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Welcome Associates to Lunch with Paula Deen Thursday, April 25, 2013

Welcome Associates to Lunch with Paula Deen Thursday, April 25, 2013. Thank you for all you do for St. John Providence Health System. Christine Allor. Christine is an excellent compassionate RN. Nominated by: Deborah Ritter. Sheila Andrews.

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Welcome Associates to Lunch with Paula Deen Thursday, April 25, 2013

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  1. Welcome Associates to Lunch with Paula DeenThursday, April 25, 2013

  2. Thank you for all you do for St. John Providence Health System

  3. Christine Allor • Christine is an excellent compassionate RN. • Nominated by: • Deborah Ritter

  4. Sheila Andrews • Sheila simply loves Paula Deen. She is a follower of her show and cookbooks. She would love to see her in person. I’m sure she would be ecstatic to see her. • Nominated by: • Lena McClary

  5. Buituin Archinas • Buituin demonstrates the Vision and Values of St. John Providence each and everyday. She goes above and beyond her work requirements and will do what is asked of her. The patients love her because of her sunny disposition and compassions she shows to them and her peers. She demonstrates service excellence each day and never complaints. She went out of her way to help an ill associate by bringing food and staying while she received treatment. She is an asset to the department and deserves a special treat even though she doesn’t feel like she does. • Nominated by: • Janice Swanson

  6. Kathy Audia • We would like to honor our four administrative professionals in attendance at the luncheon on Administrative Assistance day. Each truly reflect our Mission, Vision and Values and demonstrates outstanding professionalism each and every day. • Nominated by: • Candace Huetteman

  7. Cheryl Bailey • During the past year, Cheryl has volunteered to be our site representative during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and she used a vacation day to have a bake sale to raise money for breast cancer. She purchased the supplies with her own money and spent the weekend baking. She is currently preparing for the 3-Day breast cancer walk. Cheryl is on the site’s Mission & Spirituality Committee. She is also our department baker and bakes treats each month for any birthday celebrations. In addition, she is also an outstanding OR RN, kind, compassionate, professional and dedicated to patient safety. • Nominated by: • Lisa Koehler

  8. Cynthia Baker • Cindy is our lead pharmacy technician and she goes above and beyond to make the work environment the best possible for her pharmacy technicians. She truly lives the St. John Providence Values and organizes events to improve morale within the department. She is a very dedicated, hard worker who will makes many sacrifices to cover shits. She is not only the lead but she is also our go to person for Pyxis. Cindy wears many hats in our department and does very well. It would be wonderful if her hard work was recognized and she is a huge Paula Deen fan! • Nominated by: • Lisa Herz

  9. Joanna Baker • Always has a smile on her face. She works hard everyday. She is a strong patient advocate and strives for excellence every moment, everyday. She never complains and serves as a mentor to the newer nurses. She emulates our Values! • Nominated by: • Marilyn Brennan

  10. Colleen Bandes • Colleen is an excellent OR RN. She is dedicated to patient safety and is an example for her peers. • Nominated by: • Lisa Koehler

  11. Carmella Bavol • Carmella is an exceptionally compassionate RN. • Nominated by: • Deborah Ritter

  12. Deborah Benson • Deb has twice stepped up to the plate to cover the West Bloomfield laboratory operations when her co-worker was on LOA. The two of them make up the primary coverage at that site and their coverage overlaps from 06:00-17:00. Deb, who is part-time, extended her hours and days of coverage for an extended period of time to ensure our patients would be served. During that time, she actually demonstrated improvement in our quality control systems and performed her workload without error or omissions of documentations. • Nominated by: • Bob Hebert

  13. Jeff Berger • Jeff is a lead physical therapist whose innovations lead the way in getting patients back to their lives. While demonstrating a genuine compassion for all in need, he seeks to gain knowledge and share it with our entire division in order to give the best to our patients. This is evident in the patient outcomes. Jeff truly lives the Mission and helps the most vulnerable, setting an example for all to follow and using the 10 Principles to guide him. • Nominated by: • Gail Regener

  14. Renate Bleil • Renate has been an exemplary associate for many years at Eastwood Clinics. She has always been a team player and is willing to help out where ever she is needed. She went above and beyond recently. When another associate, who does not have family in the area, become ill and needed to be transported to the hospital by ambulance, Renate followed the ambulance and stayed with the associate until she was admitted. Renate saw to the associate’s car being returned home and then went back to the hospital so her colleague would not feel alone or scared and stayed with her until 11:30 pm. Renate returned the next day, brought a newspaper for the associate and spent the day with her. When the associate was discharged, Renate picked her up and took her home and stayed until associate felt comfortable and even offered to stay the night! This just shows Renate exemplifies the Values of SJPHS in all aspects of her life and is most deserving of this recognition. • Nominated by: • Deborah Endres

  15. Terry Boguslawski • Terry splits her work time between two areas of our department and does so without complaint. She is happy to learn new skills and does what it takes to get the job done. • Nominated by: • Debbie Rose

  16. Bonnie Brown • Bonnie is a real team player who is always stepping in and assisting those in need. She also is dedicated to her position. I never had to ask her twice for something and she is always ahead of the game. • Nominated by: • Laura Napiewocki

  17. Brenda Brown • Brenda is a great worker who loves to cook. • Nominated by: • Julie DeConinck

  18. Sametta Brown • Sametta has a very special way of connecting with our surgery patients. She sees the fear in their eyes and always is able to get them to talk about it, calm them down and have them feeling at ease before the surgery even starts. Whether it is her smile and laughter or just understanding and holding a hand, she has a special gift. • Nominated by: • Sherry Broderick

  19. Rosemary Buckhave • Rosemary has worked at Providence Hospital since 1977 in various roles within the Surgical Services area. We have great associates in our department but Rosemary is one of the most valuable associates that we have. She managed all of our IT issues, reports and financial reporting. She is called upon by physicians, leaders and associates and does so without complaint. Rosemary is hardworking, positive, and a role model for all of us. She is has a busy home life and sadly lost her mother at the age of 93 a few weeks ago. This June Rosemary will retire after 35+ years and more than deserves a fun event such as the Paula Deen lunch. • Nominated by: • Tammie Steinard

  20. Damien Buchkowski • Damien is the oncology dietician and has the gift of making every interaction with patient and families a positive experience. He not only provides nutritional guidance but helps to navigate patients through their treatments. • Nominated by: • Lorri Lipa

  21. Beverly Burgess • Beverly is an extraordinary nurse. She goes out of her way to make sure that her patients are families are happy with the care that they receive. I received a call last week from the son of one of her patients who explained that his sisters were extremely demanding and he was so impressed by Beverly and the way she cared for the needs of the mother and sisters. His mother had been discharged from other facility and decided to give SJHMC a try and were very impressed especially with the care that Beverly provided. • Nominated by: • Sandy Budzynski

  22. Meredith Burkard • Meredith works hard at coordinating the schedule and assignments of our EP Lab on a daily basis and this would be a nice getaway as a reward for her dedication. She is also a fan of Paula Deen. • Nominated by: • Tony DelVillano

  23. Angela Burton • Angie is the best administrative assistant one can have!! She is extremely hard working and dedicated to assisting everyone in the Managed Care Department. She is also part of the CSB Activities Committee and contributes materially to the committee activities that all benefit from. She volunteers discretionary effort to those in need such as adopt a family, etc. She is truly a caring and wonderful person! • Nominated by: • Margaret Endres

  24. Antonia Burton • Annie Burton served as on of the TEAM Pink champions this year, an effort that raised more than $10,500 dollars for Because We Care. Annie is a rallier and a networker. I was not surprised at all that this warm caring, compassionate person could be so influential. She has been employed at Providence Hospital on 4 W since November 1999. She takes pride in caring for her patients and has been called "fresh was a ray of sunshine.” She has a history of helping others, whether cleaning a patient’s dirty nails, help a co-worker who was caring for a dying parent, or collecting money for flower arrangements to represent 4 West. On 4 West, she keeps up with the phones, arranges all unit announcement boards, keeps the floor organized and maintained, and still provides excellent care to her patients. • Nominated by: • Jennifer Valenti and Jennifer Cassady

  25. Lynn Cassar • Lynn is dedicated to her patients, co-workers and SJPHS, evidenced by her employment history since 1999. She establishes positive rapport with her patients, families and other members of the health team. Lynn always comes in with a giggle and big smile. She enjoys baking and frequently brings “goodies” to the unit and was given the “Betty Crocker” nickname. Lynn was so happy to be given the change of possibly meeting Paula Deen. Her co-workers are hoping for her to be chosen so she can bring them back some cooking tips and new recipes. • Nominated by: • Aida Santos

  26. Nancy Cassisa • Nancy is consistently passionate about customer service and is one of our SEA’s on the unit. She is definitely a cheerleader on the unit and is very flexible and adaptable when any unit change occurs. She is also very influential in inspiring her co-workers to lead by her example. She consistently provides a holistic experience for her patients. She prays with patients for comfort as well as sings to them to cheer their spirits. Nancy also uses other holistic modalities including aromatherapy, massage, present, and music therapy for pain control and anxiety relief. Nancy truly values the Care Promises of SJPHS and goes above and beyond every shift to meet the needs of all customers. • Nominated by: • Brook Grzadzinski

  27. Debra Cawthon • Debra is an outstanding associate. As our dispatcher, Debra goes above and beyond to make sure that her security officers are safe and accounted for during her shift. She makes a difference each and every time she steps in the door to work. Debra is extremely dedicated and rarely takes time off. She is knowledgeable and take initiative to make sure all customer issues are handled in a professional manner. I wish that I had more Debra’s in my department. • Nominated by: • Jeff Harris

  28. Coni Heimann, RN • Coni is a strong patient advocate and caring nurse. She always treats her patients and their families as her own. She exemplifies our vision and values in her daily work. • She was instrumental in putting together our cookbook project this past year to raise funds for the unit to purchase toys, books, and extra items for our pediatric patients. She collected recipes, spent hours of her own time typing them up and contacting publishing companies to produce a fabulous cookbook. • Nominated by: • Julie Frederick RN/Marcia Schultz RN

  29. Laura Hermann • Laura is an OB ultrasound sonographer and treats her patients like they are family members. She goes out of her way to make sure they have what they need at the time of their appointment. Patients request Laura because of her caring ways. She always goes above and beyond without being asked. She is a role model to service excellence and is proud to be a St. John Providence associate. • Nominated by: • Janice Swanson

  30. Regina Horne • As one of the front desk associates at the Southfield Cancer Center, Regina is one of the first people that patients and their families meet. Her smile and caring demeanor help to establish a relationship that often lasts well beyond the end of the patient’s treatment. She takes the time to makes sure that the patient understands the processes and that their appointments are scheduled along with making sure that any transportation and contact information concerns are addressed. • Most importantly, Regina listens to the patient. At a time when they feel scared and out of control, Regina is there for them. She has truly made a difference in so many lives. • Nominated by : • Laura Dailey-Pelle

  31. Mary Beth Christensen • Mary Beth is a hard working dedicated physician assistant who exemplifies Service Excellence in her daily work both in the hospital and physician practice setting. She always has the patient’s best interests at heart and is willing to go the extra mile to help ensure that the patient’s needs are met. • Nominated by: • Valerie Hendricks

  32. Sandy Cioch • Sandy consistently goes above and beyond every day. She always has a positive work attitude and will do whatever is needed so that the department continues to run smoothly. She maintains a flexible schedule and is always willing to fill in. She passes her positive attitude onto others. She conducts herself as a role model for others and it is my pleasure and honor to work with her each day. I truly appreciate everything she does for our department. • Nominated by: • Cindy Caron

  33. Ruthann Ciszewski • Ruthann’s attention to patient-centered quality of care does not go unnoticed. She works continually until issues are understood and problems resolved, always going that extra mile to help. She continuously keeps up with new trends in laboratory and applies what she learns to improve outcomes. • Nominated by: • Pam Melcher

  34. Ronda Clawson • Ronda consistently goes above and beyond in her duties. She always offers her assistance and expertise! She is a great asset to our team. • Nominated by: • Jim Cronk

  35. Melissa Coburn • Melissa has been a faithful SJP associate for more than 25 years when she began as a co-op student. For the last 12 years she has served as the administrative assistant for Nursing Administration at Macomb. Melissa lives the 10 Leadership Principles and show much discretionary effort. She is loyal and thorough in all that she does. • Nominated by: • Jim Cronk

  36. Elizabeth Cody • Elizabeth is an exceptional compassionate RN. • Nominated by: • Deborah Ritter

  37. Jessica Daly • Jessie works in the Talent Center, and I am honored to have her on our team. Her energy, passion for recruitment, determination and talent are truly a gift and an inspiration to everyone. Jessie goes above and beyond in the work that she does everyday. No matter how hectic her day is, she always knows how to get through it in a very positive manner. She is the main point of contact and coordinator for On boarding, a huge responsibility in addition to her current role. She is always smiling, positive, energetic, and truly a team player. Jessie demonstrates our SJPHS mission, vision values everyday in the work that she does. • Nominated by: • Karen Kaleal

  38. Laurie Davenport • Laurie is our Senior PT at Oakland. She handles all the day to day operations in the absence of management. She is highly involved in daily safety huddles and was a critical player in rolling out eCare for rehab this past October at Oakland Hospital. She has mentored many new associates at Oakland these past few months to allow for adequate coverage during the transition, and all with positive feedback. She has ramped up team building over the last year bringing a broken team more unified. Team morale is high and staff enjoy filling in there. • Nominated by: • Surekha Samel

  39. Tania Dellalian • Tania is an exceptional associate. She is hardworking and consistently demonstrates the Values and Care Promises we live by at SJPHS. Tania consistently gets recognized by patients and families for her caring and compassionate work. She anticipates patients’ needs and focuses on patient safety. • Nominated by: • Yosely Cruz

  40. Karen Delockroy • Karen is our Lead Medical Assistant is very much involved in the St. John Partners in Care Program. She works very closely with the Diabetic Educators and the Nurses with our large diabetic patient population, and arranges monthly staff educational seminars at our clinic. Karen arranges and organizes our diabetic group sessions. The Physicians in our department greatly appreciate her success and help with the community and St. John diabetic patient population. She deserves this for all the work she does for our Health System and patients. • Nominated by: • Jade Green

  41. Michele derPilibosian • Michele has been a long standing member of the nursing department. She works as an unit tech on our detox and rehab unit and was nominated for (and won) the Employee of the Year 2010 at Brighton. She has a very positive attitude and spread happiness and positivity everywhere she goes. She also serves as a SEA and is a great advocate for good customer service. She is an inspiration to the patients who often feel very ashamed to be in treatment for addiction and treats them all with dignity and respect. She is very reliable and is always willing to take on more in support of the unit and patients. • Nominated by: • Barbara Shaw

  42. Barbara Deryckere • Barbara provides excellent and compassionate care as an RN. • Nominated by: • Deborah Ritter

  43. Theresa Dombrow • Theresa works closely with patients on a daily basis to get them back on their feet after a cardiac event. Part of her roles involved dietary teaching, so this event would be a great fit for her! • Nominated by: • Tony DelViliano

  44. Yolanda Doster • Yolanda is a pleasure to work with and is always helping. She is very accommodating with everything from her schedule to doing cases to helping out her fellow workers. • Nominated by: • Diann Work

  45. Glenda DuBeau • Glenda enhances her professional growth through additional education and training in order to provide our patients with cutting-edge point of care testing. She is recognized by nursing as a person who strives to create enduring professional relationships. She is a valued member of my team, with her ever “can do” , easy-going workday approach. • Nominated by: • Pam Melcher

  46. John Dutkiewicz • John treats all of his patients with respect and dignity. He is always willing to lend a helping hand and serves on many of the unit-based improvement projects. He is a leader in the department in his role and lives the Mission and Values of the ministry in his work everyday. • Nominated by: • Christina Liebzeit

  47. Donna Edberg • Donna is such a hard working Medical Assistant at Great Lakes. She takes special care with all of her patients and is always there for them to meet their needs. She is also very well liked by her peers and the true meaning of a team player. She is an especially good listener, which can be very rare these days. She is a good cook and loves cooking. Like Paula Deen, she too has had her struggles with her health and would be inspired by the new recipes Paula is using with healthier alternatives. I know she would enjoy this luncheon tremendously and I can’t think of a person more deserving. • Nominated by: • Cynthia Fernimore

  48. Nicole Edwards • Nicole is a PCT and has fantastic customer service skills. She truly cares for patients body, mind and spirit. She prays with and for her patients, uses healing touch, is always smiling and never seems busy but always is. She has a kind heart and works well with all members of our team. Nicole is a shining star and deserves to be recognized. • Nominated by: • Brenda Belbot

  49. Irice Ellis • Irice is one of our most hard working associates. Any extra minutes of her day she fills with tasks that go above and beyond her job description. She is always there to lend a hand to her fellow associates and will take care of any situation that comes her way without being asked. Her gentle and soft spoken ways always put our patients at ease. • Nominated by: • Sherry Broderick

  50. LouAnn Eskau • LouAnn is a big fan of Paula Deen dating back many years. In fact, they met many years back at a food demonstration in South Beach, FL. LouAnn joined the MGR Finance team last year and has become a key member who can always be counted on to extend the extra effort when required. She is a proven leader who clearly demonstrates our System’s Values on a daily basis. I highly recommend her for attendance at the luncheon with Paula! • Nominated by: • Jeff Kohlitz

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