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Cisco Quick Hit Briefing Cisco Customer Intelligence Systems – Contact Center Update PowerPoint Presentation
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Cisco Quick Hit Briefing Cisco Customer Intelligence Systems – Contact Center Update

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Cisco Quick Hit Briefing Cisco Customer Intelligence Systems – Contact Center Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cisco Quick Hit Briefing Cisco Customer Intelligence Systems – Contact Center Update. To join the audio portion, enter a call-back number in the Audio Conference dialog box. Brian Avery. Alternatively, you can call into the meeting by dialing: Toll-Free: (866) 432-9903

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Presentation Transcript
cisco quick hit briefing cisco customer intelligence systems contact center update

Cisco Quick Hit BriefingCisco Customer Intelligence Systems – Contact Center Update

To join the audio portion, enter a call-back number in the Audio Conference dialog box.

Brian Avery

Alternatively, you can call into the meeting by dialing:

  • Toll-Free: (866) 432-9903
  • Enter Meeting ID: 201 203 071
  • Press “1” to join the conference.

Partner Development Manager – Cisco Systems

January 10, 201



  • Introduction
  • Cisco Priorities
  • Business Edition 6000 and UCCX
  • Contact Center Update and Roadmap
  • Q&A

Brian Avery

Partner Development Manager


President and CEOCisco Premier Partner

Director of SalesCisco Silver Partner

Financial AnalystSprint Corporation

what is a quick hit briefing
What Is a Quick Hit Briefing?
  • A weekly partner briefing series designed for Cisco Commercial Territory partners
  • Concise, relevant updates on:
    • Cisco products and solutions
    • Partner programs and promotions
    • Partner Enablement – Demand Generation, Selling Skills, Closing Tools, etc.
  • Next Quick Hit Briefing:
  • Cisco UC Manager Business Edition Update - 3000 and 6000

Thursday Jan 17th, 9:30 ET

cisco priorities
Cisco Priorities

Leadership in the Core… Routing / Switching / Services






Any - Any


Data Center / Virtualization / Cloud




Architectures for Business Transformation

Key Drivers of the Future of the Network

That Strategically Leverage the Power of the Network

cisco customer intelligence contact center update

Cisco Customer Intelligence Contact Center Update

Frank Gagliardi, Strategic Sales Consultant – Contact Center

Cisco Customer Interaction Technologies

cisco business edition 6000 applications choice
Feature rich, Enterprise-class collaboration applicationsCisco Business Edition 6000 Applications Choice

Call control



Unity Connection

IM &










Contact Center CCX

Emergency Responder


Up to 5 applications co-resident on a single server.

applications supported
Applications Supported

Virtualized with VMware ESXi

  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Overview
  • Key features for Cisco Contact Center Express
  • Implementation and Licensing
  • Report Customization
  • Intelligence Center and HRC
  • Demo
cisco unified intelligence center
Cisco Unified Intelligence Center
  • Highly customizable presentation layer across multiple products
  • Reduce manual consolidation of historical data by presenting it in a single dashboard
  • Wizard-based interface to extend reporting inside and outside the contact center
  • Layered access to capabilities
  • Link reports to provide controlled access to drill down, up and across
key features for contact center express
Key Features for Contact Center Express
  • Installed with CCX (CUIC Standard license included) with browser-based access
  • All HRC reports available in CUIC
  • Customized views, thresholds on reporting data
  • Different levels of access to reports, dashboards
  • Scheduling enables report and data distribution via email
  • Permalinks enable one-click access to reporting data
  • Audit Trail report to track reporting activity
visual customization built in
Visual Customization Built in
  • Create graphical views to existing reports (charts, gauges)
  • Rearrange column fields, rename fields, add headers
  • Provide additional groupings, summarizations and sorting
  • Add thresholds to identify compliance violations
access to reports and dashboards
Access to Reports and Dashboards
  • Directory structure access
    • Shared and personal copies of reports
  • Capability access
    • Assign multiple levels
    • of permissions to enable
    • opening CUIC “drawers”
  • Schedule to distribute via .pdf, .xls or embedded in email
  • Schedule to publish to a .csvfile for flat file integration
  • One-click access to historical reports
  • No log-on and navigate
  • Embed links in other dashboards
  • Web links on other devices
custom reporting
Custom Reporting
  • Included with Intelligence Center Standard version
    • Allows visual customization
    • Does not allow coding customization
  • Intelligence Center Premium version for Lab and NFR system
    • Create new reports from scratch
    • Create drill-downs
    • Export reports to be imported into a Standard system
    • Change refresh
ordering lab and nfr kits
Ordering Lab and NFR kits
  • Customer lab system (CCEH-NRPT-CUIC8 )
  • Partner NFR kit (CCEH-CUIC8-NFR)
  • Currently orderable via IPCE-BUNDLE under LAB section
  • Ordering Guide will be updated with Release 9 information
intelligence center or hrc
Intelligence Center or HRC
  • Must select one at install, can change later
  • By default, HRC is installed
  • Not possible to run with both enabled
did you know that
Did you know that…

Most visited website on the internet

30 billion pieces of content are shared each month

Average user has 130 friends and is connected to 80 pages, events and groups

More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook

190 million tweets are sent on average per day

The average user has 115 followers

Twitter has 225,000,000 users

40% of Twitter users don’t tweet, but instead use it to keep up to date


Cisco SocialMinerSocial Media Customer Care

Airline lost my luggage!

1. Capture

2. Analyze & Prioritize

Cisco SocialMiner

3. Communication Workflow


4. Assign

Social Media

Customer Care Agent

5. Engage

cisco socialminer1

Enable proactive customer service by queuing and assigning social web posts to appropriate staff

Complement brand monitoring dashboards

Cisco SocialMiner


  • Real-time capture of social media postings
  • Social media campaign management
  • Route and queue contacts to experts
  • Tagging
  • Filters
  • Social Screen Pop
  • Real-time Notifications via Instant Message, Email, and Text
  • Social media customer care metrics
  • Rich set of Platform API’s for customization
socialminer architecture
SocialMiner Architecture

SocialMiner Gadgets

  • All-in-one Software Appliance
    • Linux Operation System
    • Apache Tomcat Web Server
    • Cassandra Datastore
    • Informix Reporting Database
  • Cisco Provided OVF Template (Required)
  • Any Server Platform
  • Gadget Container
  • OpenSocial Gadgets

Cisco Application Interfaces





Cisco SocialMiner Services

  • Runtime
  • Datastore
  • Reporting Database
  • Indexer
  • Eventing
  • External Services
  • SMTP Mail Service Interface
  • XMPP Interface
  • Active Directory


Standard Server Hardware

8 5 5 feature list
8.5(5) Feature List


  • Builds on previous 8.5(x) releases (SocialMiner 8.5(5) FCS on Jan 31, 2012)


  • Standalone single-session chat
    • Chat feed type
    • Agent & Customer chat UI
    • Chat alias
    • API for chat transcript
  • IE 8 support for chat
  • UI improvements
    • Social contact layout
    • Settings page layout
web chat1
  • Agent and supervisor interface
    • Web client within integrated browser in CAD for Agent /supervisor (IE8 required)
    • Finesse chat gadget for agent and supervisor (Release 9.5)

Default selection in Integrated browser

agent ui chat offered
Agent UI – chat offered
  • Configurable Agent no answer timeout.
  • Chat contact gets re-queued and Agent goes “Not ready” after time out.

Agent No Answer Timeout

agent ui chat in progress
Agent UI – chat in progress

Reply template Integrated to SocialMiner

chat supervisor real time reports
Chat Supervisor Real Time Reports

Real-Time Displays for web chat metrics:

    • Current CSQ totals
    • Current CSQ Details
    • Agent detail report
  • Separate web based Supervisor UI in CSD integrated browser
web chat historical reports
Web chat Historical Reports
  • Web chat historical reports:
    • Chat Agent Detail Report
    • Chat Agent Summary report
    • Chat CSQ Activity report
    • Chat CSQ Agent Summary
    • Chat Traffic Analysis Report
  • HRC as well as CUIC
  • New Unified CCX database tables facilitate delivery of packaged and custom reporting
real time reports for administrator
Real Time Reports for Administrator
  • Separate new section in RTR
  • 3 Web chat Real Time Reports:
    • Overall Chat stats
    • Chat Resource Stats
    • Chat CSQ stats
web chat administration
Easy 5 step configuration
  • Create Chat CSQ
  • Simple SocialMiner Configuration
  • Global parameter settings
  • Create Chat widget sample HTML code for Website
  • Create teams
Web chat Administration
typical web chat deployment


Typical Web chat Deployment

Web chat subsystem sees Agent state and delivers chat contact to web based Agent interface

Customer sends web chat request

Customer Chat UI

Chat contact enters SocialMiner

Unified CCX




Chat Proxy

Social Miner

Customer WebSite

Agent Chat UI


May Be Hosted

Real time reports for supervisor, administrator and reporting users and historical reports for HR user


The chat reply gadget is rendered to Agent interface






CCX Roadmap



CCX 8.5

  • Customer Webchat
  • CUIC Co-resident with CCX
  • Unified sign on for admin
  • Improved security with SElinux
  • CME support removal
  • New end point and server support
  • Finesse for CCX
  • Webchat phase 2
  • Mediasense for CCX
  • Spec-based VM support for UCS and non-UCS
  • Outbound IVR
  • Scale to 400 agents
  • Serviceability enhancements
  • New WFO UI
  • Mobile Skill Manager (SU3)
cisco unified contact center express
Cisco Unified Contact Center Express

CCX 9.0.2


CCX 9.0

Available today

CCX 10.0


  • Embedded CUIC for historical reporting
  • Single session Web Chat
  • Unified Sign On for CCX administration applications
  • SELinuxsupport
  • WFO support for MediaSense
  • Web 2.0 supervisor UI for WFO
  • Mobile Skill Manager
  • CME support removal
  • CUIC Enhancements
  • Relative filters
  • Summary reports
  • Jabber as agent device
  • Administration API
  • Campaign Mgmt API
  • Configuration API
  • Tandberg End point (EX60,EX90) & new IP phones.
  • Virtualization – New ID
  • Embedded Cisco Finesse for CCXph 1
  • Home agent with “Extend and Connect”
  • Simplified Day 2 Administration
  • CUIC enhancements
    • Supervisor team level reports
    • Real time reporting with CUIC
    • Additional report templates
  • Web Chat enhancements
  • Video On Hold
  • A- Law support
  • WFO enhancements