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Owls in the family

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Owls in the family. By: Shaye #10 Book by: Farley Mowat . Chapter 1.

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Owls in the family

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owls in the family

Owls in the family

By: Shaye #10

Book by: Farley Mowat

chapter 1
Chapter 1

The two boys Billy and Bruce want a baby owl as a pet. One of the boys tried to climb up a tree and see if there were any owls up there. But there wasn’t. Instead he got a bunch of crows eggs but when he was holding the eggs in his mouth it was hard to get down the tree. But he tried and all the crows eggs cracked in his mouth he was spitting the eggs out like crazy.

chapter 2
Chapter 2

They found an owls nest. They want to know what kind of owl it is. They want to bring there teacher Mr. Miller to the woods because he likes owls. He could maybe tell them what kind of owl it is could tell them what kind of owl it is. Mr.Miller thought that he tricked the owls with his camera but he didn’t. Mr.Miller could be a little coo coo sometimes.

chapter 3
Chapter 3

They brought Mr.Miller to the woods. They figured out that it was a great horned owl.hat is like the biggest owl in Saskatoon. They didn’t know but crows and owls hate each other and all the crows came charging at the owl. They named the owl Wol.

chapter 4
Chapter 4

Billy got wol a friend because wol was lonely. They named the other owl weeps because he is very weepy. Wol scared the maid off. The maids name was oofy. Nobody ever saw oofy again because she just packed her bags and walked out the door without saying anything to anybody.

chapter 5
Chapter 5

Wol learned to fly but he did not ever learn to like it. Weeps didn’t ever learn to fly. Billy, Bruce, Weeps, and Wol got ready for the pet talent show. The talent show was coming up soon. They had some good costumes.

chapter 6
Chapter 6
  • Billy Bruce wol and weeps go to the pet show but billys rattle snake scared everyone away. Everyone got disappointed about the talent show. I would feel very bad if I were Billy. Because he ruined the whole thing and he did feel very bad. Everyone was disappointed about the parade.
games wol likes to play
Games Wol likes to play
  • Tail squeeze game
  • Dinner stealing game
  • He also liked stalking the old dog
chapter 7
Chapter 7

Wol got sprayed by a skunk. They tried to give him a bath but the smell would not go away. Mutt the dog got jealous of all of the other animals. Wol miss under stood and brought another skunk in for dinner the next night and the family got mad and Wol had to eat by himself in the other room. After that Wol never brought in another skunk.

chapter 8
Chapter 8

Billy and Bruce built a cave two of the toughest kids in Saskatoon came and threatened them that they were going to rune there cave. But then Wol gave a big owl hunting hoo hoo. The guys ran of screaming like little girls. They weren't going to see those boys in a while. Well hopefully not.

chapter 9
Chapter 9

Wol kept on following Bruce to school. They found away to keep Wol from following Bruce to school. They made the mom feed wol the left over bacon from that morning. The minister came to there house about Billy missing church but then wol flu in and scared the minister away. Later on in the day the mail man came but wol got out when he was still there and bit the mailman now the mail man makes them come out and get the mail.

chapter 10
Chapter 10

Wol finally learned to like flying. Wol fell out of the boat. There was a bunch of black muck at the bottom of the lake. The boat got so heavy they had to stay still as mummys. While wol was in the water.

chapter 11
Chapter 11

Billy had to move away to Toronto and he couldn't bring his pets except for mutt he could only take mutt. All of the other animals he had to bring to Bruce's fox farm when Billy was leaving the fox farm he saw Wol and Weeps fly around the fox farm. Billy said as he walked out the fence door I will come in and visit and see the owls and then he left for good it was very intense.


I give this book :

In the end of the book Billy had to move to Toronto. He also had to bring Weeps and Wol to Bruce’s fox farm. The last thing he said to the owls was goodbye old friends.