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  1. Syphilis By: Triana Chias, Diana Luna, Kimberly Vargas, and Marjury Hernandez

  2. About Syphilis Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria that is passed sexually. Syphilis develops in four stages. Each stage has a different symptom.

  3. Syphilis Symptoms First stage: In the first stage of syphilis an infection, a skin ulcer, called chancre develops in different parts of your body. In the first weeks of chancre, the chancre usually heals without treatment. Second Stage : In the second stage of syphilis people develop body aches, lumps under their skin, condylomalata(white bumps), fatigue, malaise, fever, chills, body pains, loss of appetite, mouth ulcers, excessive salivation, sore throat, and rashes.

  4. Syphilis symptoms Third stage: In the third stage of syphilis people develop chest pain, difficulty breathing, difficulty walking, numbeness of both arms, numbness of both legs, numbness of the face, weakness of body parts, delusions, hallucination and confusion. Fourth stage: In the fourth stage of syphilis people develop heart, eyes, brain, nervous system, bones, liver and joint damage.

  5. This is a picture of the bacteria

  6. Syphilis Prognosis With proper antibiotic penicillin treatment, early syphilis infection can be cured wihthout causing permanent damage. Although later stages of syphilis also respond to antibiotics. The treatment will not repair any organ damage caused by the disease. Without the treatment, about one third of patients risk severe organ damage and death.

  7. Syphilis History Scientists have not found the history of Syphilis. Many scientists have different hypothesis. One hypothesis suggests that syphilis has started millions of years ago but no scientist has found the exact history.

  8. Syphilis history This is the map of 1999 of how many people are affected with syphilis. As you can see one of the most affected places is Africa.

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