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Making the most of Christmas Leftovers

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Making the most of Christmas Leftovers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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With all the preparation that goes into Christmas food its easy to end up with more food than you need by Boxing Day. We have combined a few simple meal ideas which can easily be adapted with the ingredients you have left over. Visit

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Making T he Most of

Christmas Leftovers

With all the preparation that goes into making more than enough food for

everyone, Christmas is over before you know it. It is inevitable that you’ll end

up on Boxing Day with more food than you know what to do with, but there

are endless options of what to do with your Christmas dinner leftovers.

Everyone knows the horror of eating turkey curry for weeks after Christmas, it

seems being on the come down from the Christmas hype effects people’s

creativity in the kitchen. We have combined a few simple meal ideas which can

easily be adapted with the ingredients you have left over.



However, cliché it may be, sandwiches are ideal for leftovers as you can fill

them with anything you like. Why not grill your sandwiches? And get creative

with what you put in it, turkey can be quite a dry meat but alongside cranberry

sauce and brie, you’ve create a great sandwich using up three ingredients that

could very easily have gone to waste.



Turkey is as versatile as chicken, so your favourite chicken dish can be

replicated with this festive bird. Pies are a great way for mixing lots of leftovers

into one tasty meal, turkey, ham, bacon or any other meat can be mixed with

vegetables of your choice, some stock or even gravy; put some ready-made

pastry over the top and bake for a quick and easy meal.



As long as you have eggs, you can pretty much put anything you like into an

omelette. Spanish omelettes are handy to make if you have leftover potatoes

as well; conveniently Spanish omelettes require a cooked potato or two so we

think leftover roast potatoes do the

job perfectly. Add in any meat or

vegetables you like, add in chunks of

cheese or sprinkle some grated

cheese over the top (depending on

what you can find half eaten in the

fridge). Cook through like a regular

omelette and tuck in.

Bubble and Squeak

Bubble and Squeak

A fancier term for ‘bung everything in a pan and fry it’, bubble and squeak was

literally made for leftovers. Tradition calls for potatoes and cabbage with the

option for any other leftover vegetables but it’s all up to you. If you don’t have

any cabbage, don’t put it in, if you want to add in some meat, cut into cubes

and put it in.

Since the ingredients are cooked anyway, all you are doing is combining

everything, warming it through and creating a nice crisp edge. Mash is the

easiest way to get everything to bind together and to create a base but if

you’re the type of family who has roast potatoes rather than mash, we’re sure

you could mash up some roasties a little bit.

Lighter bites

Lighter bites

If you are still feeling full from the amount of food you surprised yourself with

eating, there are many lighter options for mealtimes. Stir-fries, rice dishes, and

salads are perfect for using up your leftover turkey without making a big meal

that you’re going to end up leaving again.



When it comes to dessert, no everyone can stomach a mammoth portion of

Christmas Pudding after their dinner. This of course means, lots of leftovers.

Rather than throwing it away or simply having a week of Christmas Pudding for

dessert for the sake of eating it all up, making a

completely new dessert such as a trifle brings a new

lease of life to the cake. Christmas Pudding acts as a

great base for trifle and with oranges, custard, cream,

and mascarpone having a very likely chance of being in

your kitchen over the festive period, you don’t need to

go out and buy a ton of other ingredients. You can choose an alcohol of your

choice to go in trifle but if you do choose to use oranges, Grand Marnier or any

other orange based liquor works well.

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