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Moving Beyond the Lunch & Lunch: Health Coaching

Moving Beyond the Lunch & Lunch: Health Coaching. Presented by: Sarah Szul Maria Hicks. Do you find it difficult to stay motivated when trying to make changes to your health? Are you aware that changes must be made in your daily life but you don’t know where to begin?.

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Moving Beyond the Lunch & Lunch: Health Coaching

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  1. Moving Beyond the Lunch & Lunch:Health Coaching Presented by: Sarah Szul Maria Hicks

  2. Do you find it difficult to stay motivated when trying to make changes to your health? Are you aware that changes must be made in your daily life but you don’t know where to begin?

  3. Moving Beyond the Lunch & Learn • Wellness programs have demonstrated their effectiveness in improving employee health and generating a positive return-on-investment • How do you keep your wellness program fresh? • How do you accommodate all of the requests from employees? 3

  4. Health Coaching – What is it? • Health coaching is a method of guiding others to address their health and, if need be, make behavioral changes to improve health • Like traditional coaching, health coaches utilize goal setting, identification of obstacles, and use of personal support systems • The relationship between the coach and coachee is an accountability partnership focused on the overall health outcome goals

  5. Benefits of Health Coaching • Health coaches work with the whole person, take time to listen to client concerns, and ask powerful questions to help motivate participants to make changes • Participants are held accountable for their commitments, and coaches empower them to identify lessons learned from whatever outcomes occur • The coach helps create and sustain the mindset needed to make lifestyle changes by heightening personal awareness

  6. Benefits of Health Coaching • Clients and coaches work in partnership to identify obstacles to change and create strategies for forward movement • Coaches provide additional resources for making healthy behavior changes • Opportunity to discuss lifestyle behaviors that typically are not covered with primary care provider

  7. What To Look For • Health coaches can come from a variety of backgrounds: fitness, nutrition, nursing, health promotion, athletic training • Currently there is no national certification • Several certification programs are available and a “health coach” should be trained and certified • Recommended certifications: • Wellcoaches (endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine) • Totally Coached • American Council on Exercise • Cooper Institute

  8. Techniques Used By Health Coaches • Assessment of Risk Areas • Readiness to Change • Motivational Interviewing • Identify Intrinsic Motivation • Vision, Planning & Goal Setting • Accountability

  9. A Look Into Health Coaching • A coach’s perspective… • Small changes = BIG results! • Where are you currently at in regards toyour health? I will meet you there and help you develop small goals to build strength, energy and vitality!

  10. Health Coaching Sessions • A typical coaching session: • Initial session - 20-30 minutes in length • The client will fill out a “health profile” (the coach will review prior to the meeting) • The coach will go over the profile during the first session and the client will make small goals to work towards • Email follow up, support, motivation and accountability • Healthy lifestyle changes can take months to years (it’s all worth it!)

  11. A Little Wellness Trivia… What does the number 1440 means?

  12. 1440 = minutes in a day -Ideally, 20-30 minutes (most days of the week) -Brand new? Start with 5 minutes a day (small changes = big results) -Examples: jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, plank (do something!)

  13. A Little Wellness Trivia According to a recent poll, what is the number one exercise?

  14. The one you will do!! • In Health Coaching – we focus on helping clients discover the activity they will ENJOY – the is the key to sticking to an exercise program and seeing results (weight loss, more energy, less stress…etc.)

  15. Bonus: Wellness Tips! • A few favorite wellness “quick tips” for coaching clients: • Nutrition: Focus on Fiber (you will naturally eat fewer calories & fat) • Stress Buster: Stretching & deep breathing everyday (morning & night) • Exercise: start with 5 minutes a day (if you are not moving a muscle at the moment) • No gym? No problem (walking, push-ups, etc…) • Already exercise? Add variety!

  16. Health Solutions Department Sarah Szul Maria Hicks Health Solutions Manager Health Solutions Coordinator Sarah.szul@kapnick.commaria.hicks@kapnick.com 888.263.4656 x1196 888.263.4656 x1183 *Certified Intrinsic Coach *Certified WellCoach

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