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curriculum vitae cv writing PowerPoint Presentation
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curriculum vitae cv writing

curriculum vitae cv writing

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curriculum vitae cv writing

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    1. Curriculum Vitae (CV) Writing School of Medicine September 5, 2007 Erin Lowery VCU University Career Center Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Virginia Commonwealth University

    3. Purpose of a CV What is your purpose in writing a CV? To obtain an interview To supplement an application To prepare to complete applications To prepare a recommender/reference To apply for a scholarship/award/grant/fellowship To provide a bio Who is your audience/reader? Be strategic

    4. CVs vs. Resumes A Curriculum Vitae is used for academic, teaching, research, higher education and medical positions A CV tends to be more comprehensive and longer than a resume and contains a detailed account of ones background A CV always starts with Education A CV includes categories not commonly seen on resumes, including presentations, publications, research experience and interests, academic appointments, committees, conferences, fellowships, grants

    5. CVs vs. Resumes Resume Industry Private, Non-profit Format Brief, concise, focused Length One page, maybe two Curriculum Vitae Industry Medical Institutions Research Organizations Educational Organizations Format Detailed, descriptive Length Varies with experience

    6. CV Content *Use the categories that fit your experience Core Content Areas: Name and Contact Information Education Honors Certification/Licensure Experience Research Experience Publications Presentations Organizations Additional Categories: Objective or Professional Interest Statement Computer/Technical Skills Leadership Additional Experience Committees Academic Appointments Professional Development training, professional organizations, workshops, conferences Community Service/Volunteer Foreign Languages Interests/Hobbies

    7. Name and Contact Information Do not write Curriculum Vitae on your CV On top of page: Name slightly larger font size (14 or 16) Contact information legible font size (11 or 12) Address Phone number(s) (cell screen calls, professional voicemail) Email address (remove hyperlink, professional)

    8. Name & Contact Information~Examples~ Jamie T. Student 907 Floyd Avenue ? Richmond, VA 23284 ? 804.123.4567 ? _______________________________________________________________ JAMIE T. STUDENT 907 Floyd Avenue Richmond, Virginia 23284 (804) 123-4567 _______________________________________________________________ Jamie T. Student Current Address: Permanent Address: 907 Floyd Ave. 804.123.4567 123 Lovely Ln. Richmond, VA 23284 Fairfax, VA 32145

    9. Education List all degrees in reverse chronological order MCV/VCU Abbreviating degrees is appropriate; writing them out is preferred GPA optional for graduate or professional school Indicate graduation with honors Do not include high school graduation

    10. Education~Examples~ EDUCATION M.D., anticipated May 2007 Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, Richmond, VA (in the tradition of the Medical College of Virginia) B.S. in Biology, magna cum laude, May 2002 The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA EDUCATION Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine Richmond, VA Doctor of Medicine Expected: 05/2007 The College of William and Mary Williamsburg, VA Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude 05/2002 Major: Biology, Minor: Psychology GPA: 3.88

    11. Honors Honor Societies Scholarships awarded Other significant awards May separate into undergraduate and medical school if you have many items Alphabetical or reverse chronological order Include graduation with honors in Education section (cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude)

    12. Honors~Example~ HONORS Medical School: Deans Merit Scholarship (2006-2007) Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society (inducted 2006) MCV Alumni Association of VCU Scholarship (2004-2006) Undergraduate: Samuel L. Wurtzel Scholarship (2000-2004) William and Mary Athletics Scholarship (2000-2003) Phi Beta Kappa (inducted 2003) Order of Omega Honor Society (inducted 2003) Golden Key International Honour Society (inducted 2002) Deans List (all semesters)

    13. Experience Focus on relevant experience Include significant experience obtained before medical school Include volunteer/community service completed during medical school Do not include experience that is part of the Medical School curriculum Include work experience that explains time gaps

    14. Experience May divide into additional categories: Relevant Experience Additional Experience Research Experience Teaching Experience International Experience Health Care Experience Volunteer Experience or Community Service

    15. Experience Descriptions Elaborate on your relevant experience Use bullets, avoid paragraphs Begin descriptions with strong, descriptive action verbs Include complete but succinct descriptions Avoid the use of personal pronouns Focus on skills and accomplishments rather than including a comprehensive list of job duties For less relevant experience, focus on transferable skills

    16. Action Verbs Use strong, descriptive action verbs to describe your experience If it is a current experience, use the present tense If it is a previous experience, use the past tense Avoid gerunds (-ing) Vary your action verbs (refer to action verb list in CV guide) Avoid duties include or responsible for Refrain from using handled or dealt with when referring to people

    17. Medical Action Verbs Examine Perform Interpret Prescribe Administer Diagnose Counsel Evaluate Treat Confer Monitor Assess Refer Specialize Repair Consult Communicate Document Teach Implement Supervise Manage Collaborate Plan

    18. Experience~Example~ EXPERIENCE Fan-Free Clinic Richmond, VA Medical Clinic Assistant January 2007-Present Assist physicians - take vital signs, obtain patients medical histories and conduct physical exams. SMILE Program Richmond, VA Volunteer August 2005-May 2006 Served as a buddy to children during and following cancer treatments. American Medical Student Association Washington, DC Intern, Health Policy and Politics May-August 2003 Conducted research on medical malpractice. Scheduled and conducted lobby visits.

    19. Community Service/Volunteer~Example~ COMMUNITY SERVICE Chesterfield Youth Center, Richmond, Virginia, October 2006-June 2007 Tutored underprivileged children in math and science Coordinated a community health fair with a team of volunteers Camp Bruce McCoy, Chesapeake, VA, May-June 2006 Took an interdisciplinary team approach in working with campers with traumatic brain injury Adapted activities for a variety of functional levels Habitat for Humanity, Newport News, VA, July 2005 Collaborated on a team to build affordable homes for low-income families

    20. Research Experience Institution or organization and department Principal investigator, supervisor or advisor Research topic or title Your title/role Dates (months and years) Short description of project and your role

    21. Research Action Verbs Analyze Assess Clarify Collaborate Collect Compare Conduct Determine Consult Disprove Document Evaluate Examine Extract Formulate Gather Identify

    22. Research Experience~Example~ RESEARCH EXPERIENCE National Institutes of Health Summer Research Fellowship Program National Cancer Institute, Center for Cancer Research Bethesda, MD Research Assistant 05/2005 08/2005 Principal Investigator: Frank Balis, MD Assisted with a clinical research study of cancer patients Conducted interviews of patients and assisted in conducting physical exams The University of Texas at Austin, Department of Health Physics Austin, TX Research Assistant 06/2004 05/2005 Project Title: The Leaching of Cesium-137 from Cement-Based Matrices Supervisor: Dr. Anthony Stark Investigated the effect of cement-based matrices on the inhibition of radioactive leaching Collected and performed statistical analysis of data

    23. Publications and Presentations Include published articles Publication year or in press if accepted but not yet published Use correct medical bibliographic citation Include relevant presentations, including poster presentations at conferences or association meetings Include presentation title, name of conference and association, location, audience, and date

    24. Publications and Presentations ~Examples~ PUBLICATIONS AND PRESENTATIONS Stark, A.E., P.L. Jeffries and J.T. Student. 2005. The leaching of cesium-137 from cement-based matrices. Journal of Health Physics, 142(5): 1492-501. Presented at the Annual Conference of the Health Physics Research Society, Washington, DC, April 23-25, 2005. PRESENTATIONS Fillmore, P.D., P. Gerding and J.T. Student. Effect of an intra-corneal fluid interface following keratotomy on intraocular pressure measurement by applanation. Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, April 25, 2006.

    25. Organizations Focus on relevant organizations Highlight leadership positions Include memberships in professional organizations and student organizations related to field Include years of membership Can be combined with Honors or another section List in reverse chronological order or alphabetically

    26. Organizations~Example~ ORGANIZATIONS American Medical Student Association (member since 2005) President, local chapter (2007-present) VCU School of Medicine, Honor Council Representative (member since 2005) Richmond Academy of Medicine (member since 2005) Medical Society of Virginia (member since 2005) American College of Physicians (member since 2004)

    27. CV Organization and Appearance Consistent organization is critical to an effective CV The appearance and organization of the CV is just as important as the content Skim in less than 10 seconds

    28. CV Organization Avoid templates Consistent organization Use horizontal space Balanced page Fill the page White space between sections and entries Use tabs, not space-bar to indent Use print preview If you use more than one page, include Name, Page # & avoid stragglers on all subsequent pages Use bold, CAPS, italics and underlining strategically and sparingly Be consistent with heading style and margins Use one font style and size (except for your name and/or headings) Font: Times New Roman or Arial Font size: at least 11 Margins: at least 1.0 inch Avoid paragraphs Use bullets, not dashes Avoid numbering your sections

    29. CV Appearance - Proofread Use all periods or no periods at the end of bullet points Dashes used in dates consistent size, consistent spacing Check for spelling and grammatical errors Spellcheck does not check words in all caps Avoid personal pronouns

    30. CV Appearance - Final Copy Avoid graphics, pictures (exception: picture included in residency application), color ink Print on laser printer Use high quality, 100% cotton paper in white or off-white Dont staple or fold Dont print on both sides of paper If mailing, use large envelope

    31. References/Recommenders References page not necessary for residency application because recommendation letters are required For future job searches: List 3-5 professional references on a separate document following the CV Copy and paste your contact information at the top of the page When listing references include name, title, organization/institution and department, business address, phone number, and email Dont write References available upon request on your CV ALWAYS ask permission from person giving you the reference Inform your references of the positions youre applying for so they are prepared Offer your references/recommenders a copy of your CV

    32. References~Example~ REFERENCES Judy Smith, M.D. VCU School of Medicine Department of Neurology 417 N. 11th St. Richmond, VA 23219 Phone: (804) 828-9350 Fax: 804 828-9355

    33. VCU University Career Center Erin Lowery University Student Commons Monroe Park Campus Hours: Monday Friday, 8 a.m. 5 p.m.