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Mail Online & Metro Snickers Case Study

Mail Online & Metro Snickers Case Study. February – May 2012. Campaign Overview. The objective of this campaign was to launch Snicker’s new core brand message: ‘You’re not you when you’re Hungry, get some nuts’

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Mail Online & Metro Snickers Case Study

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  1. Mail Online & Metro Snickers Case Study February – May 2012

  2. Campaign Overview • The objective of this campaign was to launch Snicker’s new core brand message: ‘You’re not you when you’re Hungry, get some nuts’ • To promote impulse purchase in newsagents (rather than multi-pack supermarket sales) • To push the fact Snickers contains nuts, a food type that satisfies hunger for longer. • The core target audience was 16-34 men. Snickers also has appeal to all demographics so the campaign had to be able to target the mass. • Mail Online and The Metro Paper were chosen over other all media to effectively target this typically expensive to reach audience. The huge scale of the Mail Online allowed for incremental reach throughout the campaign. • 16 – 34 Mail online 2.7 million uniques • The first multi-media, cross publication campaign. • High levels of Editorial Targeting helped to drive home the new core message of You’re not you when you’re Hungry.

  3. Campaign Overview 28th Feb: • Full page advertorial to tease Brand to Hand • Full site take over on metro.co.uk with page peel 29th Feb • Brand to Hand of 48,000 'in case of emergency' Snickers – 29 Feb 2012 • You’re not You Hubs goes live (Fantasy Football) • MOL Sport takeover and digital campaign KO • Metro.co.uk takeover • Metro DPS advertorial educating the consumer on the hunger traits 29 Feb – 13 May 2012 • MOL - Contextual & tactical online drivers • MOL - Sport takeovers • MOL – 6 HPTO’s • MOL – Mobile and iPad traffic drivers • Metro - Contextual & tactical online drivers (6,418,915 impressions) • Metro - Sponsorship of iPhone app • Ad placement within Metro iPad app • Metro weekly fractional 10x2 press ads (traffic drivers) – 29 Feb – 11th May 2nd March – 13th May 2012 • Sponsored pages with Max Rushden – from 2 March 2012 (weekly round up of “off your game’ moments. • Fantasy Football email

  4. Campaign Architecture Contextual Formatting Homepage Takeovers Bellybands Online Hub Editorial formats Mobile & i-pads Ads Mobile Hub Press Ads Bespoke Editorial Audience Research Brand to Hand

  5. Online Hub: Interactions Page Views: 91,771 Unique Homepage Lands and Engagements: 78,070 Av Dwell time per user : 3.2 mins Total Dwell time 13.5 days

  6. Mobile Hub: Interactions 57% of people interacted with the game Total Page Views: 47,015 Total Unique Visitors: 19,055 Dwell time 2.4mins per visit

  7. Snickers bars were distributed at stations 48,000 Emergency bars distributed at 10 UK mainline stations Peak rush hour footfall delivered maximum consumer reach

  8. Max Rushden wrote a specialist column in the Metro Max Rushden was the TV personality who wrote our specialist column.

  9. Snickers Fantasy Football email had high open rates Introductory Email Delivered: 78,646 records Unique Opens: 6835 Open Rate: 8.69% Unique clicks: 392 Click to Open rate: 5.74% Reminder Email Delivered: 2,076 records Unique Opens: 575 Open Rate: 27.70% Unique clicks: 160 Click to Open rate: 27.83%

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