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Israel’s Culture of Innovation - Renewable Energy PowerPoint Presentation
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Israel’s Culture of Innovation - Renewable Energy

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Israel’s Culture of Innovation - Renewable Energy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Israel’s Culture of Innovation - Renewable Energy
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  1. Israel’s Culture of Innovation - Renewable Energy October 2012

  2. Israel - Country ID Area: 22,000 sqkm Population: ~ 7.4 millions GDP: $201.0 Billion (2010 est.)‏ Main Cities: Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Be’er Sheva

  3. Netafim - drip (low volume) irrigation Given Imaging - Ingestible video camera Intel’s Centrino and Pentium 4 microprocessors M System’s Disk on Key and Disk on Chip flash memory GE Healthcare’s portable cardiac ultrasound system The Phillips Brilliance CT Scanner IP Telephony invented by founders of Vocal Tec AOL Instant Messenger ICQ Zip compression technology Where Breakthroughs Happen

  4. Israel’s Renewable Energy Overview

  5. Renewable Energy in Israel • “Solar energy is the largest and most impressive source of energy in our world” • David Ben Gurion 1955

  6. The GovernmentProgram • Established in 2006, the program • aims at promoting Israel’s Water and • Renewable Energy Sector • Strengthening human capital • Promoting research and development • Supporting local implementations • Increasing exports and investments World Markets Local Market HR R&D

  7. Local Market Highlights

  8. Innovation in Cleantech Two of the five winners of the GE Ecomagination Challenge 2010 for powering the grid are companies from Israel– GridON and WinFlex. Source: GE Ecomagination Challenge for powering the grid  Source: Cleantech Group 100 Publication, Oct. 2010

  9. Solar Solar Energy: • Thermal energy production • Heat-powered air conditioning • Water heaters • Photovoltaic • BIPV

  10. Wind • Wind: • Variable wind • Elastic • Compound materials • Light weight • Retrofit

  11. Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency: • Green building materials • Monitoring devices • Power-efficient lighting • Smart grid • Smart heating

  12. Bio-fuels Bio-fuels & Energy From Waste: A combination of many fields are used in order to improve commercial crops that can serve as resources for the mass production of bio-fuels. • Agricultural and animal waste • Domestic waste • Jathropha • Algae

  13. The Israel OIL-FREE Initiative Reducing World Dependence on Oil in Transportation

  14. What we will discuss: • The importance of finding alternative solutions • The current status of oil alternatives • How we plan to move away from oil • Israeli government activities

  15. Choice - The Israel Oil-Free Initiative Our Mission: • To serve as a catalyst for the reduction of global dependence on crude oil by establishing Israel as a center of knowledge and industry in the field of fuel alternatives

  16. Why must we move away from oil ?

  17. Increasing Global Oil Dependence • Global dependence on oil is due to transportation • Around 1 billion new cars will be sold by 2020 • Asia’s increasing dependence on oil from the Persian Gulf Asian oil demand VS Middle East surplus 2015 ME exports Asian imports Source: Lloyds 6/10

  18. The End of the “Cheap Oil” Era In 1900, the “price” of harvesting 100 barrels of oil was 1 barrel Today one barrel of oil nets only three in return Even if we find more oil - it’s not going to be cheap

  19. Technology Forecast forecast of economically viable alternative technologies

  20. Reality of Fuels Substitutes • There are many solutions • No gold standard • Some solutions are already economically viable • Solutions are locally based • Implementation can start now

  21. Strategy • Reducing the share of crude oil in Israel's transportation sector by 30% by 2020 and by 60% by 2025, while supporting green growth • Turning Israel into a center of knowledge and industrial best practices in the field of fuel alternatives. • Raising the world’s awareness of alternative fuels, and of activity in the field in Israel. Building global coalition of partners to the idea of innovation in transportation

  22. Activity • Building an ecosystem that will encourage all relevant players to take part • Building clusters of technologies where players work together • Being the “test bed of the world” – early adopters for alternative technologies • Aligning all government offices and agencies

  23. Goal # 1 Reduction the share of oil in the Israeli transportation sector: By 30% by the year 2020 While supporting green growth (estimated contribution to Israel GDP - 0.6% each year) By 60% by the year 2025 While supporting green growth (estimated contribution to local GDP - 1.1% each year)

  24. Reducing the Share of Oil in the Israeli Transportation Sector Expected Penetration Rate for Alternative Fuels

  25. Goal #2: Become Center of Knowledge

  26. Goal # 3: Dissemination of Israel's Vision and Expertise Throughout the World Raising the world’s awareness of the alternative fuels industry Communicate Israel’s policy in this field, and the way we build the ecosystem Present the local industry, knowledge, abilities, and the cooperation between government, research bodies, and private entities. Establishing global network of partners to support innovation in alternative fuels.

  27. Israeli Companies active in the field *Prepared by the D&A Institute

  28. Thank you