Why Land as an Investment ?
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Why Land as an Investment ?. =. Simply Because:. Real Estate is the safest type of Investment. Simply Because:. Land is a solid and tangible asset. Simply Because:. You can benefit from 2 sources: Capital Growth & Planning Permission. Simply Because:.

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Simply Because:

  • Real Estate is the safest type of Investment.

Simply Because:

  • Land is a solid and tangible asset.

Simply Because:

  • You can benefit from 2 sources:

  • Capital Growth

  • &

  • Planning Permission

Simply Because:

  • Land has increased by 926% in the UK in the last 20 years…! (source BBC)

  • Which represents an average Capital Growth of 12.34% per year!

BBC reported on Thursday, 16 September, 2004, 05:22 GMT 06:22 UK :

If you want to read this article go to: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/3661334.stm

Source: BBC

Simply Because:

  • UK is going through an acute housing crisis and demand for new homes will keep growing and growing, pushing prices higher and higher. John Prescott (Deputy Prime Minister and First Secretary of State announced recently plans for 1.4 million new homes by 2016 around Milton Keynes, Cambridge and Thames corridor.

Simply Because:

“Government plans to build nearly 500,000 homes in eastern counties were approved by a regional assembly.

The planning panel of the East of England Regional Assembly gave the go-ahead to proposals for 478,000 extra homes. The aim is to build them in a corridor between Stansted in Essex and Peterborough over the next 17 years.”

(The Journal, 16th October 2004)

Simply Because:

“Under the scheme, 23,900 homes a year would be constructed in the region. The bulk are earmarked for Essex, but tens of thousands are also due to be built in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.”

(Independent 16th October 2004)

Simply Because:

“The country is in a grip of a housing crises so severe that doing nothing is no longer an option. Yes, we need more housing.’ Jim Coulter, Chairman, National Housing Federation.”

(BBC News Online, 15th October 2004)

“Government proposals to build nearly 500,000 new homes in Eastern England were approved by regional planners yesterday… It is planned that about 60 percent of the new development will take place on brown field sites that are already used for housing, but the rest would be built on Greenfield undeveloped land.”

(The Times, 16th October)

Simply Because:

  • All plots benefit from an excellent location, being closed to main transportation lines and amenities.

  • Worst Scenario: Planning Permission is NOT granted… But you still benefit from Capital Growth of at least 10% per year (current year to date is 15%)

  • Best Case Scenario: Planning Permission IS granted… and your property has the potential of increasing in price UP TO 10 TIMES !

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