should non medical professionals be injecting n.
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Should Non-Medical Professionals Be Injecting Fillers and Toxins? - Dr. Shivam Mittal PowerPoint Presentation
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Should Non-Medical Professionals Be Injecting Fillers and Toxins? - Dr. Shivam Mittal

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Should Non-Medical Professionals Be Injecting Fillers and Toxins? - Dr. Shivam Mittal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Both medical practitioners and non-medical beauty therapists offer filler and toxin injections to be injected into people for cosmetic treatments. But, it is always better to approach medical professionals for such treatments.nRead more at:

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Should Non-Medical Professionals Be Injecting Fillers and Toxins? - Dr. Shivam Mittal

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should non medical professionals be injecting

Should Non-Medical Professionals Be Injecting Fillers And Toxins?

We are now seeing how more and more people want to undergo cosmetic intrusions to

look better and cover up the faults on their faces, and bodies as well. This is why beauty

therapists and other non-medical professionals are offering more and more services for the


Earlier, only medically-led clinics were permitted to offer such cosmetic injectable

treatments to the people. But, slowly and gradually, many institutions came up to teach

non-medical professionals the job, which encouraged beauty therapists to get involved.

Today, medical practitioners and non-medical therapists are equally providing people with

cosmetic treatments. But, the debate here is whether non-medical professionals should be

allowed, or rather approached, for such treatments.

Why are medical professionals better at handling cosmetic treatments?

When non-medically qualified individuals perform cosmetic treatments, there could likely

be more risks and dangers. While the risks and dangers could arise even when medical

practitioners perform the treatments, they are capable to deal with any kinds of

complications, allergic reactions, infections, and other adverse effects. Other non-medical

individuals may or may not be able to deal with such situations. In fact, it has been seen

that beauty therapists who face such issues

that beauty therapists who face such issues contact doctors and nurses to help their clients.

This is why it is better to have the treatment done from medical practitioners.

Why are non-medical professionals being abandoned from performing

cosmetic treatments?

Doctors, nurses, and dentists are accountable to their regulatory bodies (GMC, NMC, and

GDC respectively). But, beauty therapists have no regulator to oversee their fitness to

practice. This is the reason why aesthetic nurses voted against non-healthcare

professionals at the Hournal of Aesthetic Nursing Annual Conference to confirm that they

have no confidence in them for providing cosmetic injectables. This is why petitions are

being signed asking for beauty therapists to be stopped from injecting toxins and fillers.

This is being done to protect the general public who deserve protection from unqualified

individuals who have no idea of the risks they are encouraging clients to take.

Why should you approach Dr. Shivam Mittal for your cosmetic treatment?

With all that is said above, you would be prompted to reach out to a medical practitioner

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Dr. Shivam Mittal

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