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Digitization Projects:. Internal Development vs. Outsourcing Production or D.I.Y. vs. The Pros. Do It Yourself - F&M In 2001/02, the F&M Library was interested in creating its first digital collection.

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Digitization projects

Digitization Projects:

Internal Development vs. Outsourcing Productionor D.I.Y. vs. The Pros

Project motivations

Do It Yourself - F&M

In 2001/02, the F&M Library was interested in creating its first digital collection.

The 2002 LSTA grant application provided the catalyst to conceptualize (and potentially fund) the library’s first digital project!

The Pros - Olive

In 2003/4, the College Archives was interested in digitizing the F&M student newspaper to increase access and ensure ongoing preservation.

Olive software provided the means to achieve these goals, and create a keyword searchable index for the first time.

Project Motivations

Project scope

Do It Yourself - F&M

Digitize 325 pieces (644 pages) of military and family correspondence from the Reynolds Family Papers.

Digital content managed with Cumulus software and hosted on the F&M library web server.

The Pros - Olive

Digitize and OCR 14 years (1987-2001) of the F&M student newspaper, The College Reporter.

Scan 6 reels of 35mm microfilm and perform Olive distillation and processing (5,510 pages)

OCLC to host Olive data and web interface for three years.

Project Scope

Project funding

Do It Yourself - F&M

Initial project funded through 2002 Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant award of $15,000.

F&M contributed $4,000 in indirect costs for professional conservation of letters, and participation in the Digital Training Workshop, Cornell Univ.

The Pros - Olive

Initial project fees funded through the Friends of the Library and the office of former F&M president Richard Kneedler.

Ongoing storage fees absorbed into Electronic Resources annual budget cycle.

Project Funding

Project staffing

Do It Yourself - F&M

F&M Archives and Special Collections:1 administrator, 3 technicians

LSTA granting agency:1 administrator

Total 5 (F&M 4, Other 1)

The Pros - Olive

F&M Archives and Special Collections:1 administrator

OCLC Preservation Service Centers:1 administrator, 3 technicians

OCLC Digital and Preservation Solutions:2 administrators, 2 technicians

Total 9 (F&M 1, Other 8)

Project Staffing

Project technology

Do It Yourself - F&M

Epson 1660 Scanner with Epson Smart Panel driver software.

Powerbook G4 Laptop

Cumulus 5.5 Single User Edition image management software.

Microsoft Word (MS Office 2000)

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

The Pros - Olive

Scanning and PipeX distillation of all newspaper images.

ActivePaperArchive created and sent to OCLC Olive Hosting, Dublin, Ohio.

Olive web interface customized for F&M.

All image files and metadata recorded on to DVD and shipped to F&M.

Project Technology

Project initial costs

Do It Yourself - F&M

Grant Equipment and Supplies$7,721.90

Grant Staff (part-time)$3,249.00

Total - $10,970.90

The Pros - Olive

Scanning and Distillation of 5,510 pages$7,052.80

Olive Hosting for 3 years ($.10 per page)$1,653.00 + $1,000 set up fee.

Other Charges (DVDs, shipping, etc.)$55.00

Total - $9,760.80

Project Initial Costs

Project maintenance

Do It Yourself - F&M

Windows 2000 Server maintenance, security, and upgrades.

Web interface maintenance and statistics.

The Pros - Olive

Virtually no maintenance

Olive Hosting contracts, invoices, etc.

Project Maintenance

Project ongoing costs

Do It Yourself - F&M

Virtually no short-term ongoing costs, standard server and software upgrades.

Note: potential long-term costs in migrating content and images to another system.

The Pros - Olive

Olive Hosting fee of $.10 per page. For the F&M newspaper, a cost of $551per year for current content (1987-2001).

Hosting fees will increase as new content is added.

Project Ongoing Costs

Project timelines

Do It Yourself - F&M

LSTA grant monies received September 2002.

Quarterly grant progress reports due Sept 2002, Dec 2002, and March 2003.

Project finished May 31, 2003.

Final grant report submitted June 2003.

Total - 9 months

The Pros - Olive

OCLC quote sent to F&M in January 2004.

F&M microfilm scanned in February 2004.

ActivePaperArchiveproduced and sent to Dublin, Ohio in April 2004.

Olive Hosting of F&M content and web interface established in May 2004.

Total - 5 months

Project Timelines

Project conclusions d i y

Benefits to D.I.Y.

More control of project staff, procedures, timeline, final web interface.

Little to no ongoing costs, contracts, or invoicing.

Once completed, technical infrastructure in place for future D.I.Y. projects.

Driver vs. Passenger

Challenges to D.I.Y.

Greater technical proficiency needed.

Hiring and training of project staff.

Available space and technical infrastructure to support “scanning shop.”

Ongoing web server maintenance and security.

Project Conclusions - D.I.Y.

Project conclusions the pros

Benefits to Outsourcing

Very quick from start to finished product.

Very little institutional staff needed.

Only cursory technical knowledge needed.

Standardization of scanning technologies, file types, web interfaces, etc.

Passenger vs. Driver

Challenges to Outsourcing

Potential vendor instability, price increases.

Less control of project details, timeline, final web interface.

Can cost more than D.I.Y., especially storage and licensing costs over time.

Project Conclusions - The Pros

Future projects

Do It Yourself - F&M

F&M will serve as a pilot institution for the new OCLC Content Cooperative Project.

The project will explore a new method of uploading digital content directly into WorldCat using the Connexion cataloging tool.

The Pros - Olive

F&M has digitized the next 22 years (1964-1986) of The College Reporter, and will make the expanded collection available to the public in December 2005.

Future Projects

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