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Quest for the Girl Scout Silver Award PowerPoint Presentation
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Quest for the Girl Scout Silver Award

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Quest for the Girl Scout Silver Award
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Quest for the Girl Scout Silver Award

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  1. Quest for the Girl Scout Silver Award Welcome!!

  2. What is the Girl Scout Silver Award? • Community Service based achievement • Highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn • Designed to help girls set and reach goals • Encourages girls to practice leadership and make lasting changes in their community • Can take up to1-2 years to complete

  3. New Guidelines… • This year you have two choices of requirements… • Listen to both sets of requirements before making up your mind… • Starting next year? You will definitely start with the new requirements… Remember: The requirements listed in the Cadette Handbook are no longer valid. Please use only Pathway B or Pathway GSLE!

  4. Pathway B(“OLD” Studio 2B Requirements)Step by Step 6 Steps to Completing the Silver Award

  5. Step 1 GET READY! • Read “Go For It” Girl Scout Silver Award Insert (Journaling and record keeping helps in Steps 2-5!) • Meet with your Advisor (leader) and develop a timeline for Steps 2-4 • Make agreement with your adult Advisor GET ORGANIZED AND READY!

  6. Step 2 Leadership Award Earn the Girl Scout Silver Leadership Award Put the Girl Scout Law into Action!

  7. Leadership Award Step 1: Earn 3 IPP’s related to specific parts of the Girl Scout Law Step 2: Earn the STUDIO 2B Focus Book – Uniquely Me! The Real Deal Step 3: Spend 15 Hours in 1+ leadership roles Step 4: Use writing to capture and consider what you have learned in earning the Silver Leadership Award See the “Go For It!” insert for details and how to record your progress.

  8. Step 3 Career Award Earn the Girl Scout Silver Career Award Reach out and get to know people!

  9. Career Award Step 1: Research jobs and careers – What education is needed? What are some careers you might be interested in? Step 2: Talk to college students and adults about education, training and on the job experience. Step 3: Earn the “Your Own Business” IPP Step 4: Use writing to capture and consider what you have learned in earning the Silver Career Award See the “Go For It!” insert for details and how to record your progress.

  10. Step 4 4 B’s Challenge Earn the Girl Scout Silver 4B’s Challenge Find your thoughts and voice!

  11. 4B’s Challenge (Time spent earning the 4B’s count towards your project hours IF Steps 1-3 are completed first!) Step 1: BECOME – Set a goal for self-improvement Step 2: BELONG – Earn the STUDIO 2B Focus Book Looking in/Reaching Out Step 3: BELIEVE – Identify a school or community issue you feel strongly about Step 4: BUILD - Focus on creating a solution for the issue you identified

  12. Step 5 Project Use the planning you did in the 4B’s Challenge to carry out the Girl Scout Silver Award Project. Make a difference in your community! Projects need to be a minimum of 40 hours/girl. You can complete the project in a group, but make sure each girl has 40 hours total!

  13. Step 6 Think about it! Think about the impact you made in the community as well as how you have benefited from the work involved in earning the Silver Award. Evaluate with your Advisor. Submit Final Report to the GSCNC Shop!

  14. New Girl Scout Silver Award Guidelines • Why have the requirements changed? • What is happening to the IPs, Career Awards and Leadership Awards? • When do the new requirements take effect?

  15. All About the New Guidelines • The new requirements are designed to bring the Silver Award in-line with the new Girl Scout Leadership Experience model—we want you to Discover, Connect, and Take Action to make your world a better place!

  16. More about the New Guidelines • The IPPs, Leadership Award, and Career Award will still be available to be earned—they just won’t be pre-requisites for the Silver Award Pathway GSLE. • You can start on the new requirements right now, or choose to complete your Award using Pathway B. But remember, if you choose Pathway B, you’ll need to complete the majority of your work by October 1, 2011.

  17. Pathway GSLE: “New” GuidelinesStep-by Step There are 8 steps to earning your Girl Scout Silver Award

  18. Step 1 • Go on a Cadette Journey: • It’s Your World-Change It! • It’s Your Planet-Love It! Remember, the last step in your Journey involves planning and completing a take-action project. This is great practice for your Silver Award project! To get the full effect of the Journey, GSCNC recommends that you complete all of the sample sessions in the Adult Guide for your Journey.

  19. Step 2 • Identify Issues You Care About • To solve any problem, you must first identify it! • What matters most to you? • Jot down some issues that concern you!

  20. Step 3 • Build your Girl Scout Silver Award Team • Small team model: 2-4 girls • Solo model: On your own

  21. Step 4 Explore Your Community

  22. Step 5 • Pick Your Take Action Project

  23. Step 6 • Develop Your Project Do you need money? What steps do you need to take to reach your goal? What special talents can you use? What supplies do you need? Who can you ask for help? Do you need more background information?

  24. Step 7 • Make a Plan and Put It Into Motion • What Is the Task? • Who Will Do It? • How Will the Task Be Done? • When Will It Be Done?

  25. Now… DO IT! • Remember that the suggested minimum time for your Silver Award (planning and completion of project) is 50 hours. • Keep a record as you go by: • Taking photos • Shooting video • Making a scrapbook • Journal…..

  26. Step 8 • Reflect, Share Your Story, and Celebrate! • Reflect: • What did you discover about yourself? • How did you connect with your local and global communities? Who do you know now that you didn’t know before? • What impact did your Take Action project have on your community? How will it go on past your involvement?

  27. Share Your Story… • Do a presentation for a younger Girl Scout troop • Make a video and post it online • Write an essay or article for local paper or council newsletter • Create a Web site or blog • Log on to existing sites • World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts • Taking It Global • Global Youth Service Day

  28. Silver Award Final Report • Meet with your Troop Leader or Project Advisor • Complete the form NEATLY & Completely • Your Troop Leader/Project Advisor and you must sign • Have your Troop Advisor turn the form in to the GSCNC Shop and purchase your pin!

  29. CELEBRATE • Your troop may decide to hold a ceremony • Your association or service unit may want to recognize your accomplishments • Your name will be listed in the GSCNC Awards Yearbook so that everyone knows about your accomplishment!

  30. Step 1-Get Ready Step 2-Leadership Award, 3 IPPs, Uniquely Me/Real Deal, 15 hours Step 3-Career Award Step 4-4Bs Challenge Step 5-Project-40 hrs Step 6-Think About It Step 1-Journey Step 2-Identify Issues Step 3-Build a Team Step 4-Explore Your Community Step 5-Pick a Project Step 6-Develop Project Step 7-Make a Plan and Do Your Project! Step 8-Reflect, Share and Celebrate Requirements Old New

  31. Money Earning and Safety-Wise Please review Green Pages, Safety-Wise and Volunteer Essentials for guidelines!

  32. Details… • Girls may work individually or in a group while earning the Silver Award AS LONG AS EACH GIRL HAS A DISTINCT ROLE IN THE PROCESS AND EARNS HER HOURS INDIVIDUALLY. Each girl must have a very distinct leadership role. • Log your hours individually and keep track of your work! • On My Honor……

  33. Project Ideas…

  34. Project Ideas • Helping Lonely, Disadvantaged or Home Bound People • Working with Abandoned Animals/Pet Training • Creating Recreation Opportunities for Youth • Designing Pollution/Environmental/Go Green Projects • Working to change a School or Community Rule or Ordinance you don’t agree with • Campaigning for Diversity and Equality • Championing Arts Education or Promotion • Providing STEM Opportunities for Girls • Planning activities about Cliques/Teasing, Bullying Prevention • Preserving and Promoting Town or Women’s History • Working for Neighborhood Improvement • GO BEYOND COLLECTIONS! GO BEYOND DAY CAMP! GO BEYOND….

  35. More Information about Projects • Remember to think globally to see how your project could impact the wider community. Can your project help your school, your place of worship, a local park or nature center, a community center, a group of senior citizens? Are there ways of sharing your project idea with others in your city, county, or state? THINK BIG and see how you can make an impact! • You should also plan for sustainability. How can your project continue into the future? What can you do to make sure that your project is long-lasting?

  36. Questions? Your leader may contact: Caroline Schreiber Teen Program Specialist 202 274 3336

  37. Last words of advice… • Be honest about your activities and completing each requirement. • Pick a project that challenges you, interests you and is something you are passionate about. • Do a project you will be able to wear well in your heart… and proudly on your vest or sash!