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Thai Culture PowerPoint Presentation
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Thai Culture

Thai Culture

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Thai Culture

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  1. Thai Culture Francesca Anstee

  2. Thailand Thailand History

  3. Customs Greetings Table Manners Gift Giving Visiting a House Thai customs are very important to Thai people

  4. Greeting The Wai Pictures • The Wai is a very simple way of greeting someone in Thailand. What you do is put your hands together and bow down gently. • The Wai is very respectful, most people perform the Wai when they meet someone new or from a different country.

  5. Table Manners • Don’t keep your elbows on the table • Never lick your fingers. • Leave a little food on your plate after you have eaten to show that you are full. Finishing everything indicates that you are still hungry. • Never take the last bite from the serving bowl. • Wait to be asked before taking a second helping.

  6. Gift Giving • If you go to a Thai house they do not expect a gift but it is appreciated. • Gifts should be wrapped attractively, since appearance matters. Bows and ribbons add to the sense of festivity. • Appropriate gifts are flowers, good quality chocolates or fruit. • Do not give marigolds or carnations, as they are associated with funerals. • Try to avoid wrapping a gift in green, black or blue as these are used at funerals and in mourning. • Gold and yellow are considered royal colours, so they make good wrapping paper.

  7. Visiting A House • Arrive close to the appointed time, although being a few minutes late will not cause offence. • Check to see if the host is wearing shoes. If not, remove yours before entering the house. • Ask another guest to confirm the dress code.

  8. Transportation Samlors Tuk-Tuk Motor cycle Taxi Different way to get around Thailand

  9. The Samlor • The Samlor is the cheapest and most simple form of public transport. It basically looks like a tricycle. • You can find Samlor’s almost everywhere in Thailand except the center of Bangkok because the traffic is horrible. In quiet places of Bangkok you will find them. • The Samlor is very small so the maximum amount of people is 2, the Samlor also doesn’t travel very fast.

  10. Tuk-Tuk • Tuk – Tuks are basically like a car but much smaller with three wheels and no windows. Its sort of like a taxi but instead of having a meter they offer a price and you bargain with them. • Normally foreigners pay more for Tuk – Tuks • Tuk – Tuks can have a maximum of 3 people in the back and then of course the driver in the front. • The Tuk – Tuk has a motorized engine.

  11. Motorcycle Taxi • A motorcycle taxi Is just a modern day version of the Samlor. • You see motorcycle taxi’s everywhere because they are cheaper than Tuk – Tuks (see next slide) but a bit more expensive than Samlors. • The drivers mostly wear over colored shirts so you don’t mistake them for a normal person on a motorcycle.

  12. Religion Buddhism Christian Islam Religion plays a very important role in Thai life

  13. Religion - Buddhism • Buddhism is nearly 95% of Thailand’s population. • Thailand has over twenty-seven thousand Buddhist temples, mostly in the countryside. • Buddhists believe that selfishness and craving result in suffering and that compassion and love bring happiness and well-being. • Buddhism Facts • Buddhism is the 4th largest religion in the world! • The leaders of Buddhism are monks. • You can become a monk at any period of time in your life. • Three Jewels/Three Refuges • The Buddha • The Sangha (monastic community) • The Dharma (truth or teachings)

  14. Religion - Christian Christianity in Thailand is only a small 0.5 percent. Christianity is the largest world religion at the moment. It has over 2 billion followers, who classify themselves under 34,000 different denominations. Initially, Christianity was derived from Judaism, as Jesus Christ was a Jew, as were his twelve disciples. Christianity is based mainly around the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and is monotheistic. Christians believe in the Bible being the word of God, and although some choose to take it more literally than others, it is generally considered to be inspired by the Holy Spirit.

  15. Religion – Islam • There are approximately 3.8 percent Muslim people in Thailand. • Muslim means ‘anyone or anything that submits itself to god. Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. To becomeMuslim, a person of any race or culture must say a simple statement, theShahadah, that bears witness to the belief in the One God and that ProphetMuhammad was the last prophet of God.

  16. Other Foods, Clothing etc.

  17. Foods • Thai people love mainly noodles, curry and plain dishes. • Thai foods are mainly plain because lots of people in Thailand can’t afford other dishes. • Instead of a knife and fork Thais normally eat their meals with chop sticks. • Thai people also eat not really spicy foods but some foods with a little bit of a twist. • A good example of a typical Thai dish is: Rice and fish with a little bit of a spicy sauce.

  18. Clothes Traditional Thai Clothing Pictures Traditional Thai clothing is mainly made out of soft materials like silk. In the olden days almost all Thai people wore the traditional clothing but now fewer people are wearing it. Although traditional clothing is not seen often on the streets, it is worn on special holidays. Some of these holidays include Songkran, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Loy Krathong, many of these holidays are religious and traditional.

  19. Feet - Soles The soles of a persons feet are considered very disrespectful. The soles of your feet are disrespectful because they are considered as the dirtiest part of your body. Disres pectful

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