owls in the family by johnny melstrom l.
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Owls in the family by Johnny Melstrom

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Owls in the family by Johnny Melstrom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Owls in the family by Johnny Melstrom. Chapter 1. There to boys name Bruce and Billy were looking for a owl. They always but the eggs in there moths. . Chapter 2. Bruce ask Mr. miller if he wanted to. Take pictures of the great hound owl. . Chapter 3.

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chapter 1
Chapter 1
  • There to boys name Bruce and Billy were looking for a owl. They always but the eggs in there moths.
chapter 2
Chapter 2
  • Bruce ask Mr. miller if he wanted to. Take pictures of the great hound owl.
chapter 3
Chapter 3
  • Mr. miller was climbing up the tree. but when he got on a branch it snap in half. and fell on his butt Bruce and Billy where laughing.
chapter 4
Chapter 4
  • Bruce and Billy were waking home. and when they got there wol was lonely. so he was going to go make friends with the gophers. but the gophers thought wol was going to eat them. but the hid in a pile of clothes. and wol went over to look at them. but one of the gophers bit wol. in the leg Billy hid wol in his bedroom. Billy went down stairs to eat breakfast. but wol came down the stairs. but the made was coming up. they hit each other. the made fill down the stairs with wol and the made lift the house.
chapter 5
Chapter 5

It was spring time. Billy was at school. he was wondering what the owls were doing when school was over. He got on his bike and went home. When he was half way there, he made a owl noise. When he got home he went to check on the owls. When the owls were all grown up Wol looks white weeps looks like any ordinary owl. It reminds him about when Wol feel out of the tree and he spread his wings and fly.

chapter 6
Chapter 6

Bruce was the first one to now about the parade there was dogs there rattle snakes and he is going to tell Murray and Billy and they went to the parade. They saw lots of dogs and cats. And then everybody was running away from the rattlesnake and skunk.

chapter 7
Chapter 7
  • Wol is always playing games on Mutt. The dinner stilling game the bone stilling game and the pulling tall game. For dinner Wol brought a skunk in the house.
chapter 8
Chapter 8
  • Billy and Bruce had a secret cave. Wol, Weeps and Billy and the dogs played at the cave at summer time. Billy and Bruce decided to go in the water. They were having a lot of fun. Wol started to walk in the water. When he started to walk in the water, Billy and Bruce had to get him because he could have drowned. Wol was all wet and was pouting. They asked their parents if they could sleep at the cave. They asked Murray if he could come, but his parents said no. They went on a hike. They saw 7 little eggs. They watched them hatch. When they hatched, they thought Wol was their Mom.
chapter 9
Chapter 9
  • Wol thought he was a human. Wol was mostly a house owl. One day they had a visitor. It was the Minister from their church. For dinner, Wol killed a skunk. He thought it would be nice to give it to the Minister. It stunk up the whole house. The Minister ran out the door!
chapter 10
Chapter 10
  • There was a close village by Saskatoon called Dundurn. They went camping there every summer. They made a caravan with 4 wheels. It was fixed up to look like a ship. When we took the caravan, Mutt and the owls had to come along, too. When they were in the canoe, they saw crows. Wol got scared. They flew into the canoe and they leaned and the canoe tipped over.
chapter 11
Chapter 11

It was a bad spring. They had to move to Toronto. Wol and Weeps could not come to the city because they would have to be locked up in a cage and that wouldn’t be nice. He sent a message to his friend who had moved 200 miles northwest to a fox farm. Billy sent a message to ask if Wol and Weeps could stay there. The message from him came back. He said yes that’s fine and they would have lots of fun. So they drove over there. They stayed there for a night and then when the day was over, Billy said good bye to the two owls and left.


I think this book was very good I give this book 5 stars.