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~ Lesbionix Cartoon ~

~ Lesbionix Cartoon ~

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~ Lesbionix Cartoon ~

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  1. ~ Lesbionix Cartoon ~ ~ It’s a Lesbian Thing! ~

  2. Lesbionix - It’s a Lesbian Thing! Lesbionix is a new online Lesbian webcomic that tells the story ofnine Lesbians, friends since summer camp, and the one woman whoholds their freedom and lives, in her hands. Think the L Word in cartoon form! We present to you, Lesbionix!

  3. Nancy Griffin is a driver for Around The Block Delivery Service. She is single and considers herself to be Butch. She has a friends with benefits relationship with Julia Anderson. She is known to have sex with lots of women!

  4. Julia Anderson is the owner of the local Lesbian nightclub. She is single and has a "friends with benefits" relationship with Nancy. Julia loves to smoke marijuana and teases her friends if they say "no." She is fiercely loyal to her friends and is ruthless with her enemies. She is considered one of the elder stateswoman in the group.

  5. Melanie Jones is the twin sister of Melissa. She is a Lesbian who is in a relationship with Marian Lee. She tends to be a little judgmental and that gets her in trouble with friends and family alike. Melanie has been disowned by her father but has a good relationship with her mother. Melanie buys and sells Real Estate. Knowledge she gained from working with her father since she was a child.

  6. Marion Lee is in a relationship with Melanie Jones. She owns a Sports Therapy gym that caters to High School, College, and Professional sports figures who have gotten hurt and are in need of rehabilitation. Marian is usually a serious person but has been known to play practical jokes on people. She also has a temper and has gotten into fist fights with both men and women.

  7. Melissa Jones is the twin sister of Melanie Jones. She is straight and is the favorite child of her father. She gets lavish gifts from her father which she splits with her sister 50-50 behind his back. Melanie works for her father's Real Estate business and is very successful. She is a free spirit in her personal life and that sometimes gets her in trouble.

  8. Louise Owens owns a combination computer cafe and bookstore. Most of the college kids spend time at her place. The crew often hang out there when they have free time. She is the Ultimate Femme and usually wears dresses and heels. She is attracted to women who have a more masculine energy. Louise is considered one of the elder stateswomen of the group.

  9. Danielle Allen is the owner of the local Beauty Salon and Spa. Her nickname is "Spooky" because she is a light skinned Latina. But the only people who call her that is the crew. She considers herself to be a femme. She is single and considered one of the elder stateswomen in the group.

  10. Terry James is a successful artist and is married to Dr. Janet Mitchell. They have been married for ten years. She considers herself to be a housewife first and an artist second. Terry is very protective of Janet and their friends.

  11. Dr. Janet Mitchell is a world renowned surgeon and the head of Neurology at the hospital where she works. She is married to Terry James. "Doc" as she is called by the crew, is in constant battles with the board of directors at the hospital. But her foundation with the anonymous annual donation, allows her to have the upper hand with the board. With the foundation, she is able to perform surgeries on the poor and the needy. Janet along with Julia, Danielle, and Louise, are considered the elder stateswomen in the group.

  12. Mrs. Gregory is the one person who knows the secret of what happened that day at summer camp and holds the crew's freedom and lives in her hand. "Gregory" considers the crew to be her "babies" and has helped them out over the years. Loans, scholarships, and contesting winnings, have mysterious come to them just when the crew needed them.

  13. Girls Just Want to have Fun

  14. Golf Tournament Fundraiser

  15. Olivia Cruise

  16. San Diego Gay Pride

  17. HRC Event

  18. Beach Party

  19. Grand Canyon

  20. Art Museum Exhibit

  21. Lesbionix Social Club The Lesbionix Social Club is a Social Network for lesbians. You can: * Add a Customized Profile to the site!  * Invite Friends and meet new ones!  * Write a Blog!  * Add music, photos, and videos to share with Friends      and acquaintances!  * Join the groups and forums or create new ones!  * Promote your Business, Cause, Entertainment, Movie, or      Music Events   * See the Premium Content to the Lesbionix Comic!  * Click here for more information on the Lesbionix Social Club  * Click here to go back to the Lesbionix Comic!   * Lesbionix - It's a Lesbian Thing!

  22. Advertising If you would like to advertise on the Lesbionix web site or have a product prominently placed in the cartoon, send us an email at We will get back to you within 24 hours!

  23. Other Lesbionix Info For more information on the Lesbionix Cartoon, check out the interview on! To be kept abreast of the goings on with the Lesbionix Cartoon, you can follow us on Twitter at And you can become a fan of the Lesbionix Cartoon on Facebook

  24. Future Plans We are also looking to become syndicated in both online and offline Lesbian and Gay newspapers and websites. The Lesbionix cartoon will eventually become animated, with a monthly animation. A full length movie in the planning stages.

  25. Investment Opportunities We’re looking for investors to help take the Lesbionix Social Club to the next level. For more information, email us at .

  26. ~ Lesbionix Cartoon ~ ~ It’s a Lesbian Thing! ~