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The American Taxpayers Party

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A unity for both Republicans and Democrats in America. The American Taxpayers Party. Are the decisions that go on in Washington really what is best for us?. It’s your $$$$ ,. Where it goes?. Shouldn’t you have a say in. Brief History. Was formed in 1992 by Howard Phillips.

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the american taxpayers party

A unity for both Republicans and Democrats in America

The American Taxpayers Party

Are the decisions that go on in Washington really what is best for us?

It’s your $$$$,

Where it goes?

Shouldn’t you have a say in

brief history
Brief History

Was formed in 1992 by Howard Phillips

Phillips founded the U.S. Taxpayers party as an alternative for conservatives disenchanted with the Republican party

In 1999, the party changed their name to the constitution party.

2006, Rick Jore of Montana became the first Constitution Party candidate elected to a state-level office.

U.S. senator Bob Smith announced his switch from Republican to the U.S. Taxpayers Party in 1999 to seek its 2000 presidential nomination

In 2008, candidate for the Republican nomination, Representative Ron Paul, after dropping out of the race endorsed 2008 Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin

At one point, The constitution Party was the third largest political party.


Although many candidates are running for office, their party has no one in the senate and no one in the house of representatives.

The Constitution Party of Wisconsin officially announced the candidacy of Robert Taylor for US Senate for the 2010 race against Russ Feingold.

The CPoW (Constitutional Party of Wisconsin is working on getting members elected into local and state levels to gain experience.


Brotherhood of Nations Program- a radical new approach to bringing about world peace

Enjoy the White House program- There are many bedrooms/ bathrooms in the white house. In this program, They will be used to reward the taxpayer by staying in the white house on an all expenses paid one week trip. Each week approximately ten families from a particular state - their names to be drawn through a lottery system of registered voters. The idea behind this program is not only to reward American Taxpayers for putting up with the federal government, but it is meant to allow many to see Washington from the inside (the tours will take them inside the government).


The big deal program- a plan to completely develop the southern border area of the U.S. from the Pacific ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. This border stretches some 1500 miles. At the heart of the plan is the placement of military bases and outposts along the entire border. Includes a border around California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. It's primary goal is to provide a long term, permanent solution to the border security problem.

The meet and vote program- Lets the American Taxpayers be in charge of the government decisions, It works by choosing an issue, Meeting about the issue (nationally televised debates), and voting on the issue (majority rule)

the constitution party believes
The Constitution Party believes..
  • The government has corruption on both sides and Washington is not listening to the American public.
  • The Taxpayers should make important decisions because after all, they are the general public.
  • You can still be a Democrat or Republican but believe in getting you voice heard.
  • The people of America should be the ones making the laws and officials should be the ones that make it happen.
how they plan to execute putting the american people in charge
How They Plan to Execute Putting The American People in Charge

They have a plan called the “meet and vote” program which enables the American to call in and participate to vote on important issues.

They believe the public should be in charge and our representatives should carry out our agendas instead of their own.

“..government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” – Abraham Lincoln

here s some of their view on important topics
Here’s some of their view on important topics…

Thinks women should stay home and men go to war.


They don’t permit illegal immigration.

Believes Washington is wasting the money they gain from taxes on pointless projects.

They believe in the death penalty.

Does not believe in a socialist healthcare system.

Believe in the right to bear arms.

Wants to bring troops home from Iraq.

Believes Public school systems need to be evaluated an re-designed.

Believes in bringing jobs back home to America.

Thinks minimum wage needs to be re-evaluated.

what makes them different
What makes them different?

The constitution party makes government seem like a cruel and corrupt system. They say that both sides of the government are corrupt & that they can make a change. They want to put the American people in charge by a program called meet and vote. They believe that elected officials should be the ones to carry out the actions that the people decide on, not the other way around. They believe in staying as close to the constitution as possible. They believe that our founding fathers made the best plan for America and that we should do our best to abide by it.