2010 iditarod musher award banquet n.
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2010 Iditarod Musher Award Banquet PowerPoint Presentation
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2010 Iditarod Musher Award Banquet

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2010 Iditarod Musher Award Banquet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2010 Iditarod Musher Award Banquet. New Records Set this Year!. This is the first time that all mushers reached the finish line before the Awards Banquet. The fastest Red Lantern ever The first Jamaican ever to finish an Iditarod– Newton Marshall. WINNER: LANCE MACKEY!.

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2010 Iditarod Musher Award Banquet

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. 2010 IditarodMusher Award Banquet

    2. New Records Set this Year! This is the first time that all mushers reached the finish line before the Awards Banquet. The fastest Red Lantern ever The first Jamaican ever to finish an Iditarod– Newton Marshall

    3. WINNER: LANCE MACKEY! He does the impossible every year, and this year Lance Mackey won an unprecedented fourth consecutive Iditarod victory. Mackey crossed the Burled Arch finish line in Nome at 2:59pm (Alaska Time) for a total of 8 Days, 23 Hours, 59 Minutes and 9 Seconds. Alek, Dakota, Sabrina, Taylor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EW3ADVR0JAw

    4. Anchorage Chrysler Dodge Official Truck Award – Four Time Champion Lance Mackey • (medal, glasses) • Dodge Ram 4×4, Quad Cab Pickup Truck Presented to Iditarod winner for almost 20 years (toy truck) • Wells Fargo Winner’s Purse AwardThe big cash payout…$70.000.00 (play ‘dough’)

    5. 2nd Place: • (medal) • Hans Gatt • (Brady, • Michaela • Sydney • Logan)

    6. 3rd Place • (medal) • Jeff King (Isaiah, Tyler, Alexx, Austin Miller)

    7. PenAir Spirit of Alaska Award – Won by Jeff King • Original “Spirit Mask” presented to the first musher into McGrath (mask) • $500 PenAir credit towards travel or freight shipments also awarded (glider) Draw!

    8. Halfway Point of the Iditarod – Cripple Checkpoint • GCI Dorothy G. Page Award – Won by Dallas Seavey • Anastasia, -draw-, Caitlyn, • Karlie • Presented In honor of Dorothy Page, the “Mother of the Iditarod” to the first musher into Cripple (Iditarod in odd years) • Trophy and $3,000 in gold nuggets (trophy, gold $ necklace)

    9. First Musher to the Yukon Award – Won by Jeff King • Presented to the first musher that reaches the Yukon River (Ruby even-numbered years, Anvik in odd-numbered years). • Awarded a 7-course meal, cooked on a camp stove by a Millenium Hotel staff, at the checkpoint and $5,000 as an ‘after-dinner mint’ (vienna sausages) • Musher receives the same 7-course meal for 2 anytime of their choosing at the Millenium Hotel. • DRAW!

    10. Wells Fargo Gold Coast Award – Won by Lance Mackey • Presented with a trophy and $2,500 in gold nuggets to the first musher to reach the Bering Sea’s “Gold Coast” (trophy, gold $ necklace) • DRAW!

    11. Wells Fargo Red Lantern Award – Presented to Celeste Davis • Presented for 17 years to the last finisher of the Iditarod. • Trohpymade from a red lantern • (red light) • Draw, Autumn, Ivorey, Petris

    12. Humanitarian Award – Presented to Sebastian Schnuelle • Presented to a top 20 team who best demonstrates “outstanding dog care while remaing competitive” throughout the raceGiven • A Lead crystal cup and 2 free round trip tickets on Alaska Airlines • (Cup,Ball) Draw, Draw, Juan Dylan

    13. Fred Meyer Sportsmanship Award – Presented to Ray Redington, Jr. • Engraved trophy and $500 Fred Meyer gift certificate (trophy, ring) • Presented to a participant chosen by fellow mushers • Draw, Anthony, Chancey, Amber

    14. Horizon Lines Most Improved Musher Award – Presented to Sam Deltour • Engraved trophy and $2,000 presented to musher who betters their previous finish by the greatest number of places (trophy, $ necklace) • Placing 41 in his second Iditarod, Deltour improved his time by a full day over this rookie run in 2008, when he finished 60th. • Devin, Dakota, Draw, Zac

    15. Nome Kennel Club Fastest Time From Safety to Nome Award – Won by Paul Gebhardt • $500 presented to a top-20 musher with the fastest time from the Safety checkpoint to the finish line ($ necklace) • Draw, draw, Jordan • Tyler Cameron

    16. Rookie of the Year Award – Won by Dan Kaduce • Presented for 30 years to the top-place rookie (a musher who has never before started the race) • Trophy and $1500.00 (trophy, $ necklace) • Draw, draw, Tylor, draw

    17. Golden Harness Award – Presented to Maple, Lance Mackey’s Leader • Previously presented by the late Lolly Medley, a Wasilla harness maker and one of two women to run the 2nd Iditarod in 1974.   • The award is now presented in her honor to an outstanding lead dog, chosen by the mushers.Embroidered gold-colored harness (gold beads)

    18. Northern Air Cargo HerbieNayokpuk Memorial Award • Presented to William “Middie” Johnson • Presented to musher who most mimics “Herbie: The Shismaref Cannon Ball” in his/her attitude on the trail by the staff and officials of the Iditarod. • Free freight allotment on Northern Air Cargo, • Walrus ivory scrimshawed trophy, • (‘ivory’ bird bubbles) • $1,049 in “pocket change” inside a NAC jacket • Draw, draw, Tyler Sward, Dalton

    19. ExxonMobil Mushers Choice Award - • Presented to Jim Lanier (draw, draw, Larry, Chris A.) • Mushers vote on their own ‘favorite’ musher!

    20. The End… • Thank you for participating!