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gel unghie

Gel Nails (gel per unghie) : Choose from wide range of gel nails (gel unghie) and 3D color nail gel. Diamond Nails provides professional & quality gel nails (gel unghie)

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gel unghie

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  1. Natural look offered by gel unghieWoman loves anything that enhances their beauty and appearances. This is why there wide range of beauty related products meant for them. Of these are also included nail gels that significantly increases the beauty of a woman’s finger nails as well as their toe nails. As competition is high, new products keep flooding the market replacing earlier ones. Gel nails are also one of them that have been among the most favorable choices used by professionals in nail salon centre around the world. These are quite a craze now among woman because of its excellent finishes. It truly is a superior product than the traditional artificial nails as gives a natural touch. Gel nails are a combination of non-toxic materials with that of high-end appeal. This unique blending helps in enhancing and maintaining the health and beauty of a client’s fingernails. The end product of gel nails will instantly let you know the differences it have as compared with that of acrylic based products. This is basically because gels meant for nails do not have acids and does not make use of toxic glues that are harmful for the nails. Similar nail products cannot reach the natural appearance that high quality gel nails gives. These fascinating end results requires less maintenance and upkeep required after the usage of acrylic based fingernails. Nail gels have a non-yellowing quality which helps keep the nails more natural. The result is that you can possess a glossy and shiny nails for long period of time, stretching to weeks. The users do not have to visit the nail salon for any further repairing of color as well as request for any ‘filler’ for chipped nails. Hands are the most used part of the body and hence the nails on it are exposed to many conditions that are rough and tough. However, the durable and flexible nature of the gel nails makes it sure that your fingernails retains its glossy appearance even when doing multiple tasks like gardening, doing household chores and work related typing and others. The bottom-line is that gel unghie can help you withstand the normal daily routines much better. It assists in preventing splits, breakage and resists chips. What more can a woman aware of her beauty ask for more than these? Nail salon customers could heave a sigh of relief as they don’t have to return regularly for routine repairs as they used to when using acrylic nail. One can create imaginative designs on their nails because of the versatility of the gels. Again, with this gel you can select tip overlays, pedicures or choose to have extensions placed along the fingernails edges. The gel’s non-porous quality also prevent from any sort of bacterial infection, thereby protecting the nails and gel per unghie also adhere firmly on the fingernails and thus the user can get rid of thoughts of nail lifting and allowing water to get trapped between the natural nails and the applied overlays. Last, it should be remembered that after every 14 days you may be requested to return for fillers.

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