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Samsung Digital Signage PowerPoint Presentation
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Samsung Digital Signage

Samsung Digital Signage

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Samsung Digital Signage

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  1. Samsung Digital Signage Introducing MagicInfo Premium

  2. The MagicInfo Concept Media Files via TCP/IP Display with MagicInfo User PC with MagicInfo Server • What is Samsung MagicInfo? • Samsung MagicInfo is a software and hardware system within specialized network compatible LFDs, allowing transmission of media and office files via TCP/IP, from a server with installed MagicInfo software. • MagicInfo consists of two parts: • The MagicInfo player software installed onto the Samsung SSP enabled LFD or PC module. • MagicInfo server software to be installed on a networked Windows PC, supplied by the user.

  3. The Benefit of MagicInfo Without MagicInfo With MagicInfo MagicInfo LFD 2 MagicInfo LFD 3 MagicInfo LFD 1 LAN Media Player + Display Media Player + Display Media Player + Display LAN LAN Server PC MagicInfo LFD 4 MagicInfo Server PC MagicInfo LFD 5 Media Player + Display Media Player + Display MagicInfo offers a cost effective solution for a multi-display digital signage network. It removes the need to integrate a separate media player into the display system. It eliminates dealing with multiple sources and/or signal distribution. MagicInfo provides easy content scheduling, power on/off, and remote control by the server PC. MagicInfo features a simple configuration through a LAN or Internet

  4. Introducing MagicInfo Premium

  5. Introducing MagicInfo Premium MagicInfo Premium is the most powerful development in Samsung’s digital signage software family Building on the foundations of earlier MagicInfo software versions, Premium is a completely redesigned software solution, built to deliver a true enterprise class capability. MagicInfo Premium is intended to perform against other mainstream digital signage software packages, by offering a complete set of tools, including playback reporting and database integration. The scale of MagicInfo Premium networks is no longer limited. Premium is capable of addressing up to 500 displays, on a single server, across a network spanning as many sites as desired.

  6. The MagicInfo Premium Process The user creates content, by either taking existing files, and uploading them to the server, or building them into a dynamic layout using the MagicInfo Premium Author. The user then can utilize the web based interface provided by the server to manage the uploaded content, and assign it to various basic layouts and schedules. Schedules are then assigned to MagicInfo Premium displays, and the server publishes them over the network, or via the web, to the display’s local hard drive. The MagicInfo Premium Player software then begins playback of the scheduled content.

  7. The MagicInfo Premium Server The MagicInfo Premium Server is a web-based software tool that manages and controls content and devices, allowing the user to organize and publish content. The user accesses this software from a web browser, connecting to the user supplied server PCover a network or the Internet. Because the system is designed to be web based, a user can connect to the server and interact with it remotely. MagicInfo Premium Server supports up to 500 displays on a single server, across multiple sites, with multiple users, and does so simultaneously.

  8. The MagicInfo Premium Author The user can control the basic functions of MagicInfo Premium from the web interface. The MagicInfo Premium Author is a tool that goes beyond the basic functions, installed locally on the users PC, that provides the ability to create dynamic multi-zone templates and complex layouts.

  9. The MagicInfo Premium Player The MagicInfo Premium Player is the client application that communicates with the server and plays published content assigned by the server. The MagicInfo Premium Player is installed on the Samsung LFD PC module.

  10. The MagicInfo Premium Network MagicInfo LFD 2 MagicInfo LFD 3 MagicInfo LFD 1 LAN MagicInfo LFD 4 MagicInfo Server PC MagicInfo LFD 5 The MagicInfo Premium system is designed to be operated over a network. This is done on a local network, or LAN, via TCP/IP. One or more MagicInfo Premium displays are connected to the network, along with a user supplied PC, that has the MagicInfo Premium Server installed. This software is a web server utility, containing all necessary components, and provides the user interface via web page to users connected to the network, from their own PCs using a web browser. Displays receive commands, content, and schedules from the server, over the LAN. All content and schedules are stored on the server PC. Multiple users can access the server at the same time. Multiple displays can be on the same network, and each is independent.

  11. The MagicInfo Premium Network Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 MagicInfo Premium Server Manage Schedule Manage Content Control Displays MagicInfo Premium also offers the ability to control multiple MagicInfo systems from a single point, and tie them together into one larger MagicInfo network across multiple sites. This requires the use of an internet connection at each site, with the internet connecting the master MagicInfo Premium server to issue all control, scheduling, and content. Users at each site can connect to, and control, the server software user interface from their local PCs.

  12. MagicInfo Premium Content • Samsung MagicInfo Premium is designed to allow the user to show files from the networked MagicInfo Premium server PC onto the MagicInfo Premium LFD, as well as using them in the creation of templates using the Author tool. • MagicInfo Premium allows the use of several types of files: • Photos and Image files • Music (audio) files • Movie (video) files • Office/HTML files • Adobe Flash and PDF files • Live and saved web pages in HTML • RSS feeds • External inputs

  13. MagicInfo Premium Content • Samsung MagicInfo Premium supports many file formats:

  14. MagicInfo Premium Content • Additional codecs and readers may be required for certain video, audio, and office file types. • These codecs and viewers are usually available for free online. • These codecs and readers may be installed on the MagicInfo Premium display as needed, in the same manner as they would be installed on a PC. • Examples: • To play a DIVX based video file, the user would need to install the proper DIVX codec on the display prior to use. • To view an Adobe Acrobat PDF document, the user would need to download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. • To view a Microsoft PowerPoint file, the user would need to download and install the PowerPoint 2007 viewer software.

  15. MagicInfo Premium USB Publishing Design screen template Create content schedule Save schedule to USB Copy to display or play directly from USB There are some applications where a network to connect the Samsung LFD and a server PC is not possible. In those instances, the user can make use of the USB publishing feature of MagicInfo Premium. A template is created in MagicInfo Premium Author, and saved to the user’s PC. The Author tool comes with a scheduling utility, and a schedule can be created there, using both the templates from Author, and other media files, and published to a local USB drive. Plugging that USB drive into a MagicInfo Premium display will cause the display to play back the content according to the schedule on the drive.

  16. MagicInfo Premium Server Specifications • Server PC Requirements • Hardware • CPU: Dual Core 2.5 GHz or greater • RAM: 2 GB or greater • HDD: 200 GB or greater • Software • Internet Explorer 7 / 8 / 9 • Firefox • Chrome • System • Windows 2003 • Windows XP Professional SP3 • Windows Vista • Windows 7 Professional • Windows Server 2008 • Windows 8 Professional

  17. Samsung MagicInfo Premium Displays • There are three types of Samsung MagicInfo Premium capable displays: • Set Back Box (SBB-C) compatible displays • These displays have a mount on the back of the LFD chassis to mount the SBB-C external PC module at any time. • Connects with DP-DVI cable to DVI input of LFD, requires separate power. • Compatible with the MD, ME (32-55”), PE, UE, and UD series displays. • Plug in Module (PIM) compatible displays • These displays have a connector on the back for Samsung’s OPS adapter frame and OPS PIM PC module (bundled together, frame is not available separately). • No cables are required, power and data are sent via PIM connector. • Compatible with ED64C and ED75C, ME75C, PE and LE series.

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