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Native Americans

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Native Americans. Staring Hopi Indians . By Logan . The word Hopi means peas full good or wise. The Hopi were Indians who lived in the desert south west and came from the pueblo Indians but have a different language. .

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native americans

Native Americans

Staring Hopi Indians




The word Hopi means peas full good or wise. The Hopi were Indians who lived in the desert south west and came from the pueblo Indians but have a different language.


For the Hopi Indians on a wedding the husband would wear many bead necklaces.

The bride would wear what ever the husbands relatives made for them. The Hopi Indians usually wore clothes made of cotton and animal skins and their moccasins were made of cotton.


This is the kind of places that the Hopi lived in. Their homes were called pueblos. Their pueblos were made of rock cement and mud.



This is a few arrow heads the Hopi had. The red one is called a red coral arrow head. The other one is made of Livermore.

the pawnee indians
The Pawnee Indians

Another Logan



The traditional clothing of the Pawnee consisted of moccasins

made from otter skins with Buffalo skin serving as the main material for clothing. In warmer climates the men would wear loin cloths. In winter Buffalo robes and long belt leather pants were added. The men would wear a second in addition to the one which held up their loincloths. This belt would be used to hang their tomahawks, knives and guns.


This is a map of Nebraska in which the Pawnee Indians lived. They were once moved from here.

The Pawnee are also called the Paneaeesa historically lived along the patte river in what is now Nebraska.


The Pawnee Indians were a tribe that worked together and shared. Their houses were made of earth and their height was an average of 15 feet. The Pawnee Indians never wasted buffalo, buffalo was used till it wasn't useable. Buffalo hides were used to make blankets, robes, drums and shields for war.


The Shasta Indians

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Readings and healing tools located in Mount Shasta, CA. in design to the Native American Medicine Wheel and the Celtic Cross reserves, similar to the Indian Reservations in North America


That thing he's holding is a ceremonial warrior lance. That other one is a arrow quiver made of buckskin.


Animal hides were used to make clothing, which were decorated with a variety of shells and beads


Each spring new brush huts were fashioned near the mouths of creeks entering the rivers, creating numerous small villages. The men fished for salmon and hunted deer with obsidian-tipped arrows. The women and children dived for mussels and gathered berries during the summer. In August the second salmon run began, followed by acorn gathering.


The Iroquois Indian tribe.

Unfortunately the last Logan



Iroquois men wore breedcloths with long leggings. Iroquois women wore wraparound skirts with shorter leggings. Men did not originally wear shirts in Iroquois culture, but women often wore a tunic called an overdress. Iroquois people also wore moccasins on their feet and heavy robes in winter. In


The most western of Virginia's eight tribes, the Monacan Nation - over 1,400 strong - preserves our past heritage and ancient customs, bringing together the Siouan language and culture.


Comparing tribes.

Theas tribes Pawnee the Hopi the Shasta and the Monacan Indian Tribes were all very easy to find info on. Both the Pawnee and Hopi lived in hot whether. The Shasta was cold wile the Monacan Indians had hot summers and cool winters. I would say from the info I gathered that the Pawnee Indians were the most war like tribe. I would also say Hopi were most peas full.



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