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Leftovers. Because time flies when you’re having fun…. New modes of communication and transportation virtually eliminated the problem of geographic distance Ex. High-speed railcars can move at 350mph Ex. Commercial jets reach speeds of 593mph

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Because time flies when you’re having fun…

transportation and communication

New modes of communication and transportation virtually eliminated the problem of geographic distance

    • Ex. High-speed railcars can move at 350mph
    • Ex. Commercial jets reach speeds of 593mph
    • Ex. The world's effective capacity to exchange information through two-way telecommunication networks was 65 exabytesin 2007. This is the informational equivalent 6 entire newspapers per person per day.
Transportation and Communication
the green revolution

The Green Revolution produced food for the earth’s growing population as it spread chemically and genetically enhanced forms of agriculture

    • Pesticides
    • Synthetic nitrogen fertilizer
    • Resulting decrease of biodiversity
The Green Revolution
energy technologies

Energy technologies including the use of oil and nuclear power has raised productivity and increased the production of material goods

Energy Technologies
birth control

More effective forms of birth control gave women great control over fertility and transformed sexual practices

Birth Control
the end of the cold war

The dissolution of the Soviet Union effectively ended the Cold War

    • By 1980, non-communist movements began in Eastern Europe
      • Ex. Solidarity in Poland
    • Soviet power began to decline
      • Lagged behind technologically
      • Unhappy citizenry
      • Large, expensive government
      • War in surrounding regions (Afghanistan) was expensive & unpopular
    • 1989, Berlin Wall was dismantled & Germany was reunified
The End of the Cold War
the end of the cold war1

In Russia, Mikhail Gorbachev enacted reforms to improve moral

    • Ex. glasnost, perestroika, etc.
  • 1990, Radical communists failed to overthrow Gorbachev
  • 1991, USSR was disbanded & Boris Yeltsin took control of Russia
The End of the Cold War
antiwar activists

Groups and individuals challenged the many wars of the century

    • The antinuclear movement during the Cold War
    • Picasso in his Guernica
Antiwar Activists
governments guiding economic life

In newly independent states after World War II, governments often took on a strong role in guiding economic life to promote development

    • Nassar’s promotion of economic development in Egypt
      • Nationalization of the Suez Canal
Governments Guiding Economic Life
transnational movements

Transnational movements sought to unite people across national boundaries

    • Communism
      • Domino Theory
      • Proxy Wars
    • Pan-Arabism
      • Promoted unification of Arab States
      • Opposed Western-involvement
      • Strongly supported by Nassar
Transnational Movements
global trade

Regional trade agreements created regional trading blocs designed to promote the movement of capital and goods across national borders

    • The European Union
    • NAFTA
Global Trade
declaration on the elimination of discrimination against women

“Any distinction, exclusion or restriction made on the basis of sex which has the effect or purpose of impairing or nullifying the recognition, enjoyment or exercise by women, irrespective of their marital status, on a basis of equality of men and women, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural, civil or any other field.”

Declaration on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women
race in the 20 th century

Increased interaction among diverse peoples sometimes led to the formation of new cultural identities and exclusionary reactions

    • Negritude
      • Common black identity
    • 1906 Atlanta Race Riots
      • Resulted from tensions between blacks and whites over:
        • Jobs
        • Civil rights
        • Gubernatorial Election of 1906
Race in the 20th Century
new forms of spirituality

Believers developed new forms of spirituality

    • Scientology
      • Believe one should recall traumatic events from their past to free themselves from their limiting effects
      • Members often have to spend a great deal of money to work with spiritual advisors
      • Controversial opponents of psychiatry
New Forms of Spirituality