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Digital Signage PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

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Digital Signage

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  1. Digital Signage

  2. In an era of competition. Marketing Communications And presenting information to the target audience , it is a factor which is particularly important as the various media used in such a process has multiple formats.

  3. And more modern . One of our media , people are frequently found in everyday life . And gradually increased in this era would be inevitable . Media called the "Digital Signage".

  4. Digital Signage has been put into use in the business or organization . For the purpose of the three major reasons to create name or brand , communications and information , and increase sales and revenue. For this reason, the importance of this medium as well , it is.

  5. Strategies to attract the attention of your target audience. And how to communicate important messages(Key Message) to audience needs. However, we find that this form of presentation of the Digital Signage used in the present is hardly different at all.

  6. Most are simply presenting text, still images , animation, or video releases to audiences.

  7. Digital Signage have 2 types. 1. Standalone System format Media player is a system that is running each separately . Therefore, in the control of Media player in that system. One machine to do And updating the Content in the Media player requires the copy data from Computer to Memory card or Flash drive then update to the Media player that another system of this type will invest less.

  8. Digital Signage have 2 types. But will encounter difficulty in use , take a long time to update the Content at a time , and to maintain and upgrade software or firmware of the device is difficult because it takes care of your Media player individually.

  9. Digital Signage have 2 types. 2.Distributed System is a system that transfers information to the Media server via Network types , whether LAN, WAN, 3G or other Media server to send data anywhere . Media player will then send the data to the data on the memory and put it up on the display monitor connected .

  10. Digital Signage have 2 types. Then connected again This approach relies on a system Network between Client and Server as well as rely on the Content Management System (CMS) to help in the management of the Content that is stored on the Server and control the supply of information to the Client with.

  11. Digital Signage have 2 types. therefore, these types of systems , users can easily control and manage and update Content and Content to Media player quickly.

  12. The present have Cloud computing technology to help replace the Media server, the service provider Digital Signage today turned to a Distributed system is a Cloud service or Software as a Service(SaaS) more. However, what makes the Distributed System not as prevalent as it is derived from the price of a Media player, which makes the system price is higher up on the Media Player to rise.

  13. Highlights of Digital Signage 1. Cost and Time Savings.Digital Signage can save cost and time to print and change the bulletin boards . If you need to make a change often.

  14. Highlights of Digital Signage 2. To attract attention (LOOK AT ME!).for stores or Showroom are want to create interest to customers. Passes to visit the special instructions. Special discount on your order. Information on creating a buying decision faster compared. public relations. Format is very worthwhile.

  15. Highlights of Digital Signage 3.Quick, Easy Content Updates.For multiple branches businesses or the several publicity. Digital Signage manage a network computer inside a LAN, WAN or INTERNET by management, without having to travel to the location is install equipment to control and customize the display in advance. Easily accommodate a proposed news release instant .

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