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  2. WHAT IS THE QSA? • The pinnacle of the Venturer Section • Widens the interests and knowledge of Venturer Scouts • Allows for fun, variety, personal choice and challenging the individual • All work is to be the PERSONAL BEST of the individual Venturer Scout

  3. THE VENTURER RECORD BOOK • A personal record of achievement • Signed by the examiner and/ or Unit Council on completion of an activity

  4. THE AWARD SCHEME AT A GLANCE Cert II In Leadership Support/Business

  5. AWARDS AVAILABLE Venturing Skills Award Venturer Award Queen’s Scout Award Certificate II in Leadership Support/Business Endeavour Award

  6. THE LINK BADGE • Know and understand the Scout Law and Promise • Participate in at least 3 activities with the Unit (at least 1 being outdoors)


  8. Venturer Award To achieve this award you must: 1. Achieve the Venturing Skills Award 2. Complete the following to Venturer Award level (Initiative, Environment, Unit Management, Ideals and First Aid) 3. Complete a further two Venturer Award activity areas of your choice 4. Gain approval of the Unit Council

  9. Activity Areas Leadership Development Community Involvement Outdoor Activities Personal Growth



  12. INITIATIVE • “Participate in an overnight initiative activity which must include a journey on foot, over country in which the Venturer Scout is not familiar” • Overnight activity run by the Region • Designed to test and enable Venturers to develop how to use initiative, practice using initiative, and test their ability to use initiative.

  13. INITIATIVE • Compete in teams of 5-6 people • Each Venturer is required to participate fully in the planning and execution of each incident to pass • Must include a First Aid Challenge, Navigation Challenge and at least 3 incidents • “Incidents” – water, heights, compass, etc

  14. EXPEDITIONS • “Encouraging the development of a spirit of outdoor adventure and a sense of determination, through participation by a small group in a well-planned expedition, having previously completed appropriate training” • Expedition of at least 2 days (one night out) • Unit Council Approval • Examiner Required

  15. EXPEDITIONS • Walk, Canoe, Cycle, Horse ride, etc • 6-8hrs reasonable effort per day • The party shall comprise 5-6 young people of Venturer age only • Need to undertake prior training • Follow up report

  16. OUTDOORS • “Encourage Venturer Scouts to develop existing interests or to undertake new recreational activities. The outdoor activity may be a hobby or something entirely new and may be followed individually or with a group” • 10hrs • Unit Council Approval • Examiner Required

  17. OUTDOORS • Undertake a outdoor/recreational activity • Learn the skills, rules, safety and standards • Courses may be included • Canoe, skiing, abseil, canyon, bikes, etc

  18. ENVIRONMENT • “Encouraging Venturer Scouts to become more aware of the natural and man-made environment, and to consider the effects of environmental changes on the quality of life” • 10 hours / Unit Council Approval • Practical work, including 3 areas of environmental awareness

  19. ENVIRONMENT • Leading part in carrying out a practical project • May be concentrated or spread out • Must involve 3 of: • Sources of clean water and clean air in the local environment • Sufficient natural habitats exist to support native species • Minimising the risk of harmful substances to people and the environment • Using most suitable environmental practices • Preparing to respond to environmental hazards and natural disaster • Complete a properly formatted report 250-300 words • Discuss Scout Environmental Charter

  20. FIRST AID • “Actively participate in a recognised First Aid Course” • 15 hours / Unit Council Approval • Recognised basic training in first aid and emergencies.

  21. CITIZENSHIP • “An active examination of some aspects of community affairs, enabling Venturer Scouts to see better their involvement in community life” • 10 hours / Unit Council Approval • Need to complete 4 activities

  22. CITIZENSHIP • Group discussion on multiculturalism etc • Meeting of Council or Courts • 5 minute speech on Australian Heritage • Contact a Venturer in another State/Country • Electoral/Political research • 2 youth service organisations • Other Citizenship Activities

  23. SERVICE • “Introduce Venturer Scouts to the needs of people in the community and to ways in which some of these are met” • 10 hours • Unit Council Approval

  24. SERVICE • ALTERNATIVE 1: - 10hrs in Scouting (Sections/SWASH/Rock team, SYC, etc) • ALTERNATIVE 2: - 10hrs in Community

  25. UNIT MANAGEMENT • “Participate in a one day activity covering topics such as roles and responsibilities of Leaders and Unit Executive; planning, organisation and control; constitutional matters and beyond” • 8 hour course and 4 hour application • Unit Council Approval

  26. UNIT MANAGEMENT • One day course hosted by the Region and run by an Approved Venturer Trainer • Covers topics such as the Unit Council, Award Scheme, Responsibilities, Ceremonies, etc • Research into management and leadership of a community group, etc

  27. VOCATIONS • “Encourage investigation of some aspects of employment opportunities enabling Venturer Scouts to understand better the roles and responsibilities in a range of vocations” • 25 hours of work • Unit Council Approval

  28. VOCATIONS • Prepare a Resume and do 2 interviews AND • A) Research 3 different careers, or B) Starting and running a small business, or C) Financial institutions and Credit.

  29. IDEALS • “Through an exploration of moral, social and religious customs and teachings to encourage Venturer Scouts to find out about themselves, better understand their relationships with other people, and to discover for themselves what is involved in their acceptance of the Promise and Law” • 3 activities – 10 hours total • Unit Council Approval

  30. IDEALS • 3 of the following activities a) Debate b) Volunteer community organisation c) Different religion d) Church research and functions e) Scouts Own f) Values/Morals and the Promise g) Other activity of similar standard

  31. EXPRESSION • “Providing for the development of an artistic appreciation through active participation” • 10 hours with 3 works • Unit Council Approval

  32. EXPRESSIONS • Show an improvement or appreciation of an art form • Submit 3 works OR Perform in 3 performances OR Attend 3 performances/works and discuss

  33. LIFESTYLE • “Introduce Venturer Scouts to physical activities so that through participation they may show an increase in physical proficiency and general fitness over a period of time” • 10 hours over 2 months • Unit Council Approval

  34. LIFESTYLES • 2 part badge: a) research project into healthy lifestyles etc. b) 2 mths sport/fitness program • Show a defined improvement in fitness and skill

  35. PURSUITS • “Encourage Venturer Scouts to develop existing interests or to undertake new recreational activities. The pursuit may be a hobby or something entirely new and may be followed individually or with a group” • 10 hours over 2 months • Unit Council Approval

  36. PURSUITS • Understand rules, safety and skills • To be a ‘non-physical’ activity • Ideas: Website design Photography Bird watching Computers Bike Maintenance Wood/Metal work

  37. Certificate II in Leadership Support/ Business To Achieve this award you need to complete:

  38. EVIDENCE REQUIRED • Venturer Record Book – Copies of the pages 24 and 33 of the book signed by unit council and certified as a true copy by a leader in scouting or Commissioner for Declarations • Portfolio – Log of 2 overnight hikes one you participated in and one you organised and ran including evidence of planning, leading and reviewing the hike. • Unit Checklist – Downloaded from the website and signed by the Unit Chairman

  39. How Do I Apply • Develop the evidence portfolio • Download application form from the state website • Complete the form and attach the portfolio • Send form and portfolio to State Office for assessment

  40. Queen’s Scout Award To achieve this award you must: Complete all activities at Venturer Award Level Complete 4 activities at Queen’s Scout Level Gain Unit Council Approval


  42. EXPEDITION “Approval of the proposed journey is conditional upon prior training and having previously completed Expedition at Venturer Award Level” • No more than half the party to be candidates for the award • Expedition of at least 30 hours over 4 days (three nights out) • Unit Council Approval and Examiner

  43. OUTDOOR “ This Outdoor activity could be significantly different to or an extension of that previously done as part of the Venturer Award. If the same activity is used, it is essential that the Venturer Award level requirement is completed before commencing the Queen’s Scout level” • 30 hours over 6 months • Unit Council Approval and Examiner

  44. ENVIRONMENT “This level is also the requirement for the World Scout Environment Badge” • Both A (10hrs) & B (10hrs) Components need to be met • 30 hours / Unit Council Approval • A – Explore and reflect on at least one activity in the 5 areas listed • B- Design and lead an environmental project

  45. SERVICE Complete practical service to scouting or the wider community • 30 hours over 4months • Unit Council Approval

  46. LEADERSHIP “Participate in a practical and theory weekend covering aspects of leadership such as planning, organisation, decision making, communication, delegation, and co-operation” • 16 hour course and 10 hours application • Unit Council Approval

  47. LEADERSHIP • Course hosted by the Region and run by an Approved Venturer Trainer • Topics covered include Communication, Styles of Leadership, Effective Speaking, Management and Practical Leadership • Need to apply skills for 6months in Unit Council or similar leadership roles.

  48. EXPRESSION “Over a period of approximately 6 months develop an art form and display or perform in public.” • The degree of depth needs to be greater than that of the Venturer Award level • 30 hours over 6 months • Unit Council Approval

  49. LIFESTYLE “Research health information and participate in a team or individual sport for at least one season and show defined improvement or proficiency.” • 30 hours over 6 months • Unit Council Approval

  50. IDEALS “Undertake any four of the listed activities. Activities undertaken for the Venturer Award level cannot be used for the Queen’s Scout Award level” • 30 hours total • Unit Council Approval