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Driver s education 101 top five on road distractions to avoid



Driving a car is such an exhilarating feeling – the sheer power and independence it gives to a person is unmatched!

But at the same, it is a responsibility and one needs to be extra careful while being out on the road, especially when

you think about the safety of yourself, your co-passengers as well as others around you. The kind of damage that you

can inflict on the life and property of people around you, simply because of a driving mistake, is mind boggling to

even imagine. This is why driver’s education includes extensive chapters and details of the many common mistakes

that drivers make on the road and the sheer devastation that can be caused because of it.

Distractions on the road are quite common too! Most driving schools ensure that their students understand pre-

occupied senses and thoughts can prove to be fatal when on the road. Most accidents happen simply because the

driver wasn’t paying attention or was engaged in something else while his/her eyes should have been fixed on the

road. To help you understand just how grave these simple mistakes can turn out to be, here is a list of five most

common distractions that you should avoid on the road:

ď‚·Mobile phones: This is such a prominent cause of accidents that most city administrations have imposed

severe penalties and fines on drivers caught using a mobile phone while driving. If you cannot avoid the call,

just pull over the car to the side and talk to the caller instead of using the phone while driving. Texting is an

even more dangerous activity to get into and should be categorically avoided altogether while you are


ď‚·Fiddling: It may not seem like a bad habit, but adjusting your mirrors while driving can contribute to a car

accident. The same goes for messing around with the car radio, electronic windows and Cd's. Try and

complete all these activities before starting the car and moving on to the road. Else simply pull over and

fiddle away all you want.

ď‚·Passengers: You may not realize it, but co-passengers too can end up being a major distraction for the driver,

especially when he/she is still at the learning stage. Avoid getting distracted by people around you or

conversations that can lead you to lose focus from the task at hand – every driving school or instructor will

give you the same advice.

Eating or drinking: We all know that alcohol and driving don’t mix, but what about food and other drinks?

Should they also be avoided? Every private driving lesson or instructor will tell you to avoid these activities

while you are on the road. If you feel thirsty or hungry, its better to pull your car over to the side and finish

eating/drinking. This way, you will ensure minimum loss of focus from the road.

Distractions outside the car –While on the road you're constantly bombarded by billboards, shops and then

you have to contend with pedestrians and other drivers. Learn to expect the unexpected and keep your

focus on the road and not on the sale sign in your favorite shop.

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