Classroom management 101 college classroom edition
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Classroom management 101: college classroom edition. Tiffany Powell-Lambright, PhD Esteves School of Education May College May 22, 2013. Why are we here??. What do you know about your students?.

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Classroom management 101 college classroom edition

Classroom management 101:college classroom edition

Tiffany Powell-Lambright, PhD

Esteves School of Education

May College

May 22, 2013

Classroom management 101 college classroom edition

6 tips for classroom management
6 tips for classroom management

Not Used to Negative Feedback ~Digital Age ~ Live for Now~ Entitled

  • Clear Expectations

  • Accountability

  • Maintain Engagement

  • Modeling

  • Establishing Boundaries

  • Periodic Check-In’s

1 setting expectations
1. Setting expectations

  • Clearly & concisely communicate expectations

    • Conduct

    • Submission of assignments

    • Tardiness/Attendance

  • Consistently review the expectations

    “3 Different Ways, 3 Different Days”

2 accountability
2. Accountability

  • Student Question: What am I doing to ensure that I accomplish (ascertain) the outcome (knowledge/grade) in this class?

    Remind students of their responsibility to “manage” their learning and progress.

    “The Ball is in Your Court”

  • Teacher Question: In what ways am I ensuring that students are accountable for their performance?

3 maintain engagement
3. Maintain engagement

  • Poll Everywhere-

  • Take “Tech” Breaks (build into schedule)

  • Allow “wait time” after posing questions

  • “Think-Pair-Share”

  • Exit and Entrance Slips (also assists with accountability)

  • “Movement & Music”

4 modeling
4. Modeling

  • Sample email in syllabus

    “Hello Dr. Powell-Lambright:

    I am writing this email to let you know that I will not be in class tonight. I have a family emergency that requires my immediate attention. I will make sure that I connect with Melissa to get the notes from today’s class. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Thanks in advance for understanding.



5 establishing boundaries
5. Establishing boundaries

  • How do students address you?

  • When/How do you respond to emails?

  • Set your timelines for grading assignments/feedback

    “We teach others how to treat us.”

6 periodic check in s
6. Periodic check-’s

  • How are you doing?

    • Conduct and academics

  • Include these check in’s at various points during the semester (don’t just wait until midterm or end of semester)

  • Self Evaluations & Teacher Evaluations

    • Student evaluates his/her progress/performance

    • Teacher evaluates student progress/performance

    • Not graded…just providing feedback and possible suggestions for improvement.

Self evaluation teacher evaluation
Self Evaluation & teacher evaluation


  • There’s not just one management style

    • Using “educational” techniques add to the toolkit

  • Content vs. Delivery

  • College Classroom management it’s a process

    • Trial and Error

  • There is a distinct generation gap and it impacts interaction

  • Students do have something valuable to bring to the learning environment

  • Strive to incorporate at least 1 or more of these tips in your courses….increase, modify, over time.

Thank you for participating i hope that you found the information useful
Thank you for participating!! hope that you found the information useful 