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God’s Providence Tin-Hungh Nyei Ziux Goux Jauv Scripture: Psalms 104:13-23 PowerPoint Presentation
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God’s Providence Tin-Hungh Nyei Ziux Goux Jauv Scripture: Psalms 104:13-23

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God’s Providence Tin-Hungh Nyei Ziux Goux Jauv Scripture: Psalms 104:13-23 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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God’s Providence Tin-Hungh Nyei Ziux Goux Jauv Scripture: Psalms 104:13-23 Ging-Sou: Singx Nzung 104:13-23 Sunday/September 9,2012.

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Presentation Transcript

God’s Providence

Tin-Hungh Nyei Ziux Goux Jauv

Scripture: Psalms 104:13-23

Ging-Sou: Singx Nzung 104:13-23

Sunday/September 9,2012


13 Yiem lungh gu'nguaaic meih bun mbiungc duih njiec mbong, weic meih zoux nyei yietc zungv gong, ndau-beih duqv bungx-zuoqc. 14 Meih bun miev-maeng cuotv daaih yungz saeng-kuv, bun lai-coix cuotv daaih bun mienh longc, bun ndau cuotv gaeng-zuangx ga'naaiv bun mienh nyanc. 13 He watereth the mountains from his chambers: The earth is filled with the fruit of thy works. 14 He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, And herb for the service of man; That he may bring forth food out of the earth,”


15 Aengx cuotv a'ngunc diuv tengx mienh njien-youh, yaac duqv hmei tengx ninh nyei hmien njang, duqv laangh ziqc weic bun sin zaangc henv. 16 ZIOUV nyei ndiangx duqv wuom gaux, se yiem Le^mbaa^norn ninh zuangx nyei si^ndaa zongh ndiangx.

15 And wine that maketh glad the heart of man, And oil to make his face to shine, And bread that strengtheneth man's heart. 16 The trees of Jehovah are filled with moisture, The cedars of Lebanon, which he hath planted;


17 Norqc zoux lauz yiem wuov deix ndiangx. Norqc nyieh yiem zongh ndiangx zoux ninh nyei biauv. 18 Mbong-hlang benx hieh yungh nyei dinc, la'bieiv-mbaengx zoux naauz nyei ndaauh kaux dorngx. 19 Meih zeix hlaax weic dingc gueix, mba'hnoi hiuv duqv ziangh hoc muotv.

17 Where the birds make their nests: As for the stork, the fir-trees are her house. 18 The high mountains are for the wild goats; The rocks are a refuge for the conies. 19 He appointed the moon for seasons: The sun knoweth his going down.”


20 “Meih zeix hmuangx benx lungh muonz zanc, lomc gu'nyuoz yietc zungv hieh zoih ziouc cuotv daaih. 21 Sienh lunx heuc jienv mingh lorz nyanc, lorz Tin-Hungh ceix bun nyei ga'naaiv.”

20 Thou makest darkness, and it is night, Wherein all the beasts of the forest creep forth. 21 The young lions roar after their prey, And seek their food from God.”


22 Mba'hnoi cuotv nyei ziangh hoc ninh mbuo ziouc mingh aqv. Mingh bueix ninh mbuo ganh nyei kuotv. 23 Mienh ziouc cuotv mingh zoux ninh mbuo nyei gong, yaac zoux jienv mingh taux lungh hmuangx.

22 The sun ariseth, they get them away, And lay them down in their dens. 23 Man goeth forth unto his work And to his labor until the evening.”


Biux Mengh Waac Introduction

Maaih 6 nyungc zien zorng-zengx biux mengh taux Tin-Hungh ziux goux nyei jauv. There are 6 truths that confirm God’s providence:

(1) Tin-Hungh bun miev-maeng cuotv daaih yungz saeng-kuv bun saeng-kuv duqv nyanc (ys.14a) . God causes the grass to grow for the cattle (vs.14a).


(2) Tin-Hungh bun lai-coix cuotv daaih bun baamh mienh duqv nyanc (ys.14b). God gives plants for people to eat (vs.14b).

(3) Tin-Hungh bun a’ngunc diuv tengx mienh duqv a’hneiv (ys.15a). God gives wine to gladden the human heart (vs.15a).


(4) Tin-Hungh yaac bun youh tengx nzaatv hmien njang (ys.15b). God gives oil to make the face shine (vs.15b).

(5) Tin-Hungh bun njuov mienh nyanc tengx mienh maaih qaqv (ys.15c). God gives bread to strengthen the human’s heart (vse.15c).


(6) Tin-Hungh bun ndiangx cuotv daaih bun norqc haih duqv zoux lauz yiem (ys.16-17). God planted trees for birds can build their nests on (vs.16-17).

Setv Mueiz Waac Conclusion

Ih hnoi nyei Ging-Sou se biux mengh mbuox mbuo Tin-Hungh hnangv haaix nor, ziux goux ninh zeix daaih nyei ga’naaiv. Today’s scripture shows us how God taking care of His creatures.


Hnangv naaic, “Maivdungx weic haaix nyungc guaaxhnyouv. Oixzuqc weic nyungc-nyungc sic daux gaux jouh Tin-Hungh, laengzzingh Tin-Hungh, ei meih mbuo qiemx longc nyei tov ninh tengx. 7 Tin-Hungh nyei baenghorn, dongh baamh mienh zungv hnamvmaivzaaic nyei baenghorn, ziouc beu jienv meih mbuo nyei hnyouvcauxhnamv nyei jauv, weic zuqc meih mbuo cauxGiducYesujuangcmaengc ziangh.” (Fi^lipv^poi 4:6-7).

Therefore, “Don't worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart. 7 And God's peace, which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7) (GNB)


“Gauhlongc jienv jiex, meih mbuo oixzuqc bun Tin-Hungh zoux Ziouvgunv meih mbuo ndaangc, yaac oixzuqceinzengc ninh nyei eix, naaiv deix yietc zungv nyei ga'naaiv ninh ziouc jaatipv bun meih mbuo.” (Matv^taai 6:33).

“But seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33)