and antenna design, error control and advanced modulation techniques .

  7. ELIGIBILTY • Aspiring engineer need to have a Bachelors Degree in the field of engineering to further pursue M.Tech. • Many institutes have their own entrance and qualifying exams for entry into M.Tech courses. Professionals have to clear these entrance tests to become eligible for the post graduate programs. • GATE is an all India examination and has wide reach. Many reputed engineering colleges and Public Sector Undertakings provide admission and recruitment , respectively on the basis of the candidates GATE score.

  8. PoornimaGroup of Colleges (PGC) ISI-2, RIICO Institutional Area Sitapura, Jaipur - 302022 +91-9928 555 222 +91-9928 666 222 Poornima Group of Colleges, ranked as one of the top colleges in Rajasthan for Engineering, aims at providing quality education. There academic atmosphere is rare blend of modern day technical skills with the traditional systems of learning.