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Mongolia Issues

Mongolia Issues. Human Trafficking. Q&A. Where is Mongolia?. Asia. What desert used to be an ocean?. Gobi Desert. Q&A. What is the capital of Mongolia?. Ulaan Baatar. What language do they speak in Mongolia?. Mongol. Facts about Mongolia.

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Mongolia Issues

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  1. Mongolia Issues Human Trafficking

  2. Q&A • Where is Mongolia? Asia What desert used to be an ocean? Gobi Desert

  3. Q&A • What is the capital of Mongolia? Ulaan Baatar What language do they speak in Mongolia? Mongol

  4. Facts about Mongolia • The 6th largest country in Asia, and the 18th largest in the world. • The Gobi desert in Mongolia was once an ocean. • Navaandorjiin Jadambaa became the first President of Mongolia in 1924. His presidency lasted one day

  5. More Facts about Mongolia • On a minimum salary you will collect US$150 a month for full-time work. • 30% of Mongolia's population are kids under the age of 14 Mongolia

  6. Human Trafficking • Human Trafficking is act of recruiting, transporting, transferring, harbouring or receiving a person through a use of force. Which means people take other people which you might know as abducting.

  7. The Real Issue • The real issue in Mongolia is that many people are used for a forced labor. This is mostly targeted to children and women.

  8. What's Being Done • The Mongolian Government held an awareness raising campaign throughout 2006. Mongolia has put up shelters for all kids who were abandoned or who don't have a home. This helps any kid so they don't get picked up by somebody.

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