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Samsung Digital Signage PowerPoint Presentation
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Samsung Digital Signage

Samsung Digital Signage

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Samsung Digital Signage

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  1. Samsung Digital Signage Introducing MagicInfo Lite

  2. Introduction to MagicInfo • What is Samsung MagicInfo? • Samsung MagicInfo is a software and hardware system within specialized network compatible LCD monitors, allowing transmission of media and office files via TCP/IP, from a server with installed MagicInfo software. • MagicInfo consists of two parts: • The MagicInfo Player software installed onto the Samsung LCD display. • MagicInfo Server software to be installed on a networked PC, supplied by the user. Media and Office Files via TCP/IP Display with MagicInfo Computer with MagicInfo Server

  3. Without MagicInfo With MagicInfo MagicInfo Client 2 MagicInfo Client 1 MagicInfo Client 3 PC+ Monitor PC+ Monitor LAN LAN PC+ Monitor PC+ Monitor MagicInfo Client 4 MagicInfo Client 5 MagicInfo Server PC PC+ Monitor Multiple displays with a computer connected to each unit. Multiple displays with a single computer connected by MagicInfo I Premium Introduction to MagicInfo • What MagicInfo Does: • MagicInfo offers a cost effective solution for a multi display digital signage network. • It removes the need to integrate a separate PC/player into the display system. • It eliminates dealing with multiple sources and signal distribution. • MagicInfo provides easy content scheduling, power on/off, and remote control by the server PC. • MagicInfo features a simple configuration through a LAN or Internet

  4. Introducing MagicInfo Lite

  5. Introducing MagicInfo Lite MagicInfo Lite is Samsung’s entry level digital signage software. Included with every MD, ME, DE, and UE series display, is an onboard media player. This player, while not as powerful as a full dedicated PC, offers complete basic digital signage functionality, at no additional cost.

  6. MagicInfo Lite Player The onboard MagicInfo Lite Player allows you to play specific types of content files, either on demand, or according to a basic schedule. The player is equipped with an onboard USB port, for connecting flash drives or supported Samsung wireless adapters. Content can be played directly from an attached USB drive, or from internal memory.

  7. MagicInfo Lite Player • USB Auto Play • The MagicInfo Lite Player allows you to play content automatically off a connected USB drive. • Content will play in alphabetical order, from a folder named “MagicInfoSlide”, when USB AutoPlay is selected from the on screen menu.

  8. MagicInfo Lite Player MagicInfo Lite supports creation of basic schedules directly on the display, through on screen menus, using the IR remote control.

  9. The MagicInfo Lite Network The MagicInfo Lite Player also provides the ability to build a networked signage system. You can create up to a 25 display network, utilizing standard Ethernet or wireless networking (WIS09ABGN, WIS09ABGN2 or WIS10ABGN - sold separately) The MagicInfo Lite Player connects to the MagicInfo Lite server software, installed on a user supplied PC. The displays can be located on the same network as the server, or on different networks, connected via the Internet.

  10. The MagicInfo Lite Network The MagicInfo Lite server can be accessed and controlled from any PC with a standard web browser that has IP visibility of the server PC over the network or Internet.

  11. MagicInfo Lite Content Pictures (JPG) Video Files PPT ( ~2007 ) animation effectsand some Flash 10.1 languages are not supported MagicInfo Lite supports the following content file types, displayed only in full screen:

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