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PET. USEFUL SPEAKING EXPRESSIONS. Teacher : María Reina. PART 1 (2-3 MINUTES) Interview. The examiner will ask you easy questions to know more about you . What’s your name ? Can you spell your name / surname ? Where do you live ? Do you work or study ?

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  2. PART 1 (2-3 MINUTES) Interview • Theexaminerwillaskyoueasyquestionstoknow more aboutyou. • What’syourname? • Can youspellyourname/surname? • Where do youlive? • Do youworkorstudy? • Do youlikestudyingEnglish? • What do you do in your free time? • Where are youfrom? • Do youhaveany hobbies? • What do you hope to do in thenextfewyears?

  3. PART 1 • Avoid “yes/no” questions. Expandyouranswer a bit. • Short and directanswersaboutthequestiontheexamineraskedyou. • Do nottalkaboutotherthing.

  4. PART 2 (3 min) CollaborativeTask • Theexaminerwill describe you and yourpartner a situation. Youwillhavesomepicturestohelpyou(youcouldaddyourown ideas too). • Youmust come to a decisionwithyourpartneraboutwhatwouldbethebestsolutionforthesituation. • Make and respondtosituations, discussalteratives, expressyouropinion, netiateagreementordisagreement.

  5. PART 3 (about 3 min) Individual longterm • Theexaminerwillgiveyou a colouredphotograph and youhavetotalkaboutit. • Describe thesetting, people, activities, feelings in thephotograph. • Eachcandidatewillhave a differentphoto of everydaysituations. • Describe activities and people as fully as possible. (Imagine you describe ittosomeonewhocan’tsee: objects, weather, clothes, time of theday…). • Paraphrasethoseobjectsyou do notknowthename.

  6. Part 4 (About 3 min) Discussion • Theexaminerwillaskyou and yourpartnertodiscussaboutsomethingbasedonpart 3. • In thispartcandidatesspeaktoeachother. • Thetopicis a link betweenpart 3 and yourpreferences, experiences, likes and dislikes, etc. • Independentopinion and turn-taking. Involveyourpartner. Mentionyourpartner’sopinion, agreeordisagreewithhim/her.

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