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Bat. Flying mouse. Main F a cts. Bats are the only mammals that can fly . There are about 1 100 bat species wordwide and 22 species are known in Slovak ia . Life. Bats live every w here except Antarctica and Arctic They sleep during the day – they are nocturnal creatures

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  1. Bat Flyingmouse

  2. Main Facts • Bats are the onlymammalsthatcanfly. • There are about 1 100 batspecieswordwide and 22 species are known in Slovakia.

  3. Life • BatsliveeverywhereexceptAntarctica and Arctic • Theysleepduring theday–they are nocturnalcreatures • Theyhibernate in thewinter and their body temperaturecangodown on thetemperatureoftheirshelter.

  4. Life • Bats live in large groups of up to 100 animals. • They have developed complexof social behaviour. • Femalebreedsonelittlebatyearly in thespring . • Littlebatsingularizes and lives on itsownafter 2 monthfrombirth. • Theycanlivefor over 20 years.

  5. Food and drink • 70% ofbatseatinsect or fruit, onlyfewspeciessuckbloodofmammals or birds. • Batisable to consume one third of its body weight in insect each night, and several hundred insect in a few hours. • Whenthey are youngthey drink breastmilk, and whentheygrowup, they drink watter.

  6. Instincts • They are notblindbuttheydon’t seeverywell. • Somespecies are able to detectultravioletlight. • They also have a high quality sense of smell and hearing. • Theyuseecholocation to localize and classify their prey in complete darkness.

  7. Interestingfacts • Thesmallestbat on theEarthisKitti's Hog–nosedBad • Lengthis 29-33 mm • Widthfromwing to wingis 16 mm • Weightis 2 grams • ThebiggestbatisGiantGolden-crownedFlying-fox • It has a wing span of 1.5 m

  8. VampireBats • There are 3 speciesofbatswhich drink blood (twospecies drink bloodofmammals and thirddrinksbird's blood). • Theylive in Mexico, Chille, Argentina, Brasil and USA • They bite their victimswiththeirsharpteethandreleasedazingpoison. And thentheysuckandsuckandsuck...

  9. Mythology • Bats are associatedwithvampiresand vampires are associatedwithDracula. • And ofcourse more modernhero: Batman! • In someculturesbatsbringhappines and luck, in someother culturestheybringdiseases and death.

  10. Ivana Monková 2.B Thankyouforyourattention

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