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Digital Signage Made Simple MagicBox Digital Signage Solutions VP , Digital Signage Business

Digital Signage Made Simple MagicBox Digital Signage Solutions VP , Digital Signage Business. Digital Signage Applications. Corporate Education Healthcare Hospitality Retail/Shopping Mall Restaurant Manufacturing Facility Sports Venue/Stadium Entertainment/Casino Conference center.

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Digital Signage Made Simple MagicBox Digital Signage Solutions VP , Digital Signage Business

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  1. Digital Signage Made Simple MagicBox Digital Signage Solutions VP, Digital Signage Business

  2. Digital Signage Applications Corporate Education Healthcare Hospitality Retail/Shopping Mall Restaurant Manufacturing Facility Sports Venue/Stadium Entertainment/Casino Conference center

  3. MagicBox Digital Signage System • Making Digital Signage SIMPLE • MagicBox products: Media players & Management software • Media Players • “Aavelin” AV100, AV200, AV500, AV800, AV800V, AV1080 • Management Software Applications • For managing content, layouts, projects, players, users, upgrade, log, etc. • 3 options for Management Software: • Desktop Application – Composer for Windows (XP, Vista, 7) • Web based application – WebSuitefor Software as a Service (SaaS)* • On-Premise Server application – Entry Level Server (ELS)*

  4. Software Products for Content Creation and Management Composer – content creation and management software. Desktop or Web. EZ-Stream – Automatically incorporate data from a variety of data sources. Display meeting times, event schedules, menu items, or call center statistics. E-Blast – Create content OnDemand. Push messages quickly to any media player for immediate display.

  5. Hardware Media Players for any Need Aavelin Café – -Economical -720p -SD Video -2 Crawls AavelinSignmate – -Adds Flash -HD Video -4 Crawl regions -Video pass-thru, option. Aavelin 1080P - -Heavy Duty 2U rack mount chassis -4 Video Inputs

  6. Aavelin SignMate Embedded Motherboard Design 1080P DVI & VGA Power Outage -- will automatically reboot 2 Video Inputs, 2 Audio

  7. Aavelin 1080 Rackmount Heavy Duty Rack Case Embedded Motherboard 1080 DVI-D & VGA Power Outage -- will automatically reboot 4 Video Inputs, 3 audio

  8. MagicBox WebSuite: Cloud SaaS & On-Premise Server • Cloud hosted SaaS Option • Self hosted on-premise Server Option • Access from any web connection • Manage signage network from multiple remote locations. • Access from anywhere you’re connected to this server. • On your own network.

  9. MagicBox WebSuiteSaaS • Cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) model • Scalable up to 100+ Players • License per player per year • Each Player—2 User licenses • Reduce overhead costs by eliminating server infrastructure • EXAMPLE CUSTOMER—Life Care Assisted Living

  10. MagicBox WebSuite ELS (Entry Level Server) • Self hosted, on-premise Server • Supports up to 25 players (upgradable) • Dedicated storage for media assets • Unlimited number of user accounts • No recurring costs • EXAMPLE CUSTOMER: St. Christophers Hospital

  11. MagicBox WebSuite: Content Transfer methods to Players Pull Method Push Method • This method lets users automatically send content at user specified intervals from WebSuite to the media player • This method lets users manually send content right away from WebSuite to the media player WebSuite (SaaS or ELS) WebSuite (SaaS or ELS) 1 2 Media Player 1 Media Player 1 1 2 Computer accessing WebSuite & Players 2 Computer accessing WebSuite 3 Media Player 2 Media Player 2 2 4 Media Player 3 2 n Media Player 3 Media Player n Media Player n

  12. MagicBox Weather Widget

  13. MagicBox Backgrounds

  14. MagicBox WebSuite Benefits • Platform Independent – • Assign administrative rights to users to individuals or groups • Multiple users Access simultaneously • Saas or On Premise Server • Easily manage your content in folders you create • Push or Pull Publishing • Flexible and scalable • Free Online Training Videos

  15. Actual Installations - Healthcare • VA Medical Center – Puget Sound • Patient & Visitor Communication • 30+ Players • Rackmount AV200 & AV1080 • DS and In-Room Channel • Remote Satellite Clinics Ease of Use—Non Technical users. Flexible: In Room & Common Areas

  16. Actual Installations – Government • USDA – Forest Service – Berthoud Pass • Extreme Condition Informational Display • SignMate 1080 Media Player • “Bulletproof” Installation • Reliability Critical • Emergency Feeds Remote Emergency Communications Ease of Use Small form factor player

  17. Actual Installations – Government • North Dakota Legislature – EZ Stream • Critical and timely information display • SignMate 1080 Player • EZ Stream Software • MS Outlook/ Excel, People Cube • MagicBox Weather Stream Service General Visitor Information Integrate Meeting info from a database

  18. Actual Installations – Specialty Retail • Experience Auto Group – Ferrari & Maserati • 3 X 3 Video Wall Display • SignMate 1080 Media Player • Custom Video Presentations • Eye-catching Graphics • Special Info Feeds Targeted Messages and Advertising Updated Real Time Easy use Reliable & Robust .

  19. Qualifying Questions Open Ended: What are your goals? How many monitors? Where are the monitors in relation to each other? How many end points require unique content? How many users? What is the skill level of the users?

  20. Qualifying Questions Central or local control or both? What type of content? Graphics, Video, Data? Do you require any external inputs—Video, RSS? Do you need to integrate data from a database? If so what database? Do you need assistance with installation? What is your time frame on deployment?

  21. What makes us successful? Easy to use Software Free Online Training Videos Demo WebSuite Accounts Free Tech Support Platform Independent—Flexible

  22. What makes us successful? Turnkey—Hardware & Software—Total Solution Choice of Saas or On Premise Server Scalable Architecture Full Administration Pull & Push Publishing

  23. EZ Stream & RoomRoster Fully Automated Room-Scheduling Solution

  24. Designer App & Service Set up Automatically pulls information from a dynamic data source to display on Player or RoomRoster system MS Windows <XP, Vista, 7, Server 03-08> Checks data source for updates (30 sec – 24 hrs) Sends data updates immediately to RoomRoster or Player Manages multiple players, in different multiple locations, from one PC or workstation EZ-Stream—Database Integration Software

  25. EZ Stream/Room Roster Applications Corporate Board Rooms Conference Rooms Training Rooms Event Rooms Universities, Schools Training Rooms Lecture Calendars Event Calendars Notice Boards • Convention Centers • Conference Rooms • Event Rooms • Healthcare Centers • Doctors, Visitors Schedule • Hospitality • Conference Rooms • Menu Display • Manufacturing Facilities • Production/Quality Data

  26. Samples – Room Schedule & Events Display

  27. EZ-Stream Overlay Region

  28. Room Roster Overview Fully automated Room Schedule Solutions Replaces the hard copy of Room scheduling, events display at every conference room Display calendar information on different size screens PoE In Wall or Surface Mount Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Excel, Access, Google Calendar, SQL Database, etc. RoomRoster is a turnkey solution for displaying updated event schedules and other information automatically pulled from a data source

  29. RoomRoster 5.7 RoomRoster5.7- Flush Mount Case RoomRoster5.7- Surface Mount Case Powered by:

  30. EZ-Stream Supported Data Sources Commercial Products Dean Evans EMS NetSimplicity PeopleCube Resource Scheduler CollegeNET R25 Emerging Soft Google Calendar Other Sources Any SQL or relational Database MS Excel, Access, Outlook/Exchange XML and Comma Delimited Text Files

  31. How RoomRoster Works

  32. Thank you!

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