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“ Electronic Mail Marketing – E-mail and Online Tactics That Work” PowerPoint Presentation
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“ Electronic Mail Marketing – E-mail and Online Tactics That Work”

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“ Electronic Mail Marketing – E-mail and Online Tactics That Work” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“ Electronic Mail Marketing – E-mail and Online Tactics That Work” PRSA e-workshop October 28, 2003 Gabriela Linares, Vice President Marketing Advantages of E-Mail Cost-Effective Global E-Mail Flexible Fast Interactive Reliable Benefits of E-Mail Inexpensive communications medium

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Presentation Transcript
“ Electronic Mail Marketing –

E-mail and Online Tactics That Work”

PRSA e-workshop

October 28, 2003

Gabriela Linares, Vice President Marketing

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Advantages of E-Mail








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benefits of e mail
Benefits of E-Mail
  • Inexpensive communications medium
  • Generates additional revenue opportunities
  • Builds relationships
  • Results are measurable
  • Quick response cycles
  • Drives web-site traffic
  • Popular Medium - 45% US population – 119 million
  • Complements other communication channels

ã2003 L-Soft

cost savings due to e mail usage among u s companies
Cost Savings due to E-Mail Usage among U.S. Companies

As a percentage

of respondents

ã2003 L-Soft

Source: AIM, April 2002, n=110 companies

top 5 activities of americans online
Top 5 Activities of Americans Online

As a percentage

of respondents

Source: US Dept. of Commerce, February 2002

ã2003 L-Soft

Source: AIM, April 2002, n=110 companies


“E-Mail Marketing is the wave of the future. Fast and cost-effective, e-mail must become an important part of your integrated marketing and media plan.”Peppers & Rogers Group

ã2003 L-Soft

united way of america
United Way of America

Use e-mail to improve communication with staff, donors, and volunteers:

“With LISTSERV® Maestro and the other L-Soft products,” Casey Cichowicz, United Way Online Manager, said, “we will be able to better tailor our message to meet the interests not only of donors but of people who, through our network of Web sites, express an interest about knowing more.”

“ Already, we've used L-Soft products to reach out to more than 700,000 September 11th Fund donors who asked to hear from us about how their money was being used and what needs were being addressed."

Use LISTSERV®, LISTSERV® Maestro & LSMTP® software

ã2003 L-Soft

bell canada www bell ca

Using E-Mail to shift to Online Billing

  • Provide its 12 million customers with personalized e-mail messaging services
  • Sending online billing monthly reminders; promoting new services and products; and announcing special promotions

"One of the greatest things about LISTSERV® and LSMTP® is the configuration process," said Bill Attia, Senior Consultant at CGI, a consulting firm hired by Bell Canada to implement its billing solutions. "The language is so straightforward it's hard to go wrong. L-Soft's solution is the natural choice for us."

Using LISTSERV® HPO and LSMTP® unlimited software

ã2003 L-Soft

lifetime television for women
Lifetime Television for Women
  • Newsletters inform about TV programming, prompt recipients to tune in to TV or go to web site
  • SELFEXAM newsletter designed to raise public awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection
  • Health newsletters tie in with Speaking of Women’s Health and Denise Austin shows
  • Golden Girls and Weekly Movie Countdown newsletters increase show viewership

LISTSERV® allows Lifetime to:

  • Integrate its e-mail operation with its database
  • Manage over 1 million subscriptions
  • Implement top security measures to protect the personal information that viewers have entrusted Lifetime with
  • Have announcement-only lists to prevent non-Lifetime messages from reaching the list

“…a product that had gone through the burn test before we used it and LISTSERV definitely fit the bill.”

-- Shobhit Kapoor, Director of Internet Technology

ã2003 L-Soft

what it takes to get started
What it takes to get started…
  • Establishing Objectives
  • Reaching Target Audiences
  • Developing Message Program
  • Evaluating Results
  • To Outsource or not to Outsource

ã2003 L-Soft

common e mail communication objectives
Common E-Mail Communication Objectives
  • Enhance relationships & loyalty
  • Maintain contact with web site visitors
  • Promote internal communication
  • Acquisition versus retention programs
  • Build brand awareness
  • Establish image of expertise
  • Drive immediate sales: Increase revenue by up-selling to existing customers/clients and prospects
  • Support sales cycle: Post-order targeted e-mails

ã2003 L-Soft

online methods used for acquisition versus retention
Online Methods used for Acquisition versus Retention

ã2003 L-Soft

Source: DMA- April, 2002

effectiveness of techniques used by u s marketers to drive web site traffic
Effectiveness of Techniques Used by U.S. Marketers to Drive Web Site Traffic

Source: Forrester Research, March 2001

ã2003 L-Soft

response rates by campaign objective
Response Rates by Campaign Objective

ã2003 L-Soft

Source: IMT Strategies, September 2001

building contact lists
Building Contact Lists
  • Build in–house opt-in list
  • Capture web site visitors
  • Ask already made contacts for authorization
  • Use database to collect demographic & behavioral information
  • Establish a privacy policy
  • Re-confirm subscription requests
  • Offer easy unsubscribe option
  • Survey recipients to enhance relevancy of messages

ã2003 L-Soft

opt in opt out double opt in spam preferred e mail marketing methods
Opt-in, opt-out, double opt-in, spam: Preferred e-mail marketing methods

Source: Opt-In News, May 2002

ã2003 L-Soft

rates for u s e mail permission based campaigns
Rates for U.S. e-mail permission-based campaigns

Source: IMT Strategies, Sept. 2001

ã2003 L-Soft

u s internet users level of concern regarding online privacy
U.S. Internet Users’ Level of Concern Regarding Online Privacy

Source: UCLA Center for Communication Policy, November 2001

ã2003 L-Soft

u s consumers privacy concerns
U.S. Consumers’ Privacy Concerns

Source: Harris Interactive, February 2002

ã2003 L-Soft

privacy regulations
Privacy & Regulations
  • HIPPA influences health & personal information
  • COPPA protects children
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act concerns financial information
  • FTC supports corporate privacy policies
  • Federal spam regulation does not exist
  • State laws exists in 28 U.S. states
  • More information about spam regulations visit:
  • DMA, AIM, AMA have published e-mail guidelines

ã2003 L-Soft

e mail programs to implement
E-Mail Programs to Implement
  • Disseminate announcements & press releases
  • Conduct surveys
  • Corporate newsletters & archiving
  • Product updates & announcements
  • Discussion groups for committee members
  • Internal workgroups
  • Event & service reminders
  • Sales promotional offers
  • Order transaction confirmations
  • Account status e-mails

ã2003 L-Soft

e mail message content
E-Mail Message Content
  • Subject line is crucial for attaining attention
  • Recipients identify with brand, e.g. FROM name
  • Format message so it’s easy to skim
  • Provide hyperlinks to web site for complete message
  • Formats: HTML versus Text; & Multi-Part Mime messages
  • Test HTML message in different e-mail applications
  • Relevancy of the messages is one of the key components for success

ã2003 L-Soft

e mail overload number of e mail marketing messages sent in the u s
E-mail overload: Number of e-mail marketing messages sent in the U.S.

ã2003 L-Soft

Source: Forrester Research, August 2001

preferred e mail formats
Preferred e-mail formats

Source: Opt-IN News, May 2002

ã2003 L-Soft


Source: Survey of E-Mail Format Preferences and Programs,

Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, April 2003 - N=954

ã2003 L-Soft

e mail metrics
E-Mail Metrics
  • Open-up rates
  • Bounces versus real deliveries
  • Click-through rates
  • Track web site click-stream after clicking from e-mail
  • View tracking results online in real time
  • Analyze results in statistical programs
  • Evaluate results and adjust communication efforts

ã2003 L-Soft

response time and cost per unit e mail vs direct mail
Response time and cost per unit, e-mail vs. direct mail

Source: DMA, Forrester Research, Gartner Group, 2002

ã2003 L-Soft

Maintain your server

Hardware/computer network

Dedicated Internet Connection

Software for e-mail management and delivery

Best for large workloads and those with experience

More cost-effective/ economies of scale

Flexibility to create campaigns on the fly

Outsource your list hosting

Reliability and experience

Redundant servers and delivery capacity

Flexibility to maintain company Internet presence

Ability to move from hosting to in-house when ready

More expensive

Rely on company’s schedule


ã2003 L-Soft

outsourced e mail marketing services
Outsourced E-Mail Marketing Services

Source: Forrester Research, August 2001

ã2003 L-Soft

evaluating options
Evaluating Options
  • Evaluate software product or hosting service before purchasing
  • Determine if solution provides appropriate features
  • Decide what reporting features you need
    • online real-time reporting, compatibility with other software you employ
  • Differentiating levels of privacy tracking
  • Campaign manager to organize jobs
  • Integration with your database and other applications
  • Handle bounces

ã2003 L-Soft

concluding recommendations
Concluding Recommendations
  • Integrate e-mail into your integrated communication plan
  • E-Mail is best used for retention and other customer permission-based communications
  • Consider double opt-in and build your permission-based lists
  • Respect recipients’ privacy to earn their trust
  • Personalize messages to provide relevant information and increase response rates
  • Evaluate options and opt for time-tested solutions

ã2003 L-Soft



Gabriela Linares

L-Soft international, Inc.



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