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OMF International. country profile. Mongolia. geography. 1,565,000 square km . Population: 2,712,315 UK: 60,094,648 Density: 1.7/square km UK: 249/square km. population. Buddhist/Shamanist 53.7% Non-religious/other 41.6% Muslim 4% Christian 0.7%. religion. history.

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OMF International

country profile



1,565,000 square km

Population: 2,712,315UK: 60,094,648

Density: 1.7/square km UK: 249/square km

Buddhist/Shamanist 53.7%

Non-religious/other 41.6%

Muslim 4%

Christian 0.7%


1400s: Empire, Genghis Khan

17-18th centuries: Controlled by China

1911: Independence

1921: Communist government, first Asian Communist nation

1990: Renounced communism

1996: Democratic government

history of christianity
600s: Nestorian Christians

1800s: CIM in Inner Mongolia

1990: four known Christians in Mongolia

Today: 6000-8000 Christians

history of christianity
omf work in mongolia
Work with JCS (Joint Christian Services) in:

Agricultural projects

Community development

English teaching

Bible teaching

OMF work in mongolia
omf opportunities
Education: Bible College, international business school

English teaching

Agricultural projects; animal husbandry management; environmental protection work

Medical work

OMF opportunities
pray for the government
To uphold religious freedom

To avoid bribery

To deal with social problems including crime and alcoholism, and economic problems following very harsh winters

pray for the government
pray for the church

Well-trained leaders

Spiritual growth and discernment

Facing the impact of materialism, especially in growing urban areas (many herders migrated to Ulaanbaatar to escape impoverishment after millions of animals died during recent harsh winters)

pray for the church
pray for evangelism
Young people want materialism

Older people returning to Buddhism

Muslim missionaries are working amongst the Kazakhs

Need for long-term church-planters

About 230 churches or groups meet for Sunday services, but

many Mongolians have never heard the

gospel. Many rural areas have no Christian presence

pray for evangelism