sirje pree kai rannastu n.
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G e t S e t in Estonia

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G e t S e t in Estonia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sirje Pree Kai Rannastu. G e t S e t in Estonia. Who is who ?. KAK as a regional training centre, there are many adults among the students (10% + courses Kai Rannastu – teacher of social work, social pedagogue

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who is who
Who is who?
  • KAK as a regional training centre, there are many adults among the students (10% + courses
  • Kai Rannastu – teacher of social work, social pedagogue
  • Sirje Pree – teacher of psychology, psychologist, counsellor (inc. vocational expert)
  • Experiences with:
    • job search training
    • in-work training of adults
    • counselling (people of different age)
    • putting together and using e-learning materials
project period
Project period
  • 2007  2009
    • Fast changes on the labour market (needs etc)
      • 2007 – up face of economy,
      • 2009 – down face (so called MASU)
    • 2009 – Massive adults comeback to the school
  • Young people always have difficulties entering the labour market lack of experiences, the theory centred educational system (Friskie)
  • The adults do have some experiences, but their flexibility to adjust with changes is smaller (GetSet)
our goal
Our goal
  • To create an interactive learning material, which could be used
    • By adults independently (help-yourself method)
    • At the training of how to find a job as a help material (binded with computer studies)
    • But also by counselling (individual, in groups)
  • To teach how to manage in life  the changing of self-esteem  the entry to the labour market  the improvement of life quality
the beginning
The beginning
  • Friskie's material expertise
    • Teachers/ tutors/ advisers who had experiences with these groups (6 persons – experts)
  • Target groups:
    • Adult learners – small enterprise, social care, ITC skills, handicraftsmen/artisans
    • Adults with learning disability(people we get from governmental social services)
    • Adults from coping skills courses
    • Young learners (age 17-25) with learning disabilities from KAK
what did we achieve or the results
What did we achieve or the results?
  • Workbook to use on paper
    • Theme 1 – Work and training
    • Theme 2 – Useful steps forward
  • We have tried different worksheets on paper version (individually)
  • Opportunities to co-operate with the community have broadened
  • Interest has been generated (unemployment fund, local government)
  • Ensuring the interactivity of the material – so that it's up-to -date, interesting, easy to use (development is fast!)
  • The computer based version has not been tried out yet  expects a different method by instructing
  • The materials are situated in a server in Finland, on a Finnish address  hard to find on a search engine
  • Cultural differences are surprisingly big
    • Counselling process
    • The role of a counsellor
    • The capacity of independent work
    • Technical skills
what next
What next?
  • Training
    • Conference+ seminar
  • Estonian computer based version is about to get done
  • The use by students of KAK (100 students) and hearers
  • The planning of new co-operational projects

Thank you!