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The Iditarod

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The Iditarod. By: Joel Golubski. About Sled Dog Racing. Dog sleds almost went into extinction because of snowmobiles. “ Mushing ” (sled dog racing) is the sport used in the Iditarod.

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the iditarod

The Iditarod

By: Joel Golubski

about sled dog racing
About Sled Dog Racing
  • Dog sleds almost went into extinction because of snowmobiles.
  • “Mushing” (sled dog racing) is the sport used in the Iditarod.
  • Balto, a well-known and famous sled dog (there is even a book or two about him), has his statue in Central Park, New York. (Balto sled dog raced.)
the iditarod s route s
The Iditarod’s Route(s)
  • The trail is made up of two “tracks,” actually, a northern and a southern.
  • There is two tracks because if one is getting repaired they can use the other one. Also, so they can alternate years of which track they use so they don’t damage a track, from using it too much.
  • Some parts of the track are together but then they diverge in other places.
map of the iditarod s route s
Map of the Iditarod’s Route(s)
  • The northern trail is 1,112 miles long, the southern trail is 1,131 miles long.
  • There are checkpoints along the trail.
  • These checkpoints are occasionally added or taken out.
the ceremonial start and the restart
The Ceremonial Start and the Restart
  • The race is begun on the first Saturday in March.
  • A ribbon-cutting ceremony is held under flags that represent the countries, and/or states, all of the competitors are from.
  • The order the dog sleds start in is determined by which position the competitors chose, at a banquet two days prior to the race.
  • Once the teams reach the third checkpoint, they are done for the day and the race restarts the next day, Sunday.
why they change the race track
Why They Change the Race Track
  • One reason why is because in one part of an Iditarod track there were lots of moose and one time a pregnant moose, most likely trying to protect herself, killed two sled dogs and injured 6 more.