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Cisco Quick Hit Briefing Cisco Demand Generation Ideas and Execution PowerPoint Presentation
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Cisco Quick Hit Briefing Cisco Demand Generation Ideas and Execution

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Cisco Quick Hit Briefing Cisco Demand Generation Ideas and Execution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cisco Quick Hit Briefing Cisco Demand Generation Ideas and Execution
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  1. Cisco Quick Hit BriefingCisco Demand Generation Ideas and Execution To join the audio portion, enter a call-back number in the Audio Conference dialog box. Brian Avery Alternatively, you can call into the meeting by dialing: • Toll-Free: (866) 432-9903 • Enter Meeting ID: 203 151 050 • Press “1” to join the conference. Partner Development Manager – Cisco Systems November 29, 2012

  2. Agenda • Introduction • Cisco Priorities • SMB Buying Behaviors • Where are the Customers? • Marketing Mentality • Partner Marketing Central • Guest Speaker: David Stelzl • Q&A Brian Avery Partner Development Manager Priors: President and CEOCisco Premier Partner Director of SalesCisco Silver Partner Financial AnalystSprint Corporation

  3. What Is a Quick Hit Briefing? A weekly partner briefing series designed for Cisco Commercial Territory partners Concise, relevant updates on: Cisco products and solutions Partner programs and promotions Partner Enablement – Demand Generation, Selling Skills, Closing Tools, etc. • Next Quick Hit Briefing: • Cisco "Gear Up" Year-End Sales Opportunity Thursday Dec6th, 9:30 ET •

  4. Cisco Priorities Leadership in the Core… Routing / Switching / Services 1 Mobility Security 2 Collaboration Any - Any 3 Data Center / Virtualization / Cloud Video 4 5 Architectures for Business Transformation Key Drivers of the Future of the Network That Strategically Leverage the Power of the Network

  5. A Little Education about SMB Buying Behaviors

  6. SMB Buying Experience

  7. Where Are the Customers?

  8. Cisco Commercial Sales Breakdown SMB Geo 1 – 100 employees Approx. 2,000,000 accounts 100 – 250 employees Named Accounts Approx. 50,000 accounts Mid-Market 250+ employees Named accounts Approx. 20,000 accounts Cisco’s Penetration Ratio: 6 – 15%

  9. Marketing Mentality

  10. How You Look for Business Today • Hunting Mentality • What can I go out and hunt down today? • Random • Luck • Inconsistent • Tomorrow you start all over again

  11. How You Should Look for Business • Farming Mentality • Pick a “plot of land” – e.g. a fixed prospect list or geography • Plant seeds (make initial contact with the list) • Feed and water the seeds EVERY month (make regular, repetitive contacts to the SAME list – calling, direct mail, voicemail) • Watch the seeds sprout (start intersecting “purchase windows”) • Grow a healthy crop of: • Prospects • Leads • Mindshare • Awareness

  12. Which Type of Partner Do You Want to Be? Hunting Farming

  13. Event Trade Show Lunch and Learn Roundtable Door Knocker Campaign $500 Direct Mail or Constant Contact Email Follow Up + Touch Base Calls + Touch Base Calls + Touch Base Calls + Touch Base Calls + Touch Base Calls + Touch Base Calls Touch Base Calls Event WebEx Seminar Industry Assoc Door Knocker Campaign $500 Direct Mail or Constant Contact Email Follow Up Multi-Touch Demand Generation Plan Start Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Acquire list of 500 prospects (vertical or local) FREE Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Results = 100 calls per week, five week rotation, no sales pressure, for follow up and awareness

  14. Multi-Touch Components • High Quality Prospect List • Jigsaw – • Occupational Licenses, New Business Starts • Moving Lists, Networking Groups • Plan monthly activities • Task sales staff with activities • Hire an inside sales resource! • Full-time, part-time • Community college intern, high school student! • Focus ALL ACTIVITIES on the SAME list

  15. Marketing UpdatePartner Marketing Central


  17. Partner Home Page Features Includes self-service (Campaign Builder) and full-service (MSO) Campaign activities (when available) New Event module offers “Click to Attend” event registration and ties into campaign offerings Theater-customizable banner image – can be changed 3 months after launch Theater-managed customizable message boxes Collaborative environment; encourages information sharing Social Media Integration

  18. Campaign Center • Campaign Finder: • Easy to use campaign wizard to search for campaigns using variety of variables • If you know what you want, you can type in the campaign in the Search text box Left Hand Navigation: Familiar left-hand navigation bar with quick links to browse, return home or create an event

  19. Events Center: Create an Event • Event Template: • Partners can create either Live Events or Virtual Events • Copy an Existing Event: • Partners can use one of their existing events as a template to quickly create a new event, saving valuable time

  20. End User Event Registration • Event Landing Page includes: • Event Details & Location • Target Technologies & Audience • Event Overview • Partner Information • Event Registration sends the user a confirmation email • Partners can track event registration as well as receive guidance on how to improve user registration to hit desired targets

  21. Partner Marketing Central Resources • Site URL: • Helpful Interactive Flash Demos • Getting Started: • Campaign Center: • Events Center: • Quick Reference Guide: •

  22. Additional Cisco Premier Partner Resources Premier Power Play Partner Plus mConcierge Virtual Marketing Dept • Develop Marketing Plan • Build Awareness • Drive Product Preference • Demand Gen • Review Metrics $190Min Lead Value 4,700Leads Delivered 39%Revenue Growth in Power Play Partners • Enablement and Training • Virtual Engineering Support • Marketing, Demand Gen • Financial Rewards and Incentives

  23. Execute a Demand Generation Event Tradeshow Lunch and Learn Telepresence Event Chamber Event Seminar WebEx Webinar

  24. Guest Speaker: David Stelzl, Visionary Learning Concepts