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IP Communications Training

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IP Communications Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IP Communications Training. 7900 Series. Getting to Know Your Phone. Message Waiting. LCD Screen. Line or Speed Dial Buttons. Soft Keys. Footstand Adjustment. Features Buttons. Volume Control. Speakerphone. Headset Button. Navigation Button. Speaker Button. Mute Button.

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getting to know your phone
Getting to Know Your Phone

Message Waiting

LCD Screen

Line or Speed Dial Buttons

Soft Keys

Footstand Adjustment

Features Buttons

Volume Control


Headset Button

Navigation Button

Speaker Button

Mute Button

placing a call
Placing a Call




Placing calls:

  • Do one of the following:
    • Lift the Handset
    • Press the Line button for the line you wish to use (Speaker button lights)
    • Press the New Call Softkey
    • Press the Speaker button
    • Press the Headset button if you use a headset
  • Dial the number

Line Buttons

dialing the number
Dialing the Number

Inside Calls: Dial the Four digit extension number

NOTE: Use *ext to dial VM directly during school hours.

Outside Calls: Dial “8” + the number

Emergency Calls: Dial 911 or 8911

answering an incoming call
Answering an Incoming Call

Line Buttons




To Answer an incoming call:

  • Answer with the speakerphone; either:
    • Press the Speaker button
    • Press the Answer Softkey
    • Press the Line Button for the incoming call
  • To take a call off speaker phone, lift the handset.
  • Answer with a handset:
    • Lift the Handset just as you would with your old phone

Soft Keys

ending a call
Ending a Call

Line Buttons




  • Depending on how the call was placed (or accepted), do one of the following:
    • Press the Speaker button
    • Press the Headset button
    • Press the EndCall Softkey

Soft Keys


Softkeys: when more button is pressed

Softkeys: first screen

Example: Softkeys when handset is lifted

Soft keys change depending on the status on the phone.

examples of soft keys
Examples of Soft Keys
  • New Call soft key will enable a new call
  • The End Call soft key will end a call
  • The Redial soft key redials the last dialed number
  • Transfer soft key will enable you to transfer a call
  • Confrn soft key allows three way calling
  • Hold will place a call on hold
  • Resume will continue a call that was on hold
  • DND – Do Not Disturb – Silences the Ringer
  • CFwdALL – Forwards all calls to entered number

Soft Keys

call park
Call Park
  • While on a phone call, press the “Park” soft key.
  • This will immediately clear the phone of the call.
  • There will be a message on the LCD screen that says “Call park At xxxx”
  • From any IP phone, dial the number displayed on the screen where the call is parked to immediately pick up that call.
  • If the call has not been picked up after a period of time, the system will call back the phone that placed the call into park.
transferring phone calls
Transferring Phone Calls
  • While on a phone call press the “Transfer” soft key
  • This will place the person we were talking to on hold and start a new call
  • We dial the number of the party that we want to transfer the original call to.
  • When we are ready to connect the two parties to each other we press the “Transfer” softkey again.
  • All calls will clear from the screen and your phone is ready to make a call again
making a conference call
Making a Conference Call
  • While on a phone call press the “Confrn” soft key
  • This will place the person we were talking to on hold and start a new call
  • We dial the number of the party that we want to conference into the original call.
  • When we are ready to connect all three parties to each other we press the “Confrn” softkey again.
  • The two calls will change to one on the screen and it will say “To Conference”.
features buttons
Features Buttons

There are four features buttons located on your IP Phone:

Messages – Allows you to access your voicemail

Services – Can be set up by customer preference

Directory – Allows each user to see Missed, Received and Placed Calls as well as look up phone numbers in the Corporate Directory

Setting – This is where users can change their Ring Type and the contrast on their IP Phones

retrieving voice mail
Retrieving Voice Mail

If the phone light is lit red, then that means you have a new, unheard message.

To retrieve your new message, press the message feature button, and follow the prompts.

Phone Light

using the information key
Using the Information Key

Information Key


  • Press ?
  • Press any key.
  • Explanation appears on the screen.
  • To end, either:
    • Press ?
    • Press the Exit Softkey

Soft Keys