print box end labels for odds leftovers n.
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PRINT BOX END LABELS FOR ODDS (LEFTOVERS). RLM System. What are Odds (Leftovers) Labels?. Odds are units of a FGPO that do not fit into a prepack or into a solid size case pack of 00As (open stock)

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what are odds leftovers labels
What are Odds (Leftovers) Labels?
  • Odds are units of a FGPO that do not fit into a prepack or into a solid size case pack of 00As (open stock)
  • In many cases a new FGPO is created for Odds, but sometimes it is permissible to ship Odds at the end of a normal FGPO. Check with Production in NY
  • Odds labels are different from normal box end labels and can have more than one size on them, each with its own UPC
  • All the units in an Odds carton must come from the same FGPO!!!
glossary of training terms
Glossary of Training Terms
  • The following terms will be used throughout this training program:
    • Field: A line on the screen into which you enter information
    • Value: The information (data) being entered in the field. Example: Division number, FGPO number
    • Click: Also “Select.” Hitting the left mouse button once. This will place your cursor into a field
    • Tab: Using the tab key to advance to the next input field
    • Return: Moves you back one screen. Will also return a selection (F2 key)
    • Exit: Closes the program and returns you to the menu (F3 key)
sign on
Sign On

Enter your User ID and Password here

Hit the Enter key to proceed

Note: User ID and Password are initially assigned by MIS. You will be prompted to change it the first time you login. The password field IS case-sensitive.


Press the Enter key

rlm main menu
RLM Main Menu

Enter your Company number

Enter the line number of “Print Labels” here and hit the Enter key

print label menu
Print Label Menu

Type “01” to print a pre-generated (blank) label

select case label
Select Case Label

Type 1 for Cases (should be default) and press Enter

type number of cases
Type Number of Cases

Type the name of the Label Printer outq

Type the number of labels you need (one per FGPO per packing line)

Press F10 to create the labels

labels printed
Labels Printed!

Note the range of label numbers which were printed is listed:

the odds blank label
The Odds Blank Label
  • This is an Odds Label – give these to the scanners
  • The number and barcode represent the carton itself and are used to begin packing and for loading to the container
  • Note that there are no units – a new label with units will print after scanning
what happens next
What Happens Next?
  • Follow the Odds Packing Instructions to scan units into boxes.
  • The labels printed via this manual have only the carton barcode and are NOT placed on the boxes.
  • The scanning will produce the actual label with the actual barcodes of the scanned units. The labels with units used for the boxes and for container loading.