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Pr. Abdelouahab Zaatri - Laboratory of Advanced Technology Applications Mechanical department - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Complémentarité entre Espace Pédagogique et Espace de Détente pour developper la créativité et l’Innovation. Pr. Abdelouahab Zaatri - Laboratory of Advanced Technology Applications Mechanical department University of Constantine, Algeria

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Pr abdelouahab zaatri laboratory of advanced technology applications mechanical department

Complémentarité entre EspacePédagogique et Espace de Détentepour developper la créativité et l’Innovation

Pr. AbdelouahabZaatri

- Laboratory of Advanced Technology Applications


University of Constantine, Algeria

Presentation of lata
Presentation of LATA

  • LATA stands for Laboratory of Advanced Technology Applications

  • It has been launched in 2003

  • It isintented to fostertechnological applications withverylimitedmeans

  • itisdedicated for education, research and industry

  • It welcomesdomestic and international cooperation

Composition of lata
Composition of LATA

  • 01 Coordinator

  • Draduate students – (DEUA, Ingenieur, LM)

  • Doctoral thesis (Robotics, Renewable Energy,..)

  • Each year: groups of students (graduation) are involved in projects

Objectives and general policy
Objectives and General Policy

  • Itsgeneralpolicyisbased on some simple principles

  • Learn and Master Modern Technology with minimal cost

  • Makeimportant realizationswithvery few resources (Small isbeautiful)

  • Defineprojects and realizationsthat must have an industrial value (industrializable)

  • Carry out projects of industrial character but adapted to the socio-economical context; so that technology runs for development

  • Create a multidisciplinaryenvironmentincludingeventuallyotherpartners (cooperation)

National partnership
National Partnership

  • It has special relations througheducation and researchwithvariousdepartments ( mathematics, Physics, Biology) of Université Mentouri-Constantine

  • University of Skikda (80 km),

  • University of Oum-el-bouaghi (80 km)

  • University of Batna (110 km)

  • PolytechnicMilitarySchool of Bordj El Bahri, Algiers (400)

  • National Center of Nuclearresearch  of Ain Oussera (500)

  • PolytechnicalSchollElHarrach

International partnership
International Partnership

  • Laboratoire de Robotique, Université de Sofia Antipolis par le (programme euro-meditéranéen 3+3),France

  • Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes (LAAS), groupe Robotique et Interactions, Toulouse, France

  • DipartimentodiMeccanica, PolitecnicodiMilano, Italia

  • School of Engineering Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Birmingham Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom

  • Psychology Department at the University of Central Florida, USA

  •  Centre de Robotique, Electrotechnique et Automatique, Université de Picardie, France

  • Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Laboratoire d'Automatique,France

  • Labo LIIA, IUT, Université Paris 12, France

  • Etcetc

Axes of research
Axes of research

  • Mecatronicsystems (Mechanics, electricity, electronics, automation, computer sciences, artificial intelligence,..).

  • Two main domains have been explored :

    • Robotics and telerobotics

    • Renewablesenergies

Some robotics systems
SomeRobotics Systems

  • Analysis, design and realizations of various types of robots

    • Serial robots

    • Parallel robots

    • Cable_based robots

    • Wheeled Mobile robots

    • Legged robots

Renewable energies
Renewable Energies

Analysis, design and realization of energetic systems

  • Solar tracker for photovoltaic pannels,

  • Solar tracker for photo-thermic systems,

  • Regulation systems ,

  • Wind power,

  • Production of methane through bio-technological process,

  • Hybrid renewable energies

Lata s influence
LATA’s Influence

  • First priceawarded by the president of algeria for the best project in interuniversity meeting in 2003 at Oran city

  • First national Award on RE for the 21 th June, 2011

  • Some of our publications are used for educationnal programs in Europe atuniversitylevel (Spain: Teleroboticssystems (

  • Some publications are cited in patented inventions (Example: « Lane marker projection method for a motorvehicle vision system , European Patent EP1705613. (http://

  • Model (rapidPrototyping) are considered as remarquable model

Some serial robots 1
Some Serial Robots (1)

  • First generation of Home made robots

  • Without or withverylimitedfinancial support

  • Designed and built up by graduatestudents

Serial robots 2
Serial Robots (2)

  • Second generation of Home made robots

  • Withoutfinancial support

  • Designed and built up by graduatestudents

Renewable energies 1
Renewable energies (1)

  • SolarTracker

  • BioGaz

Robotics competitions

  • April 1999:participation to the preselection of Eurobotcompetition (Alrobotia). Our studentswerepreselected for final competition in France

  • AfricanGames in South Africa ( 2009 - Journey into Deep Space): Participation by providingsometeleconferences

  • AfricanGames and EducationalRobotics International (South African) is a project

  • June 2010: EUROBOT natioanlcompetitionorganised by Lataat Constantine university

  • June 2011: EUROBOT National co-organisedwithLataat Batna university

  • 2012 ???

African games and competitions
AfricanGames and Competitions

  • Adrian S Meyer writes, "My organisation, the National YouthDevelopment Trust of South Africa [NYDT], is setting up a national RoboticsCompetition for South Africa The first competitionwillbeheld in April of 2007 as part of the AfricanYouthGames.

  • Proposal

  • Africancompetitionmaytake place in Algeria in 2010 ?

  • Some questions to bediscussed !!

  • Whatmeans and financial support?

  • Whatlevels and rules? Etc…