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Downtown Toronto Pilates PowerPoint Presentation
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Downtown Toronto Pilates

Downtown Toronto Pilates

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Downtown Toronto Pilates

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  1. After working in private clinics for a number of years we have seen many clients whisked through treatment like a production-line. Many clients were just sent home with standard exercises and not really getting better. Bringing our UK and Canadian training in rehabilitative Pilates, we combine advanced manual therapy skills with the classic Pilates equipment.

  2. Pilates4Physio combines the science and clinical reasoning from physiotherapy practice with the principles of Pilates. Pilates restores muscle balance and correct movement with strength and flexibility. The concept of training correct muscle recruitment, as well as strength, is the key to overcoming many over-use conditions. Even for acute injuries, the Pilates equipment allows gradual pain free movement so that the healing process can take place.

  3. MANUAL THERAPY PAIN MANAGEMENT In the initial stage of an injury it is important to address pain. Sports massage and manual therapy are used to achieve this. Kinesiotaping can help to support weak and painful joints or muscles. Your Doctor may be able to prescribe some medication in the acute stages of your injury. This involves the therapist restoring the correct biomechanics to a joint, either to the spine or peripheral joints. Different techniques can be used to treat pain or stiffness. Examples include manual traction and mobilizations directed onto the joint.

  4. Tel: 647 499 6685 Email: Pilates4Physio 134 Adelaide St East, Suite 201Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1K9(between Church and Jarvis)