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Native Americans

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Native Americans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Native Americans. Where could they have come from?. Where did the early Native Americans come from?. Bering Land Bridge ( Beringia ). Kenniwick Man. Thor Hyerdahl : Ra I & Ra II. Polynesians. Bering Land Bridge or Beringia. Why is he important? 9,300 years old Features are not Indian

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Where did the early Native Americans come from?

Bering Land Bridge (Beringia)

Kenniwick Man

Thor Hyerdahl: Ra I & Ra II


Why is he important?
  • 9,300 years old
  • Features are not Indian
  • Features are not Asian
  • Features ARE Caucasian
  • Spear wound in hip
  • Found in…..

Kenniwick Man

north america migrations
North America Migrations

Bering Land Bridge


Trans-Atlantic: Boats

Asian and/or Caucasians

Trans-Pacific: Boats

Trans-Atlantic: Boats


Trans-Pacific: Boats

  • During the 1600s European powers began asserting themselves in North America.
  • Who were the main colonizers of North America?

England, Spain and France

  • Native Americans were seen as “savages” by many Europeans.
  • Generally, Europeans saw little value in Native American traditions because they were considered to be inferior.
  • What were the two main reasons for the decimation of Native Americans?

Disease and the loss of the buffalo.

pre colonial north america
Pre-Colonial North America
  • There were an estimated 10 million Native Americans living in what is now the US when the Europeans arrived.
  • Today, there are about 2.5 million Native Americans living in the US.
  • Although African Americans were allowed to vote in 1870…Native Americans didn’t get that right until 1924.
  • Tribes living on reservations are “sovereign” nations and are not subjected to obey state laws.
and then
And then…….
  • It’s a long story, but Native American culture faded as the newcomers gained control of the continent.
  • The United States government didn’t know what to do with their “Indians.”
  • Eventually all Native Americans were assimilated into white culture or placed on reservations and treated like 3rd class people.