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Vampire Bat

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A vampire bat has fangs which is how it sucks the blood of mammals and birds . It also looks like a pig and has large pointy ears. Vampire bats live longer in captivity than in the rainforest.

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vampire bat

A vampire bat has fangs which is how it sucks the blood of mammals and birds . It also looks like a pig and has large pointy ears.

  • Vampire bats live longer in captivity than in the rainforest.
  • Vampire bats have rabies so farmers try to kill them because rabies can affect both humans and cattle.
Vampire Bat

Tropical and subtropical of Central and South America.

Allison Henry

the sumatran rhino

The Sumatran Rhino lives in the thick undergrowth.

  • The Sumatran Rhino survives in groups.
  • The Sumatran Rhino is the smallest rhino.
  • The Sumatran Rhino is a gray-brown color.
The SumatranRhino

The Thick Undergrowth

By: Amelia Kate Goodsell

jambu fruit dove

The Fruit Doves feathers are very soft as well as colorful. I has feathers that come out easy and make it hard to catch.

  • Like other birds males have brighter feathers than the females but both male and female fruit doves feathers are great for camouflage.
  • Both of the fruit doves parents feeds its baby dove milk.
Jambu Fruit Dove

The canopy

Andersyn Jones

toco toucan

My animal is the largest toucan.

  • My animal eats fruits, seeds, insects, spiders, and other birds eggs.
  • My animal can grow to about 26 inches and weigh to about 17ounces.
Toco Toucan

The Toco Toucan lives the rainforest in South America at Brazil.

Anthony Damon

red shanked douc l angur

The red shanked douc langur looks like a potbellied man wearing a gray shirt and black pants.

  • The red shanked douc langur is a long slender monkey.
  • Males weigh approximately 7 kg and females 5 kg. There tails are about 56-76 cm long.
Red shanked Douc Langur

Southeast Asian Countries.

Ashton Joiner Phelps


There are more than two species of Elephants.

  • Today only 500,000 elephants in Africa.
  • Forest elephants are smaller than Savanna elephants so they can move around more easily.

Forest floor

+Baylor Wroblewski

proboscis monkey

The proboscis monkey is a large species, being one of the largest monkey species native to Asia.

  • The proboscis monkey eats primarily fruit and leaves.
  • Proboscis monkeys generally live in groups composed of one adult male, some adult females and their offspring.
Proboscis Monkey

My animal lives in Kalimantan Sarawak Bruneiand

Caitlin Davis

linn s sloth

It is a very slow animal.

  • It has algae growing on it’s fur that gives it nutrients and camouflage.
  • It can live to be up to thirty years old.
  • It does everything in the canopy.
Linn’s Sloth

It lives in the layer of the canopy.

Cate Donnelly

slender loris

The Slender Loris is a nocturnal animal.

  • It is the size of a chipmunk , but with long thin pencil like arms.
  • It is 6-10 inches.
  • The Slender Loris sleep in branches or hollow trees.
  • It lives in the Under story and the canopy.
      • By:Charlotte Wilkins
Slender Loris

My animal lives in India.

By Charlotte Wilkins

wagler s pit viper

Their venom could cause death to people and other animals.

  • The name pit viper comes from their heat- sensing
Wagler’s Pit Viper

In the Understory layer of the rainforest

Colin Shank

toco t oucan

Their bills are hard and sharp, but they are also thin and light.

  • Their bills are important because they help to scare away predators.
  • In the Amazon stronger toucan species defend and protect the best fruit against other birds.

It lives in the Amazon Forest in the trees.

David Ceron

king cobra

It is venomouse.

  • It can grow 18ft. In lenth.
  • It eats anything it can swallow whole, lizards, eggs, and other snakes.
King Cobra

By Evan Mowrey

Africa and South East Asia

red eye tree frog

Red eye tree frogs are not poisonous and rely on camouflage.

  • They use their red beady eyes to scare predators.
  • They have red eyes and don’t migrate.
Red Eye Tree Frog

Northern Costa Rica

Gabriel Smith


Chimpanzees are social animals.

  • They live in small groups called communities.
  • Chimpanzees are very intelligent and can learn.

In the forest edges and clearings.


proboscis monkey1

The Proboscis Monkey got it name from a large fleshy nose.

  • They have reddish-brown fur on their back and shoulders the ends at midsection.
  • Proboscis Monkeys give birth to one baby at a time.
Proboscis Monkey

Lowland rainforests

Grace Eatz

golden lion tamarin

The Golden Lion Tamarin is one of the most endangered mamals in the world.

  • My animal gets Lion from it’s stawberry blond mane.
  • It can jump fifteen FT. from tree to tree.
Golden Lion Tamarin.

My animal lives in The Amozon rain forest.

Grace Wallace

harpy eagle

Harpy Eaglessend out an alarm screech that all of the animals freeze in terror.

  • Adult Harpy Eagles wing span is about 7 feet wide they easily twist and turn through trees.
  • The Harpy Eagle only raise up to one chick every two through 3 years.
Harpy Eagle

In a tree in a rain forest.

Grant Erie

bengal tiger

The Bengal Tiger is a beautiful that lives in Asia and The base color is orange and brown.

  • The Bengal Tiger weighs about pounds.
  • In the year 1900 there were 50,000 tigers , now there
  • Are
Bengal Tiger

Fosestfloor and Asia

Josie LeCompte

jumba fruit dove

It has a wing span of 3 to 6 inches long.

  • Both parents help raise the baby.
  • 2nd forest growth of the rainforest
Jumba fruit dove

It lives in Thailand and Malaya.

Kyle Patterson

bengal tiger1

One hundred years ago there used to be about 60,000 Bengal Tigers. Now there are as few as 4,500 Bengal Tigers.

  • Some tiger bones are used in medicine.
  • They are in danger because humans have been killing tigers for clothes, jewelry and decorations.
Bengal Tiger.

Forests floor Mostly in the Himalayas and its surronding forest.

Laura Nicolosi

king cobra1

The King Cobra can grow up to 12-18 feet long.

  • The King Cobra is the only snake that builds a nest and guards it until the eggs hatch.
  • The King Cobra can lay 18 to 50 eggs.
King Cobra

At the bottom of the rainforest.

Lucas Barquin


Kinkajous sometimes are called honey bears because they raid bees’ nests.

  • Kinkajous also eat fruit and small mammals.
  • Kinkajous give birth in the summer or spring.


  • Lucy Lynn Hassinger
golden lion tamarin1

They like to eat fruits,incects,and small vertabrates.

  • Usually twins are born.
  • The father and siblings share in rering
  • About 1,500 Golden lion tamerinen live in the wild
Golden lion tamarin

It lives in lowland and costal rain forests

Luis Chavarria


Elephants have two types of species, Africa savanna and Asian elephants.

  • Their trucks sometimes get stuck under bushes and vines.
  • Elephants habitat can be 2,000 square kilovmters.

Dense forest

Martyna Henry

common palm civet

The Common Palm Civet weighs 7 lbs.

  • It’s body length is 21 inches.
  • Also it primary food source is fruit.
  • It also has a tail 19 inches long.
Common palm civet

It lives in the understory layer.

Matthew Ristau

poison dart frog

This frog has poison in its skin that is bad for humans.

  • This frog grows no bigger than 2 inches.
  • This frog has many colors like blue red green orange and yellow.
Poison Dart Frog

The Understory

Patrick wood

slender loris1

They prefer thick thorny vegetation wherein they can easily escape predators.

  • Most of them are the size of a chimpmunk with long pencil thin arms and legs.
  • Natve people believed that they have special medical or magcial powers.
Slender loris

Ryan Cole


Orangutans arms stretch out longer than their bodies.

  • Orangutans can only live up to 50 years.
  • Orangutans like to eat soap and it does not upset their stumack

Rain Forest of Borne and Sumatra.

Vica R